Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics

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Item #: 054567
ISBN: 9781937032227
Grades: 6-8

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Publisher: Polka Dot Publishing

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This book will be very helpful in showing my students the math and science connection!
July 31, 2019
1 month ago
My daughter is loving this book thus far. She’s learning Physic equations and how they relate in the real world. This has her excited for the next book pertaining to Biology.
May 13, 2019
4 months ago
Jumping in late
We are enjoying this book, even though we are just beginning the LOF journey. It definitely takes the tears out of math.
December 2, 2018
9 months ago
Life of Fred curriculum is great.We are really enjoy it.
March 9, 2018
1 year ago
Algebra made interesting
Life of Fred Pre Algebra With Physics was exactly what we have come to expect from LOF math. If your kids are already Fred fans they will enjoy the continued stories of his life, and if they're just meeting Fred he'll become a friend soon. This book introduces some basic algebra concepts and then a lot more. It's hard to say how much of the physics aspect will stick with my son, but at least he is getting a solid introduction to a course I was never even brave enough to try. The lessons are short and manageable so math is never drudgery here. My 6th grade son worked through this book independently. When he had trouble I was able to read the chapter with him or check out the complete solutions and help him figure it out. We are happy with LOF overall and this particular course is no exception.
August 16, 2017
over 2 years ago
My daughter loves it!
My 7th grader has recently transitioned to homeschool from traditional schooling. She absolutely loves how Life of Fred incorporates humor and story into learning math and physics. She said it's better than any other math she's taken. I'm very pleased with the the results academically! Highly recommend
June 21, 2016
over 3 years ago
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I bought 1 and 2 used but couldn't find 0
Amy H on Jul 11, 2019
Recommended by other homeschool moms
Hailey A on Jul 18, 2018
I bought 1 and 2 used but couldn't find 0
Amy H on Jul 11, 2019
Supplement my daughter's math program from school
Jennifer H on Jun 2, 2019
Recommended by other homeschool moms
Hailey A on Jul 18, 2018
Summer Enrichment
Jaime T on Jun 13, 2018
My grandson has been having trouble with standard math texts. This looks like a way he may learn to enjoy math rather than dread it.
Marilyn P on May 14, 2018
Success with LOF Fractions & Decimals
Claudine W on Mar 21, 2018
My children love math again because of Life of Fred
Christianna R on Mar 14, 2018
Jun Z on Feb 7, 2018
These Fred books are GREAT because they help them see how math applies to "real life!" They provide an integrated approach to math that kids LOVE. It's amazing how much they learn about the subject math is being integrated with. The author has a sense of humor and my kids and I enjoy that too. And if your child needs LOTS of repitition, you can get the supplemental book with "zillions" of problems.
laurie d on Dec 18, 2017
My kids are loving life of Fred, and although they may not work through all the intermediate books, they want to be darn sure they don't miss any of Fred's adventures. It's a weird reason to be buying math books, I know.
Dawn S on Dec 13, 2017
my son loves Fred and is continuing his series
Tara K on Dec 11, 2017
Check out a math curriculum to follow Mammoth Math.
Janice B on Dec 4, 2017
My 7th grader is doing great with Fred Decimals and Percents, so we are continuing with the series.
Jeremy K on Nov 14, 2017
Next book for our oldest to complete in the series
Adam B on Oct 19, 2017
Looking into this math curriculum
Hope J on Sep 30, 2017
Fred is the absolute best!
User on Sep 13, 2017
Looking for an alternative math perspective - friend recommended this.
Colleen R on Aug 14, 2017
Many Teaching Textbooks users supplement algebra and higher courses with Life of Fred.
Cyndi B on Jun 29, 2017
My 12 y.o. loves these books to read for fun.
Lucy H on Jun 25, 2017
We've used Life of Fred and have enjoyed it. Hoping to have this count for Physics and Math for my 6th grader
Thomas M on Jun 16, 2017
My 6th grade daughter requested using the Decimals and Percents and this book over the summer, after a friend lent us Fractions last summer. She did around three lessons a day last time because she was eager to read the story. I think she would otherwise be unwilling to do math over the summer break.
User on May 17, 2017
My younger kids are enjoying Life of Fred elementary series and now my older kids are begging for Life of Fred to go along with their higher level math courses.
Christopher W on Apr 7, 2017
My three older children all used Teaching Textbooks - which I love. However, because Life of Fred has such great reviews, I thought I would try them with my youngest son. Middle school math is so redundant, I wanted to try something enjoyable.
Margaret B on Mar 13, 2017
Life of Fred is the best math curriculum I have found for my very bright daughter (age 10). I intend to continue using this curriculum until she completes high school.
Louise A on Dec 11, 2016
My son loves physics so I am hoping this will help him with his math.
Lori U on Nov 24, 2016
LOF is wonderful teaching math and other real world applications. It has made math more exciting for my children.
Pamela S on Oct 27, 2016
Life of Fred has helped all six of my children understand math in a way that enables logical application rather than route memory. My two oldest sons are in engineering school now and have a fantastic grasp of math.
Katharine G on Oct 3, 2016
Life of Fred is a good and fun math curriculum. If it seems like you can't do both, check out their website and the scope and sequence to see the material they cover.
Kent J on Oct 3, 2016
We bought the whole set last year, and our 8th grader went through all the way to this Physics book, until she lost the book. This is a replacement. I like the way Fred presents math so it does not seem like you are learning math.
Gayle B on Sep 19, 2016
My oldest is about to finish Decimals and Percents, and she wanted to continue on with Life of Fred as a supplement to Singapore Math.
Alyssa G on Aug 31, 2016
It's the next book in the Life of Fred books for my son!
Michael M on Aug 22, 2016
We currently use the "Life of Fred" series and love it.
sheila w on Aug 13, 2016
Beautiful way for my non linear thinker to learn math! She just plows through these books very independently and seems to enjoy them a lot.
Sarah D on Aug 11, 2016
impressed with LOF so are enthusiastic!
angela d on Jul 26, 2016
Great Math program for children with learning and attention challenges
Lisa C on Jul 18, 2016
highly recommended by fellow homeschool family
Melanie T on Jul 11, 2016
We love LOF!
Amy B on Jun 23, 2016
We've been using Life of Fred for a few years and this is the next book for us.
Louise I on May 4, 2016
My daughters enjoy doing the Life of Fred math series.
Danielle S on Apr 26, 2016
LOF has been a great fit for our son.
Megan G on Apr 16, 2016
My son absolutely loves Fred! I actually introduce math concepts with this program, and have my son review them on Khan Academy.
User on Mar 1, 2016
Already had pre-algebra 1 & 2
Amy E on Feb 15, 2016
My kids use Saxon, but we supplement with Life of Fred for additional information, extra practice and understand, and those times when we can't do a full math lesson, but don't want to completely skip math. This week is Thanksgiving, for example, and I needed them to still do math on Monday and Tuesday, but I couldn't help, because I was baking and preparing for the holiday. So, Life of Fred it is!
Candace W on Nov 27, 2015
We thoroughly enjoy Life of Fred books and want to continue on. We hope to use Life of Fred all of the way through high school or until we complete all of the books.
Trisha G on Nov 24, 2015
Saxon math is not working for us, so after reading a lot of positive reviews, we thought we would give Life of Fred a try.
Judith M on Nov 10, 2015
We love the Life of Fred series. Real math, real fun. I hope to get all of them from Fractions up.
Elizabeth W on Oct 27, 2015
Highly spoken of on my homeschool moms facebook page. Looks fun enough for my uninterested kid.
User on Oct 13, 2015
Our family has had so much fun learning math with "Fred", that I can't get enough of it, so decided to order his new math book to make sure nothing is missed in our children's' incredible journey of learning math!
Tammy O on Oct 12, 2015
Supplement my daughter's math program from school
Jennifer H on Jun 2, 2019
Summer Enrichment
Jaime T on Jun 13, 2018
Does this include the teacher's book?
A shopper on Mar 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The Life of Fred series does not have a separate teacher's book. Dr. Schmidt explains concepts well and the answers to the math problems are included right after the practice section called, "Your Turn to Play". We have used this series from the very first book. My son has just begun reading the Pre-Algebra 0 with Physics and it is a little slower going than the other books. I think this is due to the fact that Physics can be complicated and he has to think harder to understand the concepts. Dr. Schmidt has a website for his books and can answer more questions if you have them. I am not allowed to post the website, but if you use a search engine with the title of the series I am sure you will find the website. I hope this was helpful.
Is Life of Fred Pre-algebra 0 a book that is required before starting the other pre-algebra books in the series?
A shopper on Dec 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the three books all go together. These might be my favorite of the entire Life of Fred collection (up through beginning algebra, which is where my oldest student is now). Together, they both show students how math is used in multiple contexts as well as hone computation skills using word problems. After working though all three, students should be very ready to tackle algebra. But the books are worthwhile in their own right, not just as preparatory material, which I think is unusual for pre-algebra.
Looking for a 7th grade curriculum after using Abeka for 6th - is LOF comprehensive? Do you need more than one book to start?
A shopper on Jul 2, 2016
BEST ANSWER: When we went to LOF, we had them run through all the books, up to the one they needed to be in (we have 5 going through them, so had purchased the whole set.) My daughter did all the younger ones in about a day or 2 each, then went into the Physics before she began to get 'stuck'. I spoke with a homeschool book vendor about LOF, and she was confident that it put my daughter where she should be in 8th grade. It has slowed her progress once she got into the physics book, but it is new and more complicated information for her. I like how FRED connects different areas of subject matter. The only thing I would say about needing different books, and the reason we had them go through from the beginning, is to make sure they had all the basics that get referred to in the next book. You could probably go from ABeka to FRED without a problem.
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