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Do you have a specific question about one of our products that we don't address in our product description? Are you considering homeschooling, but are unsure of where to start? We have several resources available to help you, including our homeschooling consultants, “Frequently Asked Questions,” and helpful internet links.

Please note that replies will be sent only during our normal business hours. If you have a question about an order, please contact customer service, not the consultants.


We sorted through many of the e-mails we have answered over the years and have compiled a collection of frequently-asked questions related to products that we sell or homeschooling in general. If you're not sure what to ask or you're too shy to call us, browse our FAQ's. If your question is not answered there, you will probably find it helpful to contact our homeschooling consultants.

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As a service to the homeschooling community, we offer knowledgeable curriculum consultants to help answer your product questions. Our consultants, Ruth, Janice, Gina, Mike, Deanne, Donna, and Sara have extensive homeschooling and teaching experience, and are available to answer your questions on the phone, live chat or by e-mail. To learn more about them, please click the “About our Consultants” button below.

Rainbow Resource Consultants

Is there a great product that you would like us to offer that we currently don’t have? Please use the button below to provide us some information on products you would like to see in our catalog. While we can’t add them all, we do take your requests seriously!

Are you new to homeschooling, or looking for some additional information? Although not extensive, we’ve compiled a collection of links to answer some common questions about homeschooling. Please click the button below to explore these.