Spelling Power 4th Edition (Adams-Gordon's)

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ISBN: 9781888827392
Grades: 3-12

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Publisher: Castlemoyle

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LOVE this Spelling Program
This is my 14th year homeschooling and my 1st year using Spelling Power and I am BEYOND excited about Spelling this year. This book is working out great for us. Granted - I have NOT read the lengthy introduction and I am NOT following it the way the author has it laid out. Each of my children has their own personal spelling list each week of 8 words. Day 1 - Write Words 5x; Day 2- Stamp Words (tactile); Day 3 - Use Words in a Sentence; Day 4 - Write Words 5x; Day 5 - Test. Any missed words from the test go on next week's list. Then we use the spelling lists in the book to find the rest of the next week's 8 words. Easy peezy, simple, quick and effective. I love it!
November 14, 2018
5 months ago
Spelling power has been a tremendous help with my daughter. She struggles with spelling, but spelling power provides a method of practicing only the words you need to practice-- and you keep practicing them each day until yiu learn them! My daughter and I both enjoy our spelling power time!
August 30, 2018
6 months ago
Sad to report...not meeting my expecations
Purchased this due to rave reviews of increases seen in spelling for many but I have to say that it does not seem to be working all that well for us. I have not seen great advances in my child's spelling since starting. While it is not time consuming for each lesson, be honest with yourself as to the commitment of completing it each day. It will require you to carve out that time to complete it each day and I am not sure how people are saying that their child works independently with it when it requires an adult to check every few minutes when the child completes the 10 steps. I find that if we miss one day (perhaps due to field trip, etc), it seems difficult to jump back in and pick up especially if in the middle of a rule/ work list. Perhaps my child may benefit from a different program. I will keep at it for now, but am not sure it is really meeting our needs and I may have to count it as a loss. Not nearly as happy as others have been. Thinking of trying Word Their Way which may assist with some areas of weakness I am seeing such as affixes and spelling of multi syllabic words.....
January 4, 2016
over 3 years ago
I would highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with spelling. My son has had a horrible time spelling, but within 4 weeks using Spelling Power, he has caught up with his sister who is a grade above him.
October 23, 2015
over 3 years ago
This program is spectacular! Its focus is on the words your child does not know how to spell so you don't waste time teaching the ones they already spell correctly It is wonderful to have one book that you can use through all grades and the format makes it easy to teach multiple levels The best part is that my children like spelling now-- that speaks volumes about a program! I highly recommend considering this program
December 26, 2008
There are a lot of steps in this program I don't think I have mastered them yet But we have been doing this program for about one month now and it seems to be going well I have twins that are at different levels so it is nice to have a spelling program that can help both of them I also like the fact that they can do some of the work on their own I don't have to hover I know if they know it when I re-test them the next day I would recommend this product
September 10, 2008
I turned to Spelling Power after years of frustration in teaching my daughter to spell using another curriculum It took some time to read through the teacher's portion of the book but it is essential for understanding the program I liked the fact that my daughter started at just the right level for her We both loved that it took only 15 minutes a day and that she was only tested on what she didn't know By the end of the first year her spelling scores went up three grade levels on her standardized testingI will be using the program with both my daughter and son this year The book was worth the investment!
July 7, 2008
I am very pleased with the Spelling Power program I am impressed with the amount of research that went into it and how simple it is to use each day I am using an older edition without the benefit of the DVD but with the Quick Start section was able to begin with only a little preparation My second and fourth grade boys like that spelling is predictably short and sweet without tedious worksheets to complete They enjoy the success each day when they spell so many words correctly knowing they won't have to study them again I love that we are studying words based on their frequency of usage/spelling rules It really makes me feel we're being efficient and effective in our use of school time
December 13, 2007
We bought the Spelling Power program since it came highly recommended by the book "100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum" We thought this would make a nice addition to our curriculum as we had recently made major changes Our daughter (10 years old) really likes the program It is very easy to do the three five-minute steps and she doesn't feel overwhelmed The program even includes a DVD to explain everything without having to read the whole manual After the initial viewing of the DVD it makes it very easy to jump into the lessons each day without a lot of preparation The program is designed to be used from first grade through adulthood So in view of that I thought the price was well worth it and I wish that I had purchased it back in first grade!
July 12, 2007
Spelling programs were a constant frustration for us until a friend told me about Spelling Power It has been the answer to all of my difficulties in teaching several different ages of students and with different learning abilities It also is much less time-consuming than traditional spelling programs My children (and I) enjoy being completely done with their spelling in only 15 minutes per day (which includes their study time) They go at their own pace and yet make real progress The pressure of testing is off since the goal of this program is only to teach your children the words they really don't know not force them to study the words they already spell correctly A typical day goes something like this: I tell the child which group he is in give him the phonics rule for that group and then tell him that he will not be getting any words 'wrong' but that I will be asking him words to see if he already can spell them Each word is spelled immediately to my child when he is done writing it so there is feedback right away I test only for five minutes or until about three words are not spelled correctly whichever comes first (Usually they beg me to go on further!) The few if any words that they did not know are the only ones that they study and there is a specific way they are studied so that all learning styles will understand itThe book has placement testing so that you don't have to guess the right place to start your child They use the word "level" rather than "grade" so if your child is behind in spelling they will not have to be embarrassed about that The teacher's manual is built into the book I found the teacher's manual to be overwhelming at first but I went through the "Quick Start" method that they have in there and easily caught on to the program with that Although I initially was fairly reluctant to spend so much money on a spelling program I can say it was well worth it and paid for itself quickly One book will work for approx 2nd or 3rd grade all the way until they graduate and it only takes one book per family This program was the total answer for us and I couldn't be happier with it
February 26, 2007
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I wanted this to help my child with their spelling as they are not being challenged enough at school.
Jenna S on Feb 7, 2019
Recommended by our cover school
Christopher P on Jan 8, 2019
I wanted this to help my child with their spelling as they are not being challenged enough at school.
Jenna S on Feb 7, 2019
Guidance from Rainbow Resources for use with our 4 children
Kelly M on Feb 4, 2019
Recommended by our cover school
Christopher P on Jan 8, 2019
Sarah C on Sep 6, 2018
Suggested from the curriculum I purchased.
Robin S on Aug 13, 2018
It was recommended by a friend.
Deborah G on Aug 6, 2018
I'm dyslexic have been all my life, I'm 77 years old, yet was able to earn a college degree in metrology & MA degree in Whole System Design as a poor speller.
Edward H on Aug 5, 2018
heard it was very good
Caroline W on Sep 13, 2017
your price is lower than MFW
Christy S on Sep 1, 2017
"I wanted a long lasting curriculum as I have an advanced speller and want the capacity to let her advance as far as she wants to go"
Heather M on Aug 29, 2017
I needed a spelling program that will fit in with other subjects and not take too much time as a separate subject.
April H on Aug 28, 2017
My poor speller is not getting any better with the curriculum we have tried so far. I have read good things about this one so we are going to try it.
Jenna S on Jun 13, 2017
Looks effective.
janet y on Jun 13, 2017
To help us learn to spell.
Tracy M on May 31, 2017
This cover multiple years so I can use it for all my kids, but at their level.
Lynde B on Apr 29, 2017
Cheaper than Amazon. Wife said she heard it was good :)
Brent B on Apr 2, 2017
This program was recommended by my sister who homeschools her four children who are older than my children. It came highly recommended by her.
Amanda K on Mar 2, 2017
i need help
robert j on Jan 21, 2017
needed for homeschooling
Ruth S on Jan 6, 2017
A curriculum recommended to me for home schooling
Jamie on Dec 6, 2016
I hope this will be a good supplement to Language Arts learning I already do with my 1st and 3rd graders.
Sarah Y on Sep 17, 2016
Friend Recommended
laura c on Apr 4, 2016
A friend recommended this Spelling Book, my daughter is an advanced speller so I am looking forward to see how she likes it.
Rose R on Feb 28, 2016
Recommended to me by an evaluator.
Weberly H on Jan 26, 2016
Highly recommended by a friend.
Kristi M on Dec 29, 2015
Guidance from Rainbow Resources for use with our 4 children
Kelly M on Feb 4, 2019
Sarah C on Sep 6, 2018
Does this course require a dvd player?...asking because we don't have one. We stream everything now.
A shopper on Jun 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I used the DVD to get the forms needed for daily work. I found them helpful. Once I downloaded the form from the dvd, I kept it on my computer and never used the dvd again. I hope this helps.
How do the 3rd and 4th editions compare?
Sonia on Jul 31, 2016
Spelling Power 4th Edition (Adams-Gordon's)
Spelling Power 4th Edition (Adams-Gordon's)
Spelling Power Quick Start DVD Seminar (3rd Edition)
Spelling Power Quick Start DVD Seminar (3rd Edition)
BEST ANSWER: The 4th edition of Spelling Power has been available for ten years. In its 4th edition, Spelling Power retained all of its award-winning effective procedures from previous editions, but is more user-friendly with larger type and more graphics. Easier to read and less intimidating, there is also improved organization of resources.
Does Spelling Power explain the rules of spelling?
Michelle on Sep 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes. The words are divided by spelling level and then by group, each group has the spelling rule that matches that set of words. I am using this for a second grader and a sixth grader and it is GREAT!!
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