Fix It! Grammar: Level 2 Town Mouse/Country Mouse (Teacher/Student Combo)

Fix It! Grammar: Level 2 Town Mouse/Country Mouse (Teacher/Student Combo)

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Grades: 3-5

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The Teacher/Student Combo packages provide both a Teacher Manual and a Student book.

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  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Student Book

Ingenious! Students hunt for and correct errors in daily passages that cumulatively tell a story. Fix It! Grammar™ is a six-year, incremental program that encourages students to apply new grammar knowledge in every lesson while continuing to practice what they already know.

Level 2 Town Mouse and Country Mouse continues defining parts of speech, explains basic comma and capitalization rules, introduces complex sentence patterns, and more.

Category Description for Fix It! Grammar:

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a well-loved program getting any better. IEW’s Fix It! Grammar - 4th edition – will change your mind on that. There are some excellent improvements, most notably in the teaching-assignment sequences, but the fun-to-use and user-friendly program is still distinctive in its systematic approach that melds structure-of-language instruction with usage-based practice. Some of the improvements include thorough explanations, lists of errors for each passage, blank lines for copywork, expanded scope and sequence, and seamless transition between levels allowing for mastery plus spiraling.

The six-year course sequence has changed but the grade and IEW writing level designations for each level remain the same.

    Level 1 (4-5; SSS-A) is still Nose Tree.
    Level 2 (4-5; SSS-A) (formerly Robin Hood) is Town Mouse and Country Mouse.
    Level 3 (6-8; SSS-B) (formerly Frog Prince) is Robin Hood.
    Level 4 (6-8; SSS-B) (formerly Little Mermaid) is Mowgli and Shere Khan.
    Level 5 (8-12; SSS-C) (formerly Chanticleer) is Frog Prince.
    Level 6 (8-12; SSS-C) (formerly Sir Gawain) is Little Mermaid.

Obviously, if you’ve been using this program, you may be concerned about a next grade level course with the same title as last year. IEW assures us that “the stories themselves have been rewritten and the teaching content has been expanded. Therefore, there should be no concern if a student repeats a story from third edition while working through the new fourth edition Fix It! Grammar series.” While designed as a six-year, start-to-finish program, according to IEW, Frog Prince (Level 5) and Little Mermaid (Level 6) are useful for high school students who need a refresher course or who are preparing for standardized tests.

There are 30 weekly lessons in each course. Each of these begin with one day of expanded and targeted instruction coupled with examples. Daily assignments for the remaining four days follow. These daily lessons are based on passages from the course story. A guide at the top of each lesson page lists the assignment’s tasks. Each lesson has four distinct tasks:

    Read It! - read passage and look up vocabulary word.
    Mark It! - mark the passage using the guide.
    Fix-It! - correct the passage using the guide.
    Rewrite It! - copy the corrected passage.

Grammar lessons should take only 15 minutes per day, require teacher-student interaction one day per week, and allow the student to work somewhat independently the remaining days. This path to mastery suggests review cards for key grammar concepts as well as a grammar glossary for reference. In other words, the student is being equipped and trained to incorporate excellent grammar into their writing as well as being prepared to edit their own work.

Each course is comprised of a teacher's manual plus a student book. The general methodology is straight-forward. Read/discuss instructional material, edit one sentence daily, and then rewrite the passage correctly. Defining the vocabulary words that are identified in each sentence is an added bonus.

The Student Book provides both the weekly lessons and the space to complete them. Weekly lessons devoted to review (no new material) are peppered throughout the course but predominate in the last half. Appendices in the spiral-bound student book provide the complete story (a compilation of the daily sentences), various IEW resource pages, and a Grammar Glossary that serves as a reference tool.

The Teacher Manual starts with some general how-to-and-why information plus a complete scope and sequence for the course. Daily lesson plans include the same grammar instruction found in the student book plus a wealth of additional information and complete corrective support (i.e. answer keys) for each of the daily sentence edits. "Fixes" are explained and grammatical "talking points" are provided. Helpful sidebar teacher's notes serve as a cross-reference to other lessons as well as interesting historical tidbits such as the name (pilcrow) for the paragraph mark and its origin (Middle Ages) and purpose (to separate content). Appendices with the story, IEW references, and a copy of the Grammar Glossary complete the Teacher Manual.

The Teacher/Student Combo packages provide both a Teacher Manual and a Student book.

In case it's not clear, the goal of these courses is FUN - along with learning and remembering good grammar, of course. They provide a light touch that is embedded in practicality. Obviously designed to complement the IEW writing courses, they are integrated with IEW terms such as dress-ups, acronyms (FANBOYS), and clause starters ( The Fix It! materials can be done as a stand-alone program. I've been a lukewarm fan of editing approaches to grammar, but this one is also strong in providing systematic, structural coverage of grammar. This combination of instruction and practical application is highly effective. TMs - 225 - 250 pgs. spiral-bound; SBs - 120 pgs spiral-bound ~ Janice

Category Description for Combined Grammar, Mechanics:

These materials do not include a coverage of usage.

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Natalia T on Mar 15, 2023
Used the 1 month trial & it worked really well. My son actually enjoyed learning grammar!
Melanie W on Jan 17, 2023
Natalia T on Mar 15, 2023
Easy to use and works well!
Melissa H on Jan 19, 2023
Used the 1 month trial & it worked really well. My son actually enjoyed learning grammar!
Melanie W on Jan 17, 2023
We completed Level 1 and really liked the way Fix It! teaches grammar, so we're on to the next levels. Short lessons that don't overwhelm the student.
Tricia A on Sep 29, 2022
We used the first 1 last year and enjoyed the way they explain grammar rules. I was going to go with a different program this year, but didn't like it so I'm back buying the next book in this series.
Jessica P on Sep 22, 2022
She's liked the previous ones. But I didn't want to skip. So we will do this in "double time".
Ann M on Aug 15, 2022
We have been using fix it grammar but are very excited for this new and updated version of the course.
Wendy K on Aug 15, 2022
We started with the Fix It! Grammar program last year and are loving the teaching style, so chose continue with the same.
Alisha D on Jul 29, 2022
it was recommended and it goes along with another IEW writing book im using
Rachael L on Jul 19, 2022
An excellent choice for grammar mechanics and my boys and I love the story format.
Aimee C on Jul 12, 2022
Fix It Grammar is an excellent grammar curriculum. All of my kids love it.
Jessica S on Jul 1, 2022
simple, quick, mostly independent work, which is awesome, my kids love it!
andy w on Jun 20, 2022
I am currently using this program and need the next level.
Marie D on May 12, 2022
using for coop classes
Catherine P on May 9, 2022
Trialed via samples and loved the very thorough, non-"drudgery" style of the program--efficient education is so key with our homeschool!
Lori C on May 5, 2022
Looking for a more fun grammar. I have a little experience with IEW and have enjoyed it so far.
User on Apr 23, 2022
We have used Fix It with our children and they enjoy it. Plus it teaches them proper, win!
akalten on Apr 11, 2022
I've heard great things about IEW and look forward to getting this and the other resources I ordered into my hands and incorporating them into our Charlotte Mason homeschool this upcoming Fall.
Heidi S on Apr 1, 2022
Son is taking a Grammar Boot Camp class this summer with MP and needs these books...
Lindsay B on Mar 19, 2022
We are using Level 1 and we love it. It is simple but thorough. Provides regular but quick practice of the concepts they are learning.
Krisztina V M on Mar 5, 2022
We have done Nose Tree, and had been doing Robinhood, but saw they re-arranged the levels. Robinhood does get much harder when clauses are introduced, and we felt we could benefit from more practice. We do love the methodology of Fix-It! The small sized assignments are manageable, yet the repetition makes it stick.
Stephanie L on Mar 1, 2022
A very thorough grammar that my kids actually enjoy completing!
Amanda on Jan 31, 2022
We are using The Nose Tree, and my students are catching on to parts of speech and fixes. They also enjoy the curriculum.
Anna W on Jan 20, 2022
It is a practical way of teaching grammar.
Amy E on Sep 20, 2021
We like Fix It! because our son, who has a difficult time with manuscript, can type the assignment. It has repetitive daily work in which each word and/or part of the sentence is labeled. My son will do this work in handwriting that takes little time.
Evelyn M on Sep 10, 2021
We used Fix It! Grammar last year for our 3rd grader and we loved the simplicity of it.
Aylamarie P on Aug 9, 2021
Although my oldest isn't the biggest fan of this grammar curriculum, it serves it's purpose in such a simple and easy to teach/understand way. Literally one sentence a day. Our grammar lesson is done in 10 min. And even though she doesn't care for it (thinks its dry/boring), I continue to use this because she honestly learns VERY WELL from it. She's 10 and can recognize items like prepositional phrases and others with ease now.
Kristin H on Jul 31, 2021
We enjoy this program and are continuing to the next level.
Heidi H on Jul 26, 2021
because my daughter did well with the first fix it book so i want to continue with this program.
Lucas M on May 18, 2021
Easy to use and works well!
Melissa H on Jan 19, 2023
We completed Level 1 and really liked the way Fix It! teaches grammar, so we're on to the next levels. Short lessons that don't overwhelm the student.
Tricia A on Sep 29, 2022
Are the fix it grammar cards included in this set?
A shopper on Apr 24, 2022
BEST ANSWER: They were in the older 3rd edition. However, in the new edition for 2022, the cards are no longer in the back of the student book. There is a set of cards available to purchase. Here is a link.
Is this the new 4th edition?
Erin on Feb 18, 2022
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this came out January 1, 2022.
Do any of the Fix It! Grammar Book (Teacher/Student Combo) sets come with a downloadable student book as well? so you will receive is The Teacher Book, Student Book and a downloadable student books as well? Thank you Rainbow Resources
Joanne on Aug 4, 2021
BEST ANSWER: The sets include a printed version of the teacher and the student. You can purchase a printed teacher book and inside is a code to download the student version.
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