Complete Writer: Writing w/Ease L2 Stdt Wkbk

Complete Writer: Writing w/Ease L2 Stdt Wkbk

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Grades: K-3

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Category Description for Complete Writer: Writing with Ease:

Writing With Ease provides easy-to-use materials for introducing this comprehensive writing approach to young students; an approach that understands the need for one-on-one instruction and focuses on copywork (putting words on paper) and narration (putting ideas into words) then ultimately combining the skills (Years 3 & 4). Complete Writer: Writing With Ease Strong Fundamentals - the text (recently revised and with new information) for Levels 1-4 is a program overview. The first section - Understanding the Program - describes the three stages of writing instruction and why most writing programs fail as well as a four-year scope and sequence concluding with a segment on where/how to begin. Included are some short diagnostic exercises to determine if an older reluctant-writing student will profit by some portions of the program. Next is a short but practical section outlining preschool and kindergarten language instruction. The bulk of the text provides the weekly lessons for each level (year). Each year is divided into segments with a varying number of weeks. Each of these segments starts with a detailed lesson plan for the first week; then "tweaked" plans for the rest of the segment's weeks (i.e., use slightly longer sentences for copywork; look for sentences that contain the proper names of days of the week and months of the year). Each year concludes with a mastery evaluation. Copywork sentences and narration excerpts are provided for each of these "first weeks" but not for the remaining weeks. There are several valuable appendices at the back of the Text - what to do after program completion, troubleshooting (wise advice on student's writing problems), frequently asked questions, and resource lists.

The Workbooks provide all the needed teacher preparation for each level making the program very user-friendly. The first half of each book is the teacher's portion. This comes close to being scripted with all lessons carefully detailed. Copywork and narration excerpts for each lesson are included with background information provided and comprehension questions (with possible answers) that lead the child comfortably into narration. The last half of the books are the Student Pages. Grade-appropriate writing space is provided on these pages along with copywork models. Occasionally, pen-and-ink illustrations brighten the pages. It is suggested that these be removed and given to the student but they are reproducible for family use (schools and co-ops need to make other arrangements with Well Trained Mind Press). You can also purchase the pack of Student Pages separately if that is more convenient for you. These come 3-hole punched and ready to place in a binder.

Throughout Writing With Ease, the author suggests repeating the dictations three times. Some students may be able to hold the dictations in their heads after three repetitions and that's great! However, many students will need additional repetitions. And, as you get into the more complex dictations, the author has found that most students will need you to say the dictation sentences additional times - maybe a number of additional times. Don't worry about repeating - it's best not to frustrate your young writer. However, the author suggests two rules - 1) always ask the student to repeat the sentence back to you before he goes back to writing and 2) always repeat the dictation assignment from the beginning (don't allow the student to write one word at a time as you "dictate" word by word.

There is a relationship between Writing With Ease and First Language Lessons (from the same author). Both share the same philosophy and while these writing skills are presented in FLL they are extensively developed and practiced in WWE. The WWE Text could be used independently of the WWE Workbooks with the parent/teacher selecting all their own copywork excerpts from other school material. Criteria for selection are provided with each lesson segment. Likewise, it might be possible, although perhaps not desirable, to use the Workbooks independently of the Text. They are designed to be used together and there is material in the Text that is not repeated in the Workbooks (at the beginning and end of the Text). However, all lesson material is carefully repeated in the Workbooks and often expanded in terms of teacher instruction. The Workbooks also provide the needed copywork models and narration excerpts for all lessons making them very comprehensive. ~ Janice

Category Description for Complete Writer:

Susan Wise Bauer has an opinion about how writing should be taught to children. Not surprising! With years of experience teaching writing at the college level, she knows that The Complete Writer is the one who has mastered the three stages of writing - Writing With Ease (combining the two distinct mental steps of putting ideas into words and putting words onto paper), Writing With Skill (learning to organize sentences into short compositions), and Writing With Style (the persuasive expression of ideas). Seven years ago, Peace Hill Press started publishing her writing courses that have an emphasis on this progression of skills. Now that The Complete Writer sequenced writing program (Writing With Ease and Writing With Skill) has been used by thousands of parents/students, Mrs. Bauer has gathered excellent feedback about their experience with her program. And, to her credit, she's "tweaking" her recommendations a bit to conform to that feedback. For instance, although the Writing With Ease series was designed to be used for four consecutive years, she is now suggesting that many - perhaps most - students will be prepared after the first three levels to progress into the Writing With Skill books. Likewise, she now suggests that fifth grade is probably on the young side to begin the Writing With Skill series.

It's easy to see that these recommendations mess with the previous neat symmetry of the program (four levels of WWE, then three levels of WWS). Not to worry! Mrs. Bauer suggests you can 1) slow down WWE-3 and cover that course over two years, 2) continue narrations and summaries across the curriculum, or 3) insert another writing curriculum - maybe creative writing - into the 1-2 year gap. [See our website for a chart listing four possible progressions.] And, if you're not certain if your student is ready to progress, she provides mastery evaluations for each level (in the WWE Text) that will help you make that determination. These diagnostic evaluations are also very helpful if you have an older student that you want to integrate into the program at an appropriate level or if you have an older, reluctant writer that needs to "go back to the basics" and acquire some necessary beginning skills.

The Writing With Ease and the Writing With Skill programs make it possible for any parent to become a writing teacher - no experience needed! The beginning levels are scripted with later levels focused on the student becoming an independent writer; the parent functioning as a writing mentor. Although each level is designed as a year long course, they are flexible and you can use your own discretion as to the speed at which you progress through them.

Category Description for COMPLETE ENGLISH PROGRAMS:

These materials offer complete coverage of both writing and grammar.

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recommended by Susan Wise Bauer
Sara M on Nov 5, 2021
recommended by Well-Trained Mind
Anne C on Aug 18, 2021
recommended by Susan Wise Bauer
Sara M on Nov 5, 2021
I have the Level 1 book and would like to complete the series with my children.
Katonya on Aug 26, 2021
recommended by Well-Trained Mind
Anne C on Aug 18, 2021
Using with homeschool co-op
Nicole M on Jul 2, 2021
Writing With Ease Level 1 has provided a strong foundation for what good writing looks and sounds like. I didn't want a program that expected my children to be able to write creatively before they had the tools and understanding to do so well, and this program is focused on developing those "pre-creative writing" skills they need!
Elizabeth D on Jun 27, 2021
We really like this curriculum. I tried Level 1 when my daughter was in K; however, she was not ready for it. We went back to it for 1st grade, and she did so well with it. Short passages from quality books were appealing to me.
Darlene G on Apr 28, 2021
We have been using Level 1 and have enjoyed it.
Mariaelena G on Jan 4, 2021
Looks like a curriculum we can follow easily. Recommended by a friend.
Michelle C on Sep 12, 2020
My kids enjoy the stories included in the student workbook, and I enjoy the convenience of having all the copywork prepared for me.
User on Jul 31, 2020
Homeschool friends recommended it as thorough and helpful in developing early writing skills. My son would benefit from its simplicity and "copy work" style before I move to a more creative writing approach.
Lindsey B on Jul 5, 2020
didn't want to pick out my own copywork for my child to do
Michelle A on Jun 21, 2020
required curriculum at my daughter's university model school
Julie E on Jun 12, 2020
We have used previous levels of this resource successfully. Each lesson can be done in about 10-15 minutes with lesson options to match your individual child's ability. The resource is set to be done 4 days a week for 36 weeks and includes narration and copywork.
Courtney E on May 31, 2020
It's part of the Well-Trained Mind Curriculum.
Maren on Feb 2, 2020
Have used with an older child and she liked it. Hoping the same with this boy.
Teri Y on Aug 28, 2019
A GREAT writing program based in classic literature!
Pauline N on Aug 6, 2019
continuing series as it is nice and easy to open and go
Erin M on Jun 21, 2019
Well trained mind recommendation
Grace B on May 17, 2019
Level 1 was really good. So I would like to continue with level 2
Fatima H on May 7, 2019
Continuing our homeschool journey and did well with level 1.
Jennifer C on Mar 30, 2019
My son is not interested in writing much and in fact really fights to do this. There were a lot of positive reviews regarding this as well as a recommendation at our homeschool co-op.
Matthew C on Oct 8, 2018
So easy to get a little writing in every day!
Amy M on Aug 8, 2018
We used Writing with Ease L1 and like it. Continuing with Level 2.
Susie W on Jul 17, 2018
This book makes teaching and learning writing easy because you have everything you need.
Chelsea P on Jul 16, 2018
We have used book 1 and will continue with the series.
Rebecca on Mar 30, 2018
Currently finishing up Level 1 and really like it.
Lisa A on Mar 29, 2018
While I want to also encourage creative writing this was a great all in one simple activity that I could see us finishing without minimal resistance.
Lisa M on Jan 8, 2018
This was recommended to me. I am looking forward to the summary work.
Amelia H on Sep 9, 2017
These items are for my children to be homeschooled and I have heard about the wonderful product
Rachel A on Aug 16, 2017
Required by school - Veritas Academy in Austin, TX
Carlye B on Aug 15, 2017
Writing with Ease is an easy approach to the basic beginning of what it takes to be a good writing.
Genevie D on Jul 1, 2017
My son has enjoyed listening to the passages. Great selection of beautiful and fun stories. The narration and copywork exercises are just the right length and not overwhelming. Very helpful! :)
User on Jun 25, 2017
Because our 1st grader son loved the level 1. And so did his parents.
Yoshimi H on May 1, 2017
Love SWB.
Sheila D on Mar 12, 2017
I cannot afford IEW.... so I was looking for something more affordable, lessons in bite sizes, nicely incremental, with a good trajectory for Language Arts and Writing Comp. Not too easy, but not too bogged down either. I'm schooling 5 boys so I'm looking for something that builds gently and solidly. I've done Easy Grammar, which is pretty great and stress free. I want to give the First Language Lessons and Complete Writer Series a try. We will also be adding in Fix It Grammar for fun. Enjoy!
Kirstin G on Mar 9, 2017
My son looks forward to doing the Level 1 workbook every day. It is one of his favorite parts of our school day. Looking forward to Level 2!
Elly K on Jan 16, 2017
I purchased Level 1 last year, and the excerpts worked really well as copywork for my child. I especially appreciate that the excerpts focus on teaching a specific grammatical skill.
Shannon P on Jan 10, 2017
Used Level 1 and liked it.
Melissa M on Nov 27, 2016
This curriculum is working well for my kids, so we are going to keep using it. Very user friendly
sarah f on Nov 19, 2016
need something very concrete and structured for my middle schoolers who are struggling with writing
Pamela N on Sep 19, 2016
We started with Level 1 and it is an excellent beginning writing program.
Jennifer M on Sep 18, 2016
We used the Level 1 book last year and I wanted to continue with it this year.
Aimee K on Sep 8, 2016
Perfect pace and style for my daughter.
Josie B on Sep 3, 2016
We used Writing with Ease Level 1 and it worked very well. The reading passages are of high quality and inspired us to read many of the books from which they are excerpted. We've decided to stick with this program another year.
Molaika B on Aug 15, 2016
First time trying it. A friend recommended it.
Maranda S on Aug 13, 2016
required for class
Linda M on Aug 3, 2016
We moved through Writing with Ease L1 last year and I liked the program but writing the lessons myself was a lot time spent on at my work desk instead of with my kids. I wanted to try the workbook for year 2 to see how we like it.
Crystal K on Jul 30, 2016
I chose this because of the good reviews. I hope it works as well for us.
Warren D on Jul 11, 2016
Following the Well-Trained Mind. Level 1 was a great tool for my 6-year-old, and worked very well with First Language Lessons. We enjoyed the narration exercises so much we checked out nearly every book from which the passages came. Copy work was not the most exciting for him, but it gave him a strong foundation for using capital letters and punctuation.
Hilbert W on Jun 28, 2016
Great reviews
Dean B on Jun 25, 2016
I have the Level 1 book and would like to complete the series with my children.
Katonya on Aug 26, 2021
Using with homeschool co-op
Nicole M on Jul 2, 2021
Do you have an option to just buy the student pages?
A shopper on Aug 1, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, we do. Here's the link:
Do we need to purchase The Complete Writer and the Workbook? For instance I am interested in buying the Level 2 workbook and am wondering if the lessons in the workbook are also in the Complete Writer. Thanks!
A shopper on Jun 20, 2017
Complete Writer: Writing w/Ease L2 Stdt Wkbk
Complete Writer: Writing w/Ease L2 Stdt Wkbk
Complete Writer: Writing w/Ease Text Lvl 1-4
Complete Writer: Writing w/Ease Text Lvl 1-4
BEST ANSWER: The complete writer text has all 4 levels in one book. It gives you all the lessons but you need to provide your own stories or written material for each lesson. A few pieces of written material is provided in each level but mainly you need to come up with your own.
The workbook has only one level in a book. All the lessons and written stories are in this book. You can just open the book and do each lesson without having to find supplemental material. The workbook also has consumable sheets in the back for the student to use with each lesson. We used just the workbook. We loved this curriculum.
Our local library carried the text book. I checked it out just to look at it. It is a great resource but everything needed for one level is in the workbook.
How many pages are the student pages for WW2? Wondering for cost of copying or do you sell as a consumable?
User on Apr 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: There are 178 Student Pages and yes, they are reproducible.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Level 2: Writing with Ease
Another beautiful curriculum, wonderfully laid out. One thing I would tell a parent looking into this level, is that it starts with dictating in the first lesson, so if your child isn’t there yet, consider level 1 first.
August 18, 2022
3 months ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Tried and True
We have been using WWE for beginning writing skills since our first year of homeschooling. I consider this writing program a necessity in building foundational comprehension and summarizing skills in the younger grades.. My youngest son has now begun WWE and has some difficulty with dictation, WWE brings exactly the level challenge he needs to grow in his abilities.
September 23, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Foundational writing program
I have been switching out writing programs for my 9 year old son for years. He has been bored at best and frustrated at worst. He had begun to "hate" writing. He is an advanced and avid reader, but had been having difficulty applying his abilities into writing. This program seems to have done the trick. The instructional textbook (hardcover) that is part of this series explains the process that needs to occur between thinking and writing. At times this intellectual process occurs without direct instruction. As with my son, and apparently many children, it is not a "natural" process of transferring thoughts directly to paper. I really do recommend this curriculum. It assumes nothing in terms of a child understanding how to put thoughts on paper in an organized, thoughtful way. The only reason for a 4 star versus 5 star review is that the process is slow at times, it it can easily be adapted though. I have definitely seen a change in my son's interest and knowledge of the writing process. It has also positively affected his ability to think and communicate things in a more mature way. Our discussions of content subjects, such as science and history, are more thoughtful and thorough. I am thrilled!
December 6, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Writing With Ease Work Book: Level 2 is authored by Susan Wise Bauer She is a faculty member of the College of William and Mary and co-author of "The Well Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home"Writing With Ease Work Book: Level 2 is a companion to Bauer's text "Writing With Ease: Strong Fundamentals" Please see my review of "Writing With Ease: Strong Fundamentals" for a comprehensive overview of the curriculumWriting With Ease: Work Book Level 2 is arranged according to a thirty-six week scheduleEach week consists of the following components:Day 1Narration Exercise(Identifying central ideas and actions) Day 2Copy work ExerciseFocus (This indicated the fundamentals of grammar being taught within the lesson)Day 3The First Dictation ExerciseDay 4Narration Exercise and Dictation (Identifying the central narrative in a story or passage Identifying the central details in a description)End of the Year EvaluationIncluded in the work book are a list of literature reading selections and consumable student pagesOverall we have been pleased with Ms Bauer's logical approach to writing instruction and look forward to utilizing "Writing With Ease Work Book: Level 3"
March 23, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5
Highly recommend this! This is very easy to use coaches the teacher well and helps the student learn to THINK through the writing process Rather than starting out getting them to write a lot (which for my daughter would be torture) I do a lot of the physical writing and she is learning to think through what needs to be written Great literary passages are used to discuss too!
September 30, 2011

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