Life of Fred: Butterflies

Life of Fred: Butterflies

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Grades: 1-4

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Category Description for Life of Fred:

Life of Fred (LOF) is an unconventional series of math texts that seem accessible and friendly, especially for students who dislike traditional programs. According to Dr. Schmidt, the author, this series is designed to teach you the math you need to know without repetition, redundancy, and a multitude of problems to work. LOF follows the storyline of Fred's life while incorporating solid math concepts and skills. Motivated or independent students will appreciate this series, as well as gifted math students who might need a challenge. Written to the student and intended to be self-teaching, the author prefers that students use these with very little help from you, so they can learn to study and understand on their own. Even the solutions (found in the text) are addressed to the student. In fact, there's a lot of actual instruction in the solutions, which students should read after trying to solve problems on their own. Math in a story context can sometimes make more sense to students than stand-alone math concepts - especially if it's an entertaining story! Students do two books per year up through pre-algebra; beginning with algebra, one book per year.

Category Description for Life of Fred Elementary Series:

Great news for Life of Fred aficionados; Life of Fred has gone elementary! In author Professor Schmidt's own words, "Now you will be able to start the Life of Fred series with your child sitting on your lap...and finish the series sitting on his/her lap!" It's as simple as ABC...just follow the books in alphabetical order by



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This math serious was recommended by other homeschool families, so we're going to give it a try.
Myranda S on Jan 9, 2020
My kids love it.
Stacie B on Sep 18, 2019
This math serious was recommended by other homeschool families, so we're going to give it a try.
Myranda S on Jan 9, 2020
We have Life of Fred: Apples, and my son is really enjoying it. I'm having to keep him from reading it too fast! It was time to get the next book.
Kristen M on Sep 27, 2019
My kids love it.
Stacie B on Sep 18, 2019
My three boys loved book A
Deborah P on Aug 29, 2019
We've already begun Life of Fred: Apples, and we enjoy it with my 5 year old and 4 year old. So I anticipate continuing the series. Also, I needed about this much cost to get my free shipping.
Becky P on Aug 3, 2019
My daughter has been doing the Easy Peasy 2nd grade math offline workbook which she enjoys. However, I wanted something to cover more of the conceptual side of math and Life of Fred has been a great choice for this. She looks forward to doing Life of Fred!
Monica R on Feb 1, 2019
I have a child who is struggling to pick up math concepts the traditional way. She tends to be more right brained and I am hope that this approach might help her.
Billie M on Jan 15, 2019
Life of Fred is an "Add on" to our math program that we use either to warm up before our main lesson or to do during Morning Time, especially if I know we won't have time to get to our full math lesson that day.
Elizabeth N on Oct 26, 2018
We found Apples entertaining so getting the next one.
Gena O on Aug 7, 2018
Math tutoring. Our kids love these books and I needed to complete the whole collection.
Felicia B on May 16, 2018
Life of Fred is a fun way to get more involved with math
User on Apr 20, 2018
My kids really enjoyed Life of Fred Apples and want to continue the story!
Courtney F on Apr 16, 2018
We have done a lot of other Life of Fred Math with our older kids and think it is great. It draws the kids in with the fun stories and interesting facts. We ordered these for our younger children.
Shawn M on Mar 10, 2018
it's just fun... and my daughter enjoys the book, so it makes Math fun while she is learning too.
Yolanda S on Jan 10, 2018
our favorite math curriculum
Anna H on Jan 8, 2018
I love the Life of Fred style of teaching.
Meghan D on Dec 25, 2017
homeschool math
Jason C on Nov 18, 2017
I wanted to try this because I want math to make sense. I like other math programs but just want to try this one out.
Ruth M on Nov 2, 2017
I've read great reviews for this curriculum and wanted to try a different approach for my child's math education.
Deirdra W on Oct 20, 2017
We Really enjoy the Life of Fred series so far.
Cynthia C on Oct 6, 2017
We loved life of Fred: apples.
Brandy C on Sep 17, 2017
for my daughter to get started on math
Alyssa J on Aug 17, 2017
We love LoF math! Recommended to us by a friend last year.
Rachel W on Aug 9, 2017
My 6 year old enjoyed Apples this summer, so we are continuing with the next book as a fun math supplement.
Elsa E on Jul 9, 2017
My soon to be first grader loves stories. She is good at math and I hope this makes it also fun for her.
Jennifer D on May 2, 2017
Read that they were good math books for teaching math in a new way.
Rachel B on Mar 7, 2017
Dd has enjoyed LoF Apples. We need to take a break from the regular math curriculum in order to solidify addition facts, and will be using LoF in its place until facts are mastered. She is always eager to see what Fred is up to next.
User on Feb 8, 2017
I have heard very good things about these books and wanted to give them a try with my kindergartener.
Lisa E on Feb 2, 2017
My daughter loves to read but thinks she doesn't like math. Life of Fred is the first math curriculum that she has enjoyed!
Michelle N on Jan 11, 2017
My kids love Apples so much that they ask to do math even if on non school days. It was an easy decison to continue with Butterflies.
User on Dec 27, 2016
Trying a new math curriculum in our homeschool
Kelly B on Nov 20, 2016
Loved the first book Apples, looking forward to the next book.
Shelly C on Sep 28, 2016
Supplement to Horizons direct math teaching method. Entertaining for a young child and helps to think about math in a more flexible way than just drilling practice problems.
Gina A on Sep 6, 2016
We love the Life of Fred books!
Julie S on Aug 8, 2016
We had SO much fun doing this last year, so we are going to keep at it. Fun for everyone.
User on Jul 20, 2016
We needed a low-key, good-for-snuggles, math curriculum after a hard, emotional year of family crisis.
Jerry S on Jul 5, 2016
I love Life of Fred books
Tonya P on Jul 3, 2016
My kids loved the Apples book.
Leslie A C on Jun 25, 2016
curious to try
Rita R on Jun 21, 2016
My son (3rd grade) loves the Life of Fred books. We came to these books late have used them as review materials. Even though the math is simple for him, he enjoys the quirky stories.
Michelle C on Jun 20, 2016
My son really enjoyed the 1st book, Apples.
Bernadette B on Jun 17, 2016
Used "Apples" with my special needs son (extra chromosomes) last year and it was presented in such a way that he seemed to understand better. Going to continue with the series!
Melissa K on May 13, 2016
We are almost done with Life of Fred Apples and have been having so much fun with it so we are looking forward to Butterflies!
Wilfredo N on May 5, 2016
My son (age 7) is just finishing up Life of Fred Apples and has really enjoyed it. It's engaging and keeps his attention and makes math fun. We are looking forward to getting started with the second book in the series.
Shelby H on Apr 28, 2016
Summer math!
User on Apr 11, 2016
We so enjoyed the Apples LIfe of Fred, so am purchasing Cats, Dogs, and Butterflies.
Joann B on Feb 16, 2016
My son enjoys the stories that Life of Fred tells. He thinks they are funny and he's learning too which is great! :)
Teri R on Feb 12, 2016
We are almost done with Apples. We've enjoyed it so much we can't wait to see what happens to Fred in Butterflies.
Yvette S on Feb 10, 2016
Enjoy Life of Fred. The approach works very well for all ages.
Nicole C on Feb 9, 2016
sounded like it might be better for my son than our current curriculum
User on Dec 27, 2015
We have Life of Fred: Apples, and my son is really enjoying it. I'm having to keep him from reading it too fast! It was time to get the next book.
Kristen M on Sep 27, 2019
My three boys loved book A
Deborah P on Aug 29, 2019
How does the LOF program work? Is Apples, Butterflies, Cats, and Dogs a complete 1st grade program? Or is each book for a different grade level? Or do you keep using the books up through 4th grade? The book says its complete and comprehensive but since some are recommending supplementing I want to know what topics would I need to supplement for 1st grade: a little bit everywhere or just a few key topics?
A shopper on Nov 29, 2019
Life of Fred: Butterflies
Life of Fred: Butterflies
Life of Fred: Apples
Life of Fred: Apples
Life of Fred: Cats
Life of Fred: Cats
Life of Fred: Dogs
Life of Fred: Dogs
BEST ANSWER: Each LoF book builds on itself, so Butterflies adds a few more addition facts to those previously in Apples. If you have a highly motivated learner, you could supplement with handwritten problems you think up yourself. But the point of LoF is not to purposely give them pages of work to overwhelm them. With my current 1st grader I often leave it at Your Chance to Play questions, whereas my 2nd grader loves the challenge of extra problems. He is up to Goldfish now.
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Don't buy this!
Life of Fred is not good. Too much story and not enough math.
August 9, 2019
over 2 years ago
We love Life of Fred
Life of Fred is fantastic, filled with humor, and never boring!
May 1, 2019
1 year ago
My kids love it!
April 18, 2019
10 months ago
We love Life of Fred for math! Our daughter is actually excited to get the book out and read it and doesn't stress out over the questions.
April 14, 2017
over 3 years ago
I purchased "Apples" and "Butterflies" on a whim for my third grader this year My reluctant mathematician begs to do a chapter of "Fred" often The books go by quickly so I spread them out Fred seems to have taken the fear and dread out of math and made it quite fun She has picked up some algebra and geometry along with the basics! I like the use of other subjects within the stories such as grammar and history as wellleans a bit classical Does what it sets out to do: makes us think And I do not have to prep just join in the silliness 475 stars for us! Will be purchasing "Cats" and "Dogs" this year
April 2, 2013

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