Vocabulary From Classical Roots 6

Vocabulary From Classical Roots 6

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This great series follows the same basic format as the original upper levels, but it is simpler and contains exercises and words geared toward younger students. Each Student Book includes 16 lessons teaching many English words with roots, prefixes, and suffixes originating from 40 different Greek and Latin words. Each lesson presents 8-10 words derived from classical roots, with the root forms defined in bold type at the beginning of the lesson.

Like the original series, the roots are grouped thematically, and each resulting English word is shown in dictionary format with a pronunciation key, definition, and sentence showing correct word usage in context. Each lesson then provides a variety of exercises combining matching, fill in the blank, multiple choice, antonyms and synonyms, using vocabulary in context, and sentence completion activities. These exercises ensure students comprehend the Greek and Latin roots. After each set of three lessons, there is a review lesson that cumulatively reviews the words in the previous three lessons with additional fill-in-the-blank, matching, and short writing exercises to cement the roots and words in students' minds.

Answers to the exercises are not included in the Student Books, but there are individual Answer Keys for each book. The Teacher Guides also include all the answers to the student books, along with lesson plans that help assess knowledge, provide oral activities and additional written activities, and present additional strategies to help teachers construct a sensible and effective way to teach vocabulary from a roots-based perspective, even if they have no background in classical languages.

Test Books are also available, which provide multiple choice tests for each lesson, formatted like standardized tests. Eight test questions are asked for each lesson, with twenty questions for the review lessons. We offer both the non-reproducible tests, where students answer directly in the book, and reproducible ones, which are the same tests but are legally reproducible so you can make as many copies as you need. This series is just as useful and effective as the upper Vocabulary from Classical Roots series and is a great, inexpensive resource for teaching younger students important Greek and Latin roots. ~ Rachel

Category Description for Vocabulary from Classical Roots:

In the case of this series, the sum is definitely more than the total of its parts. As the most important Latin and Greek roots are studied, students increase their vocabularies far more than the 240 words actually presented, since these roots form the basis for many additional words. Roots are grouped thematically in worktexts, with each of the sixteen lessons in every book introducing up to 15 words derived from two or more classical roots. Each lesson begins with a "root dictionary". The root and root forms are shown and defined in bold type, followed by English word(s) derived from that root. Each English word is shown in dictionary format with pronunciation key, definition(s) and word forms each followed by a sentence showing correct word usage in context. Small side boxes list additional words that are formed from the same root. A variety of exercises based on synonyms, antonyms, analogies, vocabularies in context, and sentence completion are provided at the end of lessons to insure mastery. The many literary, historical and geographical references are designed to increase the student's cultural literacy. After every two lessons, a creative or expository writing assignment is suggested, using words from the lessons , allowing the student to put into practice the words he's learned.

Answers are available in the Answer Key, but if you want a little more help, opt for the Teacher Key. The Teacher Key is a valuable resource, as it complements, extends, and enriches the series. It provides tips for individual learning needs and shows how to ensure that students are building upon earlier skills. It gives support for every lesson, provides blackline masters to reinforce key words, gives additional review activities and vocabulary games, and includes a glossary and answer key for the student books.

Test Booklets (with answers) are available as well. The single test is non-reproducible while the more expensive version (only available for Grades 4, 5, 6) can be copied for classroom or home use.

You get a lot of educational value for your money here. This series would be beneficial to parents too - especially those that didn't attend parochial school or study the classical languages!

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Teachers love it
Barbara M on Nov 15, 2022
Part of our Latin Curriculum
Kena U on Jun 16, 2022
Teachers love it
Barbara M on Nov 15, 2022
I loved the higher levels I've used in the past, and I am excited to now try this one with my granddaughter.
Angela W on Jul 20, 2022
Part of our Latin Curriculum
Kena U on Jun 16, 2022
Vocabulary and spelling studies
Bonnie H on May 10, 2022
My son has shown interest in root words and Latin, so I decided to try this since it had great reviews and wasn't too overwhelming after I looked at the sample pages on the publishers website. Rainbow offers a better economical deal. Which helps with our budget.
Beatrice S on Jun 16, 2021
My rising 6th grader is a great speller. I'm adding this on to learn word roots and enrich his learning.
Jane W on Jun 6, 2021
Our Language Arts teacher chose this
Jan E on Jun 3, 2021
These books are fun for kids and an enjoyable way to bolster their vocabulary knowledge.
EMILY K on Nov 16, 2020
Assigned by teacher
Ashley P on Aug 4, 2020
Great vocabulary curriculum!
Amanda K on Aug 3, 2020
I have an 11 yo in 6th grade who really struggles with vocabulary, even though she has had 3 years of latin. I hope this helps.
Amanda W on Aug 1, 2020
Dipping into root-based vocal for the first time with this student. this seems like a good intro, especially since we are not going to be doing a lot of study of classical languages.
Heidi on Jul 27, 2020
Required book for our co-op
Suzanne S on Jul 25, 2020
so my kids can learn root meanings of words which will help them throughout their life
Alayna P on Jul 21, 2020
on my school book list
Melissa G on Jul 20, 2020
I chose this to develop a Greek and Latin basic understanding for my sixth grader. After taking Latin in high school I have always said my basic Latin understanding gave me the ability to perform well on the college entrance exams.
Amber L on Jul 7, 2020
Recommended by Well-Trained Mind, and we have used this series before. It works well for my son.
Katherine G on Jul 1, 2020
My son left this at school before the lockdown, need a copy!
Stephanie T on May 12, 2020
Teacher recommendation
Anna F on May 4, 2020
Used in my daughter's 5th grade gifted curriculum for spelling/vocabulary
Ashley L on Sep 4, 2019
Best price for new condition items. Thank you
Julie K on Aug 30, 2019
My student likes the Classical Roots series. Completed #5 in a short period of time. Very easy book and a gentle way to teach roots without overwhelming the student.
V R S on Aug 16, 2019
It looked fun and interesting.
Lisa M on Jul 21, 2019
I have been using this series for homeschooling my 4th and 5th grade boys. It is well-designed and easy for the kids to use independently. Very happy with is!
Danielle M on Mar 27, 2019
We have used these helpful workbooks at every level for many years. Interesting and moderately challenging, these workbooks provide a good introduction into the foundations of many of our English words. The interesting way the vocabulary words are constructed in sentences also provides useful information about various things. The information presented is thoughtful and wholesome in content, with no underlying socially correct motivations.
Amber M on Dec 6, 2018
This is a required book for a class.
Hayes D on Jul 31, 2018
Its a great curriculum that my kids have used for years.
Marjorie I on Jan 9, 2018
liked book 4
Alexandra G on Dec 13, 2017
For my 11 year old grandson
CATHERINE W on Nov 16, 2017
Tchiqila J on Sep 11, 2017
Learning roots helps with spelling and vocabulary.
Linda S on Aug 30, 2017
It's easier for her than a full Latin curriculum, but with the same vocabulary connections.
Melissa Z on Aug 21, 2017
Spelling/vocab studies for homeschool
Cozette B on Apr 23, 2017
Liked the 8th grade book for my older son.
Suzette P on Nov 28, 2016
To expose the kids to Latin and Greek roots of the English language without teaching a full Latin curriculum.
Lisa C on Nov 17, 2016
Good summer review to supplement The Road to Phonics.
Rachel S on Aug 17, 2016
We liked the same series last year.
Sarah F on Aug 15, 2016
6th Grade Vocabulary
Daniel R on May 15, 2016
This vocabulary series is very intelligent. I love the fact that it teaches children to recognize root words from Greek and Latin, so they can figure out the meanings of new words.
Patricia J on Jan 13, 2016
I loved the higher levels I've used in the past, and I am excited to now try this one with my granddaughter.
Angela W on Jul 20, 2022
Vocabulary and spelling studies
Bonnie H on May 10, 2022
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