Map Desk Mats & Giant Mouse Pads

If you're like me, your mouse seems to run off the edge of the standard-sized mouse pad all too often. The only way to really fix the problem? Buy a larger mouse pad. It might seem frivolous to go bigger, especially when the regular size seems to work fine for most people. But what if this giant mouse pad had intrinsic educational value that could benefit anyone who sat down to use that computer? Oh, it does. What's one complaint that you hear all too often about Americans? They can't even find their own country or state on a map. This can now be fixed with one easy-to-use, giant, world or U.S. map mouse pad. The 17" x 26" full color pad meld the world's topographical features with a political overlay showing countries, states, cities, rivers, mountains, and lakes. The top-quality image is rendered through a Van Der Grinten projection. - Zach

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Item # 046322
Grades: PK-AD
Our Price: $20.99
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