Grade 4 (Sunrise 2nd Ed.)

Grade 4 Language Arts covers vocabulary, spelling, word usage, penmanship as well as grammar (with diagramming), usage, and mechanics along with numerous miscellaneous skills. Writing skills include sentence and paragraph construction skills with creative writing lessons every unit. The LightUnits Set (10 magazine-size consumable worktexts) provides the instructional/textual material as well as student exercises plus quizzes and tests. The Sunrise 2nd Edition provides full-color illustrations and graphics with 17 lessons per unit. Unit tests are in the middle and can be pulled out. The wraparound, spiral-bound Teacher Guide provides daily lessons coupled with reduced copies of the student pages. Alternate tests with answers (in case a student needs to retake a test) are also provided. The Answer Key is a spiral-bound, landscape book that provides half-size copies of the student pages. You do not need both the Teacher Guide and Answer Key. A Quiz/Test Answer Key provides full-size copies of student quiz and test pages with answers filled in.

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