Novare Physics: Modeling Nature

Written to prepare students for college level STEM programs, this vector-based physics course meets the needs of advanced and honors students. Emphasizing mastery, integration and a kingdom perspective, the scope of material is narrow, covering what advanced physics students should master during the high school years. Topics covered with more complexity include mathematics and vectors, uniform motion, forces, fields and Newton’s Law, static equilibrium and torque, energy, rotating systems, pressure and buoyancy, kinetic theory, thermodynamics, simple harmonic motion, electrostatics, geometric optics, nuclear physics and more. Students will also learn the basics of quantum mechanics that includes outside class readings of In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat by John Gribbin. Pre-requisites include one year of introductory or first year high school physics, Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry. Students may take this course concurrently with Trigonometry once mastery of right-angle trigonometry and triangle laws has been accomplished.

Embracing the same philosophy as other Novare science courses, the goal is for students to learn, master and retain what they are learning. This means students will cover fewer topics with more depth. The author also integrates learning by combing skills in the areas of science, math, history, and English Language usage. Additionally, the Kingdom perspective is evident, as students study the complexity of God’s magnificent world and current scientific claims. Lab experiments and fully documented lab reports are expected at this level and detailed in the Experiments for Physics: Modeling Nature or Favorite Experiments for Physics and Physical Science. Students completing this course will be well-prepared to take the AP Physics test. Also included are two supplemental (optional) chapters to prepare students for the SAT subject test, the DSST test and the CLEP test, if appropriate.

Components include the Physics: Modeling Nature student text with background information for the teacher, introductory student instructions, and the student textual readings. The text content is well-constructed and understandable, with helpful diagrams and illustrations. Chapter objectives, examples and exercises are also included, along with helpful appendices and an index. 542 pgs, hc.

Experiments for Physics: Modeling Nature contains five upper-level physics experiments that have been adapted from Favorite Experiments of Physics and Physical Science. Background teaching information, learning objectives, and student instructions are laid out in the introduction. Following are the five experiments. Each experiment includes learning objectives, materials list, purpose, overview, pre-lab discussions, additional details about the experiment, and thorough step by step instructions. Labs should be easily replicated at home. Parents/teachers will want to obtain many of the supplies ahead of time as they may not be readily available at local retailers. The back of the book includes a material list with purchasing resource and product number. A review of measurement basics is also included. 87 pgs, pb.

Solutions Manual to Accompany Physics: Modeling Nature contains fully detailed solutions for all the problems in the textbook. 263 pgs, pb.

Also available are the downloadable Digital resources which include quizzes, chapter and semester assessments, and all related answer keys. It also includes study questions for In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat, as well as a lesson schedule.

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