Novare General Biology

Transforming the way science is taught, Novare Science’s goals for learning are wonder, integration, mastery and kingdom. Student’s will be awed by God’s amazing creation, and captivated with the integration of science, math, history, and language arts, while focusing on mastery of the content. Through it all, they will affirm Jesus Christ as the center of all things as they study the complexity of God’s world and current scientific claims.

Notes to the teacher and student are found at the beginning of the textbook. Teaching notes include an overview of the purpose and philosophy of the course, teaching and lab recommendations, and an overview on teaching the theory of evolution. The authors goal is to equip students to use their minds for the glory of God, and with this goal in mind, evolutionary theory is taught with the scientific evidence presented neutrally. Students will become well-versed in the theory, while understanding God is the Creator of all things. “Ultimately,” the authors’ write, “there can be no conflict between studying the world God made and what the Bible says.” Additionally, students will study life, atoms and molecules, cell theory and cycles, genetics, classifications and microorganisms, fungi and plants, animals, anatomy, with the final chapters providing a survey of ecology and the theory of evolution. Helpful appendices are included covering Measurements and Scientific Notation, Reference Data, and the Coronavirus (COVID 19). Abundant full color photograms and helpful diagrams along with the engaging, clear textual presentation of the topics empowers students to learn the content well. No labs are included in the text. 504 pgs, hc.

The Apprentice’s Companion to General Biology, offers experiments, follow up questions and space to record answers and impressions. It also encourages the student to sketch observations in the provided space. Quotes, poems, and numerous graphics are found throughout to inspire students in their study of the natural world. While the lab supply list is not yet available, the author has tried to maximize the use of everyday materials. The Companion Book will also include a downloadable PDF with teacher’s notes with information on time requirements, supply substitutions, and preparing solutions. It will also include photos obtained during pilot runs of the experiments so that instructors unfamiliar with these experiments will know what to expect. Softbound.

Also available exclusively from the publisher are the downloadable digital resources. This resource includes assessment documentation and course planning resources like the daily Lesson List and sample semester schedule. Quizzes, chapter and semester assessments and answer keys are also included. ~Deanne

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