Book of Birds

This resource provides a very comprehensive study based on a detailed textual book. The Book of Birds Text provides systematic coverage of all bird characteristics (i.e. feathers, beaks, colors, feet/bone structure) along with their similarities and differences. It includes biographical sketches of notable ornithologists. There are beautiful full-color photographs throughout the book, plus a gloriously illustrated section devoted to the birds of North America. A bird watching instructional segment completes the book.

The lessons and exercises found in the Student Workbook correspond to the eighteen chapters in the main text. Lessons cover facts to know, comprehension questions, and bird facts. There is a review lesson after every four lessons plus a final review at the end of the book. Reproducible Bird Observation Forms are included to encourage a full bird watching component. There are quizzes after each lesson and unit tests after each four lessons (corresponding to workbook reviews).

Bird identification and birdsong identification is worked on throughout the course. Birds Flashcards provide the study material and bird songs are available at a link on the publisher’s website. Bird and birdsong identification is part of every quiz culminating with 31 identifications on the final test.

The Teacher Guide provides a brief instructional overview of the course, copies of student pages with answers filled in, and reproducible quizzes and tests along with their answers.

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