Wordsmart Excellence CD-ROMs

What is your child's vocabulary worth? Think of their reading, writing, and speaking proficiency and then answer this question. So how can you build up your student's verbal repertoire in a way that is fast and fun? With a vocabulary game on your computer! Most students enjoy playing on a computer anyway. Engage them in a short daily vocabulary building exercise that feels like playing a video game. If they spent even 15 minutes a day interacting with new words, just think how that could grow their reading and writing. Standardized tests often include vocabulary that is hard for students to understand, so they may guess at an answer and get it wrong. WordSmart comes in 3 levels of difficulty. Words are introduced through 5 learning modes: multiple choice, flashcards, column matching, spelling bee and word shark. You will learn antonyms, synonyms and derivations with the audio discussion feature. Words are organized in 10 groups. They recommend you focus on 5 groups at a time and rotate them. Between the variety of words and activities, this will be an enjoyable part of your student's day as they grow their verbal and written repertoire. I had a lot of fun playing with this, so parents, you may like it too! Sets include 7 CDs, a word list booklet which is helpful (think of making a weekly spelling quiz from these), and directions. Follow the instructions to install and off you go!

Grade School/Middle School PC requirements: Windows 98 & up, 200MHz or faster CPU, 32MB RAM, video: software rendering only 2MB PCI or AGP graphics card, sound:16-bit sound card or better, quad-speed CDrom

Mac requirements: System 10 or higher, 256MB RAM, sound: sound manager 3.0 and Quicktime are included on the CD

ACT/SAT Prep PC requirements: Windows XP/Vista SP1/Windows 7, 1.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD CPU, 2GB free hard drive, DVDrom 1x Speed, Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible, Input: keyboard/mouse, Video Card: 128 MB video memoryMac requirements: System 7.0 or better, 2.2MB RAM, Sound Card: sound manager 3.0 and Quicktime are included on the CD, CDrom drive required.

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