My Book of Words for School Workbooks

I love Kumon workbooks for their engaging graphics, ease of use and targeted practice. This vocabulary series teaches your child/student to read and write over 50 important words. The words are grouped by the 4 core subject areas: math, science, language arts and social studies. Rather than showing you a definition, or having the student look up words in a dictionary, you have illustrations. I would not just hand a student these books to work on without any guidance. What if they have no idea what an eclipse in and can't understand the picture? This will benefit your talkative child (auditory) and certainly your right-brain visual learners as well.You start by tracing letters in boxes to make words (it looks a bit like a crossword puzzle.The next step is to write the letters in the boxes with a tiny letter cue in the corner, followed by writing the word in blank boxes. They have to read the words with a picture cue and write them again. Then a review at the end of the book has them writing the words without tracing them first. Some Level 1 words are hard, soft, sun, moon, first, second, circle, park, store, what, where, etc. Level 2 words include sound, light, cube, sphere, addition, plus, west, south, wants, needs, etc. Examples of Level 3 words are sunrise, eclipse, melting, ice, minute, hour, hexagon, goods, services, nouns, pronouns, etc. Typical Level 4 words are pulley, wedge, gram, kilogram, equator, globe, rural, urban, singular, plural, planning, editing, etc. 78pp, each with a certificate of achievement in the back, not perforated, not reproducible, aligns with Common Core standards, 8.25"x11.5".~Sara

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