Thinker Doodles

Part visual discrimination puzzle, part following directions, these fun books ask students to complete partial pictures. The books features several completed pictures and a matching number of incomplete ones. Each object on each page is the same, but there are small differences in colors and features. By closely comparing the incomplete pictures, students should be able to figure out which one matches which complete one, and then color them to match. In the beginning level, the pictures are large and simple, and the differences are pretty easy to see. A1 adds more complex objects and introduces letters and numbers to the pictures. The Half 'n Half books takes completing pictures to a whole new level. Each page contains a complete half of an animal's face or body matched up to an incomplete half. The student must complete the other half, using the incomplete markings as guides. Level A1 starts with animal faces and works up to an entire front view of an animal body. Level B1 focuses on front views of the body and moves on to both the front AND back view of an animal, using only the guide dots and markings to help them match up to the other half. Although these seem like they belong in the art/drawing section, visual discrimination is key in completing the pictures. 44 pgs. - Jess

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