Kumon Grow to Know Workbooks

Kumon is trusted for helping children get started with their academics. This series is designed specifically for little hands, to develop fine motor control to begin letter and number formation. Tracing is recommended for 2-4-year-old children, and offers a variety of lines (straight, curvy, zig-zag) to help them develop fine motor skills. The pages are colorful and inviting for children who want to do 'school work.' Mazes, Numbers 1-30, and Uppercase Letters are for the 3-5-year-old crowd. These offer tracing, colorful dot-to-dots and more, that not only work on specific number and letter skills but also on fine motor and spatial skills. Lowercase Letters is for 4 to 6-year-old children and has the child tracing the letters at a 1" size on the front of the page and tracing the letter at 1/2" on the back of the page and the last several pages of the book. If you have a child that isn't quite ready for the smaller lines, you could have them do just the front of the pages going through, then go back to the beginning of the book and do the back of the pages. Fine motor skills develop at different paces in young children, so plan according to your child. Each book is 64 pages and the series is a good precursor to other Kumon books. ~ Donna

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