Year Round Project-Based Activities for STEM

This series is full of fun projects to add to your math and science curriculum - and you may already be doing some of the suggested activities without even knowing you are fulfilling current standards. STEM is simply an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, for which there has been a big push in academia to help students prepare for the 21st century in the real world. Project-based learning just means 'learning by doing" - see what I mean, you probably are already doing this.

Each book has 112 pages and includes a thorough explanation of STEM and project-based learning along with the standards met in each area. Each unit includes several activities to help meet the STEM requirements and to enhance your curriculum. Supplies are listed if needed, and the activity pages are reproducible for family and classroom use.

The grade 1-2 book includes a section on how to teach STEM and how to set up learning centers, a list of websites that might be helpful for each topic, and lists of children's books for each topic (found within each unit). Grades 1-2 includes eight units - bats, buoyancy, exploring color, pumpkins, healthy hearts, spiders, static electricity, and 3-dimensional designs. The activities at this level are very hands-on along with coloring, cutting, and crafting.

The grade 2-3 book includes weathering rocks, pulse rate, phases of water, soil composition, plant growth, mass and volume, transpiration of plants, plants breathe, heating land and water, monarch butterfly life cycle, weather observations, and pressure bounce. Many of the projects in the grade 2-3 book require the use of a computer with software for word processing and graphing/charting (ex. Excel, Word) along with hands-on projects.

Although written for the classroom, the activities can be adapted for a smaller group or individual use to add a little something extra to your curriculum. ~ Donna

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