Montessori Method Activity Books

Not your typical workbooks, these gorgeous activity books feature thick, sturdy pages, a variety of activities, fun modern graphics and lovely matte stickers. Each book begins with two pages for the parent, followed by thematic activities with straightforward instructions and an icon that designates which supplies are needed (pencil, scissors, stickers, or fingerpaint). For example, in Numbers, children will paint blank circles on an apple tree, then match to a number below, use stickers to match the tops (numbers) and bottoms (dots) of ostrich eggs, cut out large numerals and play matching games, trace large (6") numbers, place small shoe stickers on animal legs and circle how many legs they have, match pieces of laundry from a clothesline to corresponding baskets and much more. I have tested these out on my 3-year-old daughter and she enjoyed them thoroughly! Softcover, single topic books are 30-50+ pages each and combined versions are 120+ pages each.

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