Classical Sunday School

This resource is not just for Sunday School! Bible knowledge is foundational and attainable for all ages. This Classical approach with cyclic review instructs multiple ages of the grammar stage child simultaneously. Complete the series over 3 years: four cycles per year. Each reusable Family Drill book contains 2 cycles (12 weeks of lessons per cycle). Odd numbered cycles cover Old Testament (with some Hebrew); even numbers cover New Testament (with some Greek). Memorizing Bible languages begins Cycle 7. Each cycle focuses on committing to memory 5 main components: a Bible timeline through rhyme and drawing, 3 traditional hymns (which reinforce theology), Hebrew or Greek (slowly introduced), Scripture passage memory (not individual verses), and Bible fact memorization. You’ll need a family drill book (follow numerical order), a Bible, the Teacher’s Manual, and supplies: a dry-erase board (for teacher), and for students, paper and pencils for maps and timelines, and Hebrew/Greek letters.

This program can easily be implemented at home using the Teacher’s Manual (182 pgs) as a weekly, general guide. Familiarity with biblical concepts is helpful, but you can learn alongside students. Present the stories and hymns as you desire—room for creativity and adaptation! Weekly, on day 1, present the Bible lesson. Each lesson includes timeline work, Bible fact songs, a hymn, mapwork (usually OT, Israel, and Paul’s missionary journeys), Hebrew or Greek study material, and the Scripture memory passage (TM purchase provides online access to songs and other helpful resources). Then, each day, drill the lesson material: 10-15 minutes. The author recommends either Catherine Vos’s The Child’s Story Bible (for younger grammar), or Jesse Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible (for older students, adding some historical and geographical content). The TM shows which resource chapters correspond to each lesson. With adjustment, this course could be used with older students unfamiliar with the Bible. A simply designed, easy-to-implement course—whether you lean Classical or not. Drill books are 28 pgs, pb. TM is 182 pgs, pb. Also recommends #008971, Child’s Story Bible~ Ruth

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