Mapping the World By Heart

Your children can become junior cartographers and learn to "map the world by heart," literally, with this wonderful aid to geographical literacy. Amazing results are achieved by using this incremental program which gives students a real sense of the world's layout. A variety of wonderful activities are used to develop both map-drawing and map-reading skills. The lessons are clear and easy to use, with helpful illustrations. While not as comprehensive as a high-school geography course, this program does include the study of different cultures and global issues related to geography. It would work well as a stand-alone course for late elementary grades or junior high, or in conjunction with a geography text in high school. The program was revised and updated in 2010 and now includes the curriculum (in 3-ring binder) and a set of 17 maps. The set of maps includes 10 regional maps (Canada, U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe and North Asia, South Asia, and Oceania) as well as blank grids and filled-in outline maps of the world in Mercator, Robinson and Equirectangular projections. Additional map sets are also available separately. Three additional appendices have been added to the curriculum, which apply the "mapping by heart" method to the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, for smaller, more focused studies. The video that was previously packaged with the curriculum is now available for viewing at the publisher's website,

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Grades: 5-12
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