World Geography and You

From a respected educational publisher, this year-long world geography course explores the planet earth using the five themes of geography: location, place, human/environment interaction, movement, and region. Going by continent and continental regions, students will be introduced to different regions and countries, cultures and religions, and landforms different from home. Each chapter starts off with points to think about as the text is read, vocabulary words, trivia, and the people and places that will be introduced. The text is easy-to-read and full of photographs, graphs, and pictures. Vocabulary words are always in bold, and the main ideas of the chapter are summarized before students get into the exercises and activities, which have four sections: vocabulary, read and remember, think and apply, and journal writing. Sprinkled throughout the book are eight articles on special places, 8 biographies of influential people, 31 skill building exercises, 84 maps, and 14 charts, graphs, and diagrams. The book ends with a glossary and index. The helpful teacher's guide contains information about how the program works, a scope and sequence, general teaching suggestions, blackline masters for recurring activities (including graphic organizer diagrams), teaching strategies and answer keys for each chapter, unit tests, a midterm test, the final test, and a scoring guide. The teaching strategies for each chapter include helpful suggestions for such things as pre- and post-reading activities, vocabulary activities and review words, discussion questions, objectives, concepts, transparency activities, and ESL/LEP activities. The text is in full color and available as a single hardcover or a two-part softcover version (book one covering North, South, and Central America; Europe; and Russia and its Neighbors; book two covering Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific). Although we have labeled this book for grades 3-8, it was originally intended by the publisher as a text for students with learning difficulties in grades 6-12. While the program would suit its intended purpose, we think it is a good option for students without learning difficulties at lower grade levels as well. ~ Zach

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