Proverbs People

Written by homeschooling parents, these character-focused workbooks are based on the studies of Proverbs they completed with their own children. Each workbook follows the same format and features just over a dozen character traits (some good and some bad). Many of the chapters included showcase good/bad pairs of traits, such as a chapter on slothfulness followed by a chapter on diligence. Each chapter begins with several pages of questions to answer by looking up and reading the provided verses (book one includes only verses from Proverbs, while book two includes applicable verses from other books of the Bible as well). Depending on how much the Bible has to say about that particular trait, there may be many verses to read or just a few, each followed by questions easily answered but that will hopefully cause children to really think about them rather than just scribble the answer and move on. After the pages of questions there is a short story to read, always involving children who display that trait themselves or witness it in someone else and then discuss it with an older, wiser person (usually a parent). Following the story are some application questions to encourage deeper thinking. Parents are encouraged to talk about these questions with their children and guide the conversation in helping them understand how to apply what they've learned to their life. Some of the chapters also include a short quiz or coloring page with a memory verse. Book One covers slothfulness, diligence, righteousness, wickedness, the self-confident fool, the stubborn fool, the simple fool, the scorning fool, the wicked fool, the prudent man, the liar, and the faithful witness. Book Two studies the virtuous woman, the contentious woman, the talebearer, pride, humility, fearfulness, trusting, anger, patience, contentment, covetousness, cruelty, mercy, flattery, and honesty. Approx. 130 pgs. - Melissa

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