Write-On/Wipe-Off Maps

A handy sized map with outlines of the states or countries that your student can write on with a dry-erase marker for geography practice. The US Map lists the states with their abbreviations on the front corner. Beyond identifying each state, you could have kids write in the capitals, identify a state by its shape, group them by regions (New England, the Midwest, etc.) or even write a famous person from each state! The front of each map is colorful, but on the back are several black/white activities. On the World Map, the countries are a little small to write complete names on, so you could number them and have students write their answers on paper. You could still identify regions by language or religion, label the continents and oceans, and add it to your history curriculum for a geography reference. I really like the table-top size of these. A hole is punched on one end to hang up out of the way when not in use. These are versatile teaching tools! ~ Sara

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