Geography Drawing Series

A common complaint against young people here in the US is that they don't know their place in the world. Now, this may be true, but what I really mean is that they can barely pick their own country or state from a blank map - let alone a country somewhere else in the world. This series is an easily accessible solution to the very problem faced by students everywhere today! The premise is simple: repeated tracing and copying of each country or US state will help students become familiar with its outline. Then, each week, students draw the cumulative pool of outlines learned (free-hand, from memory) - resulting in an ever increasingly completed continent map with political boundaries (or US map with showing states). Along the way, students will be researching and recording basic country or state facts. Books are organized into detailed schedules by day (Europe within a 24-week schedule and the USA within 27). Methods, objectives, and additional memorization techniques are included in each book. These books are consumable, but permission is given to reproduce pages for use within a single family. 233 pp, sc. ~ Zach

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