Hot Dots Reading Informational Text

What does a dress made from cream puffs, a two-headed snake and a cow magnet have in common? They are all topics on these cards! Each set includes 40 large format cards (8"x 8") with text on one side and four multiple-choice questions on the other. Colorful and engaging, these provide test practice for your students on the ELA (English/Lang Arts) portion of Common Core exams. They are also rather entertaining! Use the Hot Dots Pen (not included) or write your answers on paper. You could even just discuss the answers with your students out loud as a warm-up activity. These cards are reproducible so you could make them into worksheets. Your children will enjoy reading the interesting variety of topics as they become familiar with the language of the questions. These are great for reading comprehension and critical thinking, too - even if you are not using them for test prep. Answer key included. ~ Sara

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Grades: 1-3
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