Illuminated Globes

Not your parents' boring old globes! Illuminated globes provide students more vibrant colors as they explore the world and could make a great night light for younger children. The Terrene Illuminated Globe is a traditional blue political globe which measures 6" in diameter, on a plastic base and uses 2-AA batteries for illumination. The Day/Night Globe is the coolest globe I have ever seen. Its 2 globes in one! The Day Globe presents the striking colors of a blue ocean political map when not lit. But when you turn the light on, you will witness the incredible change to the sky at night. The Night globe names and shows 88 constellations and more than 35 of the brightest stars. The Day/Night Globe measures 12" at the diameter, features a black base, pewter plated die-cast semi-meridian and a standard 120V electrical plug. ~ Deanne

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Item # 056389
Grades: PK-AD
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