Bible Nuggets from A to Z

The attention span of a preschool-age child is short, but not too short to begin laying a Bible foundation. This program is written for preschool and parent appeal with its short, easy to implement lessons.

Bible Nuggets from A to Z has 34 lessons which are intended for one per week. The Bible story is short, 3 to 4 paragraphs, with a colorful illustration. Each lesson is a 2-page spread and includes a short memory verse (NKJV), 3 discussion questions, and a Bible truth to be learned. Lessons 1 and 2 answer the questions "Who is Jesus" as he calms the storm and feeds the five thousand, lessons 3 through 30 follow the alphabet with stories like A for Adam, B for Best Buddies: Jonathan & David, and Z for Zacchaeus. Lessons 14 and 25 take a break to teach about Christmas and Easter, and lessons 31 through 34 teach stories about obedience to parents, God's love for children, and God's power and plan for His people. Parents are to read the story to their child every day for one week and complete crafts and activities found in the complementary activity book. A very short introduction explains how to use the program.

Bible Nuggets from A to Z Activity Book includes one activity per lesson and vary - coloring pages, cut and paste activities, drawing, circle the objects, memorize the 12 disciples, sequencing the story, tracing, and more.

These tempting little nuggets of Bible stories and truths are a great introduction for your little ones - easy to use, priced right, and solid. ~ Donna

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