What's That Bird?

If you and your kids want to learn about birds, then this is the curriculum for you! The text is packed with full-color illustrations and photographs and detailed, yet easy-to-read information, so bird lovers of all ages will learn something new. The book contains six chapters covering bird anatomy and structure, habitats, species, migration, attracting birds and more (for more information on this text, please see the full description in the Birds & Birdwatching - Informational/Textual Resources section). The Student Guide provides a study of the book. The Teacher's Key and Student Study Guide share a similar format, with the Teacher's Guide containing answers to all the fill-in-the-blank and comprehension questions. Non-reproducible. Available individually or as a set. Set includes one Student Guide and one Teacher Guide. Black & white illustrations. 25pgs. ~ Deanne / Megan

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