Five in a Row Volume 1 Literature Package

Five in a Row Volume 1 Literature Package


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Grades: PK-3

Category Description for Five in a Row:

These literature-based unit study curriculum guides cover social studies and character, language arts, math, science, and art. Literature selections contain positive moral values reflecting Biblical values. Use as a stand-alone curriculum for preschool or supplement with phonics and math for older children. Curriculum is so named because you spend five days in a row (a full week; one day for each subject area) using a particular children's book as the theme. There's plenty of text here as the author provides all the reference material you'll need right in the volumes as background for your studies. Hands-on activities and projects abound and there are plenty to choose from each day, using the literature selections as a springboard. The varying difficulty of the activities makes it easy to use with a range of ages. Very little teacher preparation is required. Once you have the needed literature selection, you can open the book and begin! Each book also includes tips for teaching the curriculum, instructions for creating manipulatives, a topical index, a sample planning sheet with a blank, reproducible lesson plan sheet, literary glossary, story disks, and suggestions for finding the reading books. Volumes 1-3 do not incorporate Biblical content, as this is found in the optional Christian Character & Bible Study Supplement, available separately.

Category Description for Five in a Row Literature Unit Studies:

These literature-based unit study curriculum guides are so named because you spend five days in a row (a full week; one day for each subject area) using a particular children's book as the theme for multiple academic subject areas. Five in a Row (FIAR) Volumes 1-3 cover social studies and character, language arts, math, science, and art through 15-21 children's books. The literature selections, primarily picture books, contain positive moral values reflecting Biblical values. Christian content is not incorporated in Volumes 1-3, but is available separately in a Christian Character & Bible Study Supplement. Five in a Row Vol. 4 is for slightly older students (Grades 2-4) and features fewer books, some of which are stretched to two weeks of lessons. Christian content is included in the Volume 4 guide.

Before Five in a Row takes the same concept, but simplifies it for ages 2-4, with multiple activities provided for each book, but not as structured between days of the week.

Beyond Five in a Row is the next step up (for Grades 3+), and these guides are structured around chapter books. Activities at this level incorporate history, geography, science, language arts and fine arts with Christian Character and Bible content available separately.

Category Description for UNIT STUDIES:

What is a "unit study"? Briefly, it's a thematic or topical approach to teaching as opposed to the traditional by-subject approach. Rather than teach each subject separately, a unit study attempts to integrate many or all subject areas into a unified study - usually centered around a particular subject or event. Obviously History (the study of events) and Science (the study of "things") are well-suited to unit studies, and usually form the "core" around which other subjects are integrated. Subjects like Bible, Geography, Government, English (writing), and Reading/Literature, Music, Home Economics, Life Skills, and Art, are usually easy to integrate around a core topics. Remaining subjects (Math, Phonics, Grammar, Spelling) can be integrated to some extent via related activities. Each, however, has its own "system" (progression of skills, mastery of "rules") which must be followed to some degree. Since one of the additional advantages of a unit study curriculum is the ability to use it with students of varying ages and skill levels, these subjects are generally taught apart from the core curriculum. This may be as simple as assigning pages in a grammar or spelling book, or using a separate "program" for Phonics and Math. Unit studies also tend to be more activity-oriented than the traditional approach, a real boon to kinesthetic learners. Advocates of the unit study approach site studies showing that children learn best when learning is unified rather than fragmented and when learning is more participatory than passive.

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We used the Five in a Row series with our older children and loved it, so we are re-purchasing it for our younger ones.
Thomas G on Dec 17, 2020
Finding the list of books all in one place!!!
Rene C on Sep 16, 2020
We used the Five in a Row series with our older children and loved it, so we are re-purchasing it for our younger ones.
Thomas G on Dec 17, 2020
For our co-op class (Home School)
Garna D on Sep 28, 2020
Finding the list of books all in one place!!!
Rene C on Sep 16, 2020
Heard great things about it.
Heather H on Sep 10, 2020
Other home school mom's recommendation for first grade
Meghan B on Sep 9, 2020
great selection of books at a great price
Rowena on Sep 6, 2020
I chose to get the literature package for convenience and overall lower price.
Shawna K on Sep 5, 2020
To go with our curriculum
Alessio T on Sep 4, 2020
A mother who homeschools in our area suggested.
Toni G on Sep 3, 2020
Our library was damaged in the Iowa storms and we need to start school soon. I love 5 in a Row and our children love the books.
Renee S on Aug 18, 2020
The prices are better than Amazon when you buy the whole set.
User on Aug 5, 2020
I believe reading is the most important part of learning for children and when I found this curriculum that was reading based but helped them learn many other things I was very intrigued!
Blair R on Aug 5, 2020
Convenience of having the books on hand, and insurance in case the library closes again for Covid.
Ariel S on Aug 5, 2020
I only owned Story of Ping, so overall it was a great value.
Karyn S. on Aug 2, 2020
Needed it for my kindergartner's classical school curriculum
Kylee H on Jul 29, 2020
great collection of wonderful literature all packaged together.
Elisabeth M on Jul 26, 2020
Highly recommended by a veteran homeschooler
Darin S on Jul 23, 2020
What truly sold me was your Q&A answer to your stance around Common Core. I agree wholeheartedly and I want to light the fire not just fill a bucket!!! FIAR came recommended by a friend who has been homeschooling for years. I'm excited to watch my daughter blossom into an eager, enthusiastic learner.
Judy B on Jul 21, 2020
A friend had a raving recommendation and we wanted to purchase for our Kindergartener.
Ashley B on Jul 13, 2020
I am teaching a Read Around The World class, and I am well acquainted with these outstanding books, thanks to Five In A Row!
Carol B on Jun 14, 2020
Cheaper and easier to find than buying individually. Conveniently placed to fulfill premise of program.
Dixie G on May 7, 2020
I believe the idea that using reading together with children to help them develop the love of learning and strengthen relationship makes a lot of sense.
Tracquan N on Apr 2, 2020
recommended by friend
Jeffrey R on Mar 19, 2020
We started with Before 5 in a Row, which we loved, but trying to locate the necessary books at the library was frustrating. this will greatly simplify the process for our homeschool week! :)
Bailey S on Mar 11, 2020
It comes highly recommended, and seems like a great resource for incorporating living books into our homeschooling journey.
Angela V on Oct 24, 2019
I LOVE Five in a Row! With my older child I tried to save money and use the books from the library, but now that I am doing the program again with my youngers the kids love the books so much they STILL talk about them. It is well worth it to have a copy of these precious stories in our home to enjoy over and over again.
Jacquelyn K on Sep 17, 2019
Recommended by a good friend who is using the more advanced. Very excited!!
Ouida B on Sep 3, 2019
This curriculum was highly recommended to me by an experienced homeschooling mom.
Rebecca L on Aug 29, 2019
We are starting home preschool in a few weeks.
Madeline M on Aug 24, 2019
Because I love FIAR!
Sarah A on Aug 17, 2019
I like to have all the books ready to be read for the curriculum, that way I don't have to worry whether the library has them or not.
Nicole G on Aug 14, 2019
jennifer i on Aug 6, 2019
Searched for these specific books in various other locations. I could not have found them all separately for a total of this price, and certainly not in hardcover. Thanks for saving me time and effort. We'll keep these to pass down to younger siblings!
Ansley R on Aug 1, 2019
This package came highly recommended by a friend.
TANIESHA W on Jul 30, 2019
We're new to homeschooling and this seemed like a really good and relatively easy place to start. My kids love being read to, so it seems perfect!
Andrew A on Jul 30, 2019
I have 5 kids & will use this same program for all, so will be useful to have the books.
Kathryn S on Jul 26, 2019
I wanted to buy quality books that will last for a long time to share with my children and their children!
Daniel W on Jul 3, 2019
Tracy M on May 13, 2019
I am interested in providing my children with good books to enjoy for years to come. I treasure the memories I have and continue to make reading aloud to my children.
Casey J on May 11, 2019
My mom used this program when she home schooled us years ago. That was my favorite part about school. Now that I have my own child, I want him to be as excited as I was when I was a child. It is a wonderful program. I would recommend it to everyone!
Joyann B on Feb 24, 2019
Recommended by other homeschool moms!
Melissa L on Jan 28, 2019
I am using FIAR with my son and liked the ease of getting all of the books together at once instead of searching libraries and used book websites.
Karen S on Dec 28, 2018
I couldn't find the books at the library
Sara G on Nov 19, 2018
Time saver!
Emily G on Nov 13, 2018
Wanted to have the literature that went with the program
Martha C on Sep 4, 2018
This package contains all of the books needed for Volume 1 of FIAR. Cheaper than buying books separately.
Kristen A on Sep 3, 2018
Its awesome
Declan O on Sep 3, 2018
No particular reason
April D on Aug 18, 2018
I taught this literature to my younger siblings when I was a teenager and I really enjoyed it, so now I want to start with my own children.
Katie L on Aug 17, 2018
It was recommended by my cousin and her children who really loved the content!
Cara B on Jun 30, 2018
For our co-op class (Home School)
Garna D on Sep 28, 2020
Heard great things about it.
Heather H on Sep 10, 2020
Do any of the books contain content that would be contrary to Christian teachings (such as evolution)? I am interested in this but usually prefer Christian content. Thank you.
Danell on Dec 14, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Not that we have come across. There is actually an additional book you can purchase (I found it on Amazon, used, for just a few bucks) called "Five in a Row: Christian Character and Bible Study Supplement" that takes the stories and expands on how they also portray Christian qualities and are a great companion to this set. The stories are sweet, poignant, historical... the curriculum is wonderful! Our daughter absolutely thrives on the reading and so much can be taught from these simple stories. We are on the first grade FIAR, now. There were three or four books that aren't included in the first grade because they are no longer in print. We were able to find all but one on Amazon, as well; used and very cheap. I believe all the books for the first FIAR are included. Good luck!
I am new to the concept of FIAR. Is Volume 1 the best pack to purchase for an eight-year-old child?
A shopper on Jun 4, 2019
BEST ANSWER: It really depends on the level of learning your child is at. I use it for my two oldest children (7 and 5) and they do very well with it. The curriculum gives you the option to choose a more difficult lesson for your older child and i find it’s very appropriate for an eight year old. Sometimes I find it a little too easy so I will add more but usually it’s good. You do need to supplement with more math and grammar tho. FIAR doesn’t cover enough in those subjects.
I will be homeschooling my 7 year old second grader for the first time this fall. Do we need to purchase a math supplement or any other subject in addition to Volume 1 manual and lit. package? Thanks in advance for your input.
A shopper on Jun 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Most people do add a math curriculum to go with the FIAR. Although there is some math in FIAR it is probably not enough. Most people also supplement for language arts too, especially phonics and grammar, also printing/handwriting. Saxon math, Right start math and Math Mammoth are some examples of what people use along with FIAR, but you can use whatever works best for you and your son. We really enjoy Miquon Math. For Language Arts my family really loves Brave Writer, it has a similar philosophy in some ways to FIAR.
Miquon Orange Book Level 1
Miquon Orange Book Level 1
Miquon Lab Sheet Annotations
Miquon Lab Sheet Annotations
Miquon First-Grade Diary
Miquon First-Grade Diary
If I purchase this and the printed volume 1 manual, do I need a math supplement or any other subject for that matter? I am going to be homeschooling my 7 year old 2nd grader for the first time this fall. Thanks in advance for the input.
A shopper on Jun 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I found it comprehensive for pre-K, but added math and learning-to-read material for Kindergarten. It does a good job covering art and literature and history/social studies; math and science are covered, but they're kind of lightweight, IMO. For second grade, I'd definitely get a separate math program.
How many books come in the pack? Are they all you need to go with manual #1?
L W on Mar 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I believe it's all the ones pictured, which was 18 (i think). It's all you need for the manual. The only ones not included are titles that are out of print. You may be able to find those on eBay or something, but don't have to have them.
Are the books in this package paperback or hardcover or a mix?
A shopper on Oct 17, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Five in a Row Volume (FIARV1) #763 – Rag Coat (hardcover) #765 – Papa Piccolo (hardcover) #772 – Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening (hardcover) #23958 – Pair of Red Clogs (hardcover) #40850 – Another Celebrated Dancing Bear (hardcover) #6621 – Very Last First Time (hardcover) All other titles are softcover.
Are the books new?
A shopper on Sep 28, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the books are new. Only the books in the Titles in Package section are included. I had had a few books arrive with damage, but Rainbow Resource Center was really easy to work with. I was getting tired of trying to collect books individually (or doing the books out of order with the library), and the price was right at Rainbow. If you are collecting these books for Five In a Row, this will have a lot of the books, and some of the hard to find books still need to be bought elsewhere, but it condenses your list that you have to walk around with (garage sales, thrift stores, etc...), significantly.
Does this come with the Volume 1 manual?
A shopper on Aug 26, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No. The Volume 1 FIAR manual (#19808) is a separate purchase. This is just the literature books used with that course.
Can I take books off the list? Since I already own some?
A shopper on Nov 14, 2015
BEST ANSWER: This particular set is a package deal. But you can search for the needed Individual books. There is a book list that you can follow and just the books you don't already own :)
Does this come as one large book or all the individual books??
A shopper on Oct 15, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Individual: some hardback, some paperback.
4.9 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Loved them
My children loved these books! They were great for a quick read aloud with principle
November 3, 2020
3 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We’re using FIAR for homeschooling kindergarten and 2nd grade. The children love the literature and they fully engage in discussions and observations. The moral lessons are so valuable and desperately need to be taught for Children to grow into good, functional adults.
October 24, 2020
5 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Wonderful collection of books.
August 30, 2020
5 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We got all but Papa Piccolo and are so pleased!! These books are beautiful!!
August 13, 2020
6 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love these books!
Love!! I ordered these books to insure quality time with all of my young children after having another baby (we now have 5 kids 6 and under) and this is such a beautiful way to do it! Honestly, my husband has been the one using the correlating manual and reading the book of the week daily as new baby and I have been sleeping (while he's on paternity leave), but it's an amazing sight to see all the kids gathered round him, fully immersed and loving their experieces. My husband enjoys looking through the manual and picking what he wants to emphasize from each story each day and he does really well with it. I especially loved that either of us could implement these books daily and have a happy time with the kids in such a simple way. My children love to be read to and these books are wonderful. By the end of the week the kids know the stories very well.
July 30, 2020
6 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Packed full of treasures
Love these books and rowing with FIAR. As mom it makes me look as so much more, packed full of history, language arts, music, art, science etc.
April 13, 2020
10 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great Curriculum!
I love it! Such great stories and beautiful illustrations . My kids have learned a lot from this curriculum.
June 4, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great books!
These are beautiful books with awesome messages. So happy to add these to my collection.
September 27, 2018
over 2 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
High quality, classic hard-back books that may not make sense to kids born in the 2010s
This is a good collection of very high quality, hard-back books. My one concern was that many of the books were quite dated. My kids had trouble relating to some of the things in the books (baking homemade pies and letting them cool in the windowsill, hiding something behind the bricks in the fireplace, driving a steamroller, home visits by doctors, etc.). I would like to see a revision of this product with an inclusion of some books that have objects and experiences that are a little more relatable to this generation (a computer, a microwave, going to the dentist, etc.).
December 12, 2017
over 3 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Award winning.
I just like keeping all the books we read so this was not a difficult choice. We stamp them as our library books and can loan them to our cousins when they are missing one. My children love re-reading good books and these are all award winners. With the FIAR Program there is many ways to reintroduce these books.
February 22, 2017
over 3 years ago

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