Christian Studies Book 3 Student Third Edition

Christian Studies Book 3 Student Third Edition

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Christian Studies III is the last book in a three-year reading course that builds faith by teaching Salvation History as real history. Students work through one-third of The Golden Children's Bible each year, for three years. Your child will learn the fundamentals of Bible stories, history, and geography, with solid detail at a manageable pace.

The Student Book offers 30 lessons, and each lesson is comprised of a Scripture memory passage, important facts to know (including people, places, dates, and events), vocabulary, and comprehension questions that draw out the golden nuggets of meaning in each story. Maps, timelines, activities, and discussion questions offer the critical integration that is central to classical education.

Category Description for Christian Studies (Gr. 3-6):

This three-year journey through the Bible is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in Salvation History. Memoria Press cites the Golden Children's Bible as its preferred Bible for the course, crediting its readability, accurateness, and the fantastic illustrations, which serve as a valuable teaching tool in these guides. Although you may certainly use other versions and adapt the program to fit, the lessons were designed to correlate with the version noted; thus vocabulary words, the phrasing of discussion questions, and memorization passages are all based on the above-mentioned Bible.

  Each grade level is intended to take one year and cover roughly a third of the Golden Children's Bible. This program does not try to cover every chapter of the Bible; rather, it focuses students on the fundamental stories and people that truly reveal God's story and plan for mankind. This approach enables students (and their teachers!) to really dig in to each lesson and gain valuable insights which will strengthen their faith in addition to their understanding of the Bible. Each book holds 30 lessons, each of which is spread out over a week to offer a certain level of detail, yet also ensure that students fully digest the biblical lessons and retain the knowledge and Scripture.

  On the first day students read the selected chapters from the Bible. Generally, this includes 2-6 chapters which may be consecutive or drawn from different books to complete the topic. The second day students learn important terms from the reading such as people, places, phrases or things. Teachers are encouraged to discuss each of these terms in depth with students, listing facts known about the character or finding the places on an ancient or modern map, in order to help students remember each article. Students concentrate on committing the memory verse to memory on the third day, as well as reviewing the verses they have learned previously, storing them in their brain for life. Comprehension questions from the passage are given on the fourth day, prompting the student to dwell on the passage and discover the significance of each story. After every five lessons, a review lesson offers students a chance to show what they have learned in the preceding weeks. Review activities reinforce the terms and people, memory verses, geography, and biblical events studied previously and help prepare students for the unit tests available in the teacher book (additional review activities are located in the teacher's manual). Appendices at the end of the student books include drills, mapping, and timeline activities from each individual review lesson into one all-inclusive review.

  The teacher's manuals are considered necessary in using the program, as they contain valuable features (including many of the activities) beyond the answers to student exercises. The front gives an overview of the lesson components as well as an outline for teaching each part. For each lesson, the corresponding teacher pages hold copies of the student pages, minimized to fit on part of the page and with the answers written in. In the large margins surrounding these copies, teaching tips provide a background and summary of the passage read, definitions for important vocabulary or expressions from the Scripture, pertinent geographical assignments, and references for other Scripture on the same topic or teaching notes to reinforce the lessons learned.  The end-of-the-week activities, which were previously located in the student books have been moved to the teacher's manuals. These include geography and mapping, timeline exercises, discussion questions based on the illustrations, drawing suggestions, and memory verse review. The back of the teacher's manual contains answers to the appendices of the student books as well as unit tests for each group of five lessons.

  Grade 3 focuses on the creation, the patriarchs and the exodus; students read Genesis, most of Exodus, and parts of Numbers and Deuteronomy. Grade 4 is also concentrated in the Old Testament, mainly in the books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I & II Samuel, and I & II Kings, while students learn about the rise of Israel and the prophets.  Grade 5 covers much of the New Testament as students study the main topics of Jesus' early years, the crucifixion, and the early church.  Grade 6 offers students a chronological survey of the Bible.  This book can be used as a review after Book III, or can be used as a stand-alone survey study.  Either way, it will prepare your student for studying early church history in junior high or high school.

Category Description for Memoria Press Classical Curriculum:

Memoria Press now offers complete Curriculum Manuals and grade-level curriculum packages for PK-10 using the classical methodology. Recitation is used in every level for memorization of basic facts, systematic phonics and good books are used for reading education, copywork is used for teaching Bible truths, and music and art are included for enrichment in the early (K-3) levels. Each Curriculum Manual contains complete lesson plans for a one-year course of study.

The Curriculum Manuals are well-formatted and easy to use. In the front of each book you will find a checklist of the materials needed at that level, an explanation of this curriculum, instructions for lesson implementation, a recommended schedule and blank schedule for your own planning purposes, and 33 weeks of detailed lesson plans. Lessons include assignments from the books used at each grade level, as well as activity suggestions. The appendices include a variety of material for that grade level, and may include: prayers, letter activities, recitation, memory verses, read-aloud book list, poetry list and selections, and a paintings/music list for kindergarten and first grade. These pages are reproducible for family or classroom use.

Although most of the guides have been available for several years, the curriculum was restructured in 2015, with many of the programs originally included in 3rd grade now with a slower pacing to span 3rd and 4th grade. Guides for grades 3 and up have been modified to reflect this change, while the lower-level guides have only had minor changes. If you are already midway into the program with the original guides, you can still continue in that track with the older guides, now titled Acclerated Classical Core Curriculum Manual. You can find these along with the complete list of curriculum resources used with them on our website.

We have complete grade-level resource packages, consumable packages for “refill,” new user packages for levels that reuse resources from a previous level, read-aloud packages for each level and science and enrichment packages for the early levels. Curriculum resources are also listed individually (see website for specific contents of consumables and read-aloud packages). Please note that several of the programs include First Form Latin and Classical Composition, which should be completed in order, regardless of what is in the grade level package.If you have a student entering the program after fourth grade, you will need to start them in Classical Composition: Fable Stage and/or First Form Latin instead of what might be in the package.

This series is for the parent who wants a good classical curriculum which is outlined and ready to use. Simply open the book and follow the instructions. You will be well on your way to a quality education for your young ones. ~ Donna

Accelerated curriculum guides are available from Memoria Press for families who wish to move at a faster pace than the Classical Core Curriculum pace.If you begin at the Accelerated Pace and find it too difficult, it is possible to transition to the Classical Core Curriculum.

Category Description for Memoria Press Sixth Grade Curriculum:

Grade 6 moves on to Second Form Latin, Famous Men of the Middle Ages, Classical Composition III, English Grammar Recitation III, and Geography II. Medieval literature selections include King Arthur, Robin Hood, Adam of the Road, and Door in the Wall. Science is the study of birds and medicine. However, if the student has not completed First Form Latin or Classical Composition I (both series should be completed in order), you should choose these courses instead. Story of the World Vol. 3 is suggested as summer reading.

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My son is using it in his Christian homeschool program. We actually already own a copy, but he got water damage on it and so we need a new one (and it's just mid-September!). Thank you very much. I have used Rainbow Resource so frequently in our homeschooling journey!
Kristen N on Sep 19, 2019
My son is using it in his Christian homeschool program. We actually already own a copy, but he got water damage on it and so we need a new one (and it's just mid-September!). Thank you very much. I have used Rainbow Resource so frequently in our homeschooling journey!
Kristen N on Sep 19, 2019
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AMY H on Sep 10, 2018
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I teach Sunday school 1st - 5th as well as homeschool 2nd-4th. This has maps, vocabulary, and good fill in the blank questions. Straight forward without a lot of fluff but still interesting for kids.
March 28, 2018
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