Saxon Math 2 Home Study Kit

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Item #: 018400
ISBN: 9781565770195
Grade: 2

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Publisher: Saxon Publishers
Dimensions: 11" x 8.25"
Grade Range: 2

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Very happy
I’m very glad I purchased Saxon Math 2. My son is thriving in it and I couldn’t ask for more. We went through Math Mammoth first and then Beast Academy. Although I really like those math curriculums, my son didn’t. He is the type of student who needs a lot of review and math concepts to be laid out and explained step by step. This is what Saxon Math does. It’s more work on my side, but I’ll put up with it so he can get better in math.
January 3, 2019
7 months ago
We have truly enjoyed Saxon 1 and now Saxon 2 math. I like how they build and review as you go. We also like the test and timed tests with this one.
October 26, 2018
1 year ago
Very well done
I have heard that Saxon is rigorous and have been a little hesitant to switch but our math program last year wasn’t clicking for my kid so I made the decision to switch and am so happy. Saxon is very well organized and walks you thru each lesson step-by-step. So far we have been very pleased with Saxon! They really breakdown the concepts so they are easy to teach and understand. I also love the worksheets.
September 15, 2018
11 months ago
We love Saxon math! After trying several different math curriculums we have settled on Saxon, and we are so pleased. It’s math that makes sense. It’s easy to teach and the kids love it!
September 5, 2018
11 months ago
What we needed
We've been through multiple different math curriculums with my son. He's really strong on concepts and very weak on actually being able to the math. This can be very frustrating for both of us. He also gets bored easily. The constant repetition of very small amounts of different math skills has been a good fit. He doesn't get bored or overwhelmed and doesn't forget something we've already covered because it keeps coming back. There is no way I could do the full "meeting" for every lesson but I skim through and make sure we cover the new learning plus a little review each time. The mix of manipulates helps. I anticipate continuing to use Saxon with him and my younger child as well.
February 9, 2018
1 year ago
This program is incredibly easy to implement and my kids love it!
January 19, 2018
1 year ago
Great program
My son and I both love this program! Will buy more levels as he progresses
June 29, 2017
over 2 years ago
Saxon Math 2
No complaints. I believe in Saxon Math. It works. I wish I would have learned using this curriculum. I would have really understood math! LAUSD just pushed through to the next grade on a conveyor belt. I was lost after 2nd grade!
February 16, 2017
over 3 years ago
I really do like this math program it adds new things but it keeps reviewing the old ones so you dont forget them !
October 19, 2016
over 3 years ago
2nd Grade kit
This is an easy system, step by step instructions. So far my 2nd grader is engaged and enjoying the materials. The pace is a bit slow for us but as we continue to build I am sure it will get more in depth.
September 5, 2016
over 2 years ago
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Why did you choose this?
Rainbow Resource Center Store
It's part of our school's curriculum.
Monica S on Jul 1, 2019
To accompany Classical Conversations
Melissa J on Jun 18, 2019
It's part of our school's curriculum.
Monica S on Jul 1, 2019
Continuing series... good spiral approach and kiddo absorbs lessons
Erin M on Jun 21, 2019
To accompany Classical Conversations
Melissa J on Jun 18, 2019
Kids find interest
Ramesh C on May 28, 2019
Great reviews! New to homeschooling. Recommended by teachers.
Dauma S on May 6, 2019
Alisa L on Apr 25, 2019
We have had great success with Saxon Math in the past in levels above and below grade 2 and are excited to use it again this coming year.
Roshelle S. on Apr 17, 2019
We loved Saxon Math 1 Home Study Kit!
Beth H on Mar 8, 2019
want my son to work on it during summer
Guest on Feb 22, 2019
i like this program
Vyckie Sue Y on Feb 21, 2019
I like this because it has lots of review!!
Claire W on Feb 12, 2019
We just finished Saxon Math 1 and it was a great fit for my son so we are ready for the next level.
Ruth W on Feb 3, 2019
Really like the Saxon Math Series!
Rachel G on Jan 22, 2019
We just finished Saxon 1 with my son so we are moving on to the next book.
Carrie P on Oct 31, 2018
Earlier this year I started my older child in Saxon 5/4 and have found it to be very well planned out for a busy homeschool mom like myself. So I decided to switch my younger child also into Saxon Math and I am hopeful this program will be just what I am looking for to meet our needs.
HEIDI O on Oct 18, 2018
My son is using 4/5 so I a hoping my daughter will use this and then be able to step in to her brother's book.
Sandy H on Oct 7, 2018
good reviews
Timothy C on Sep 12, 2018
For Homeschool
Deborah G on Aug 23, 2018
My son did Saxon math Level K and some of Level 1. He loves the hands on nature of Saxon and the way it reinforces the information doesn't bore him. Now that we are homeschooling we are excited to start using it again.
Virginia W on Aug 21, 2018
I heard a lot of great things about Saxon Math!
Colleen H on Aug 21, 2018
Used this curriculum with my older children and I used a different curriculum with my youngest child. The Saxon curriculum was easier to teach from and more in depth
Helen H on Aug 17, 2018
I have used it before and it was great!
Heidi J on Aug 15, 2018
highly recommended
Laura A on Aug 8, 2018
Homeschool math for my 2nd Grader
Stephanie B on Aug 8, 2018
I am wanting to try a different math curriculum for my kids and I've heard great things about Saxon
Tracy J on Aug 6, 2018
I completed Saxon 1 and ready to move on to the next level.
Mariaelena T on Jul 24, 2018
I use Saxon for Middle school with my oldest child, so I am now moving my youngest to it as well. Love that the parent lessons are scripted! Saxon is nothing if not thorough! I absolutely love it.
Andrea J on Jul 21, 2018
I love the Saxon Math program. If you want step by step instructions to teach your child, this is a great program. Easy to understand and fun!
Madalyn K on Jul 17, 2018
To homeschool my daughter
Jennifer C on Jul 2, 2018
We used Saxon math 1 for first grade last year, and it worked very well for my son; we will be continuing with this great curriculum.
Michael S on Jun 28, 2018
After much research and reading review after review, I felt Saxon would be the best fit for my family because, it gives step by step instructions on how to teach your child/children the lesson as well as what to say and it make it fairly easy for the inexperienced homeschooler, like myself.
shawnique s on Jun 22, 2018
Saxon is easy to teach, easy to learn
Suhad B on Jun 21, 2018
We used Saxon 1 last year. Though my son did not love Math, he learned so much and has increased confidence.
Sarah D on Jun 21, 2018
We used Saxon Math 1 and it worked well for us and made it very easy for me to teach!
Candice S on Jun 17, 2018
Wanted to get it early and review it while we finish up Saxon Math 1.
Lauree B on Jun 12, 2018
It's the best math program out there.
Thomas S on May 28, 2018
We used saxon grade 1 and loved it!
Amanda H on May 24, 2018
I chose Saxon Math 2 because we just completed Saxon Math 1 and my child learned so much from the program. I love how the lessons are learned spirally to continue to grasp the material covered as to not forget but to retain the info learned.
Lindsay P on May 7, 2018
Friends use it and love it. I reviewed it and like the script for teachers to ask the questions.
Amanda W on May 1, 2018
Great reviews!
Emily L on Apr 10, 2018
We just finished up Saxon Math 1 and my son did very well. He learned so much with the program so we have decided to stick with Saxon.
Caroline W on Apr 9, 2018
Educator - reinforcing public school skills & curriculum that I prefer with my child
Kawana B on Apr 3, 2018
I really like saxon math .It's amazing program that work with child's pace and bring him to success without hard efford .My daughter amazed me with that book.Thank you Saxon a lot .
Omar M on Mar 28, 2018
We have only used Saxon for math and it is my kids' favorite subject. As a teacher, I like that everything is planned for me to say since math isn't my strong suit. I feel my kids are getting a quality math education from using Saxon.
Kim Y on Mar 15, 2018
In preparation for my daughter for next year's math. I've already completed Math K and am working through Math 1.
Carolyn M on Mar 1, 2018
All my experienced homeschool moms have recommended it for us!
Sarah D on Jan 22, 2018
I was a Saxon student from Saxon 65 through to Calculus and it always worked so well - now want to try the earlier books for my second grade daughter.
Clare M on Jan 9, 2018
Saxon has been tried and true for my family. It's plain and a lot of work, but test scores don't lie.
Shanna W on Jan 1, 2018
My son is doing really well with this curriculum, and Rainbow Resource Center had the best price on the kit.
Sarah F on Dec 12, 2017
The best maths method that we know
Jose G on Oct 20, 2017
Continuing series... good spiral approach and kiddo absorbs lessons
Erin M on Jun 21, 2019
Kids find interest
Ramesh C on May 28, 2019
Does this set contain flashcards? We are finishing up with Saxon Math 2, which includes flashcards for addition/subtraction and multiplication/division facts. Only the book ends with not learning all of the multiplication facts, so I'm wondering if the rest of the multiplication/division fact cards are included in this Saxon Math Intermediate 3 set.
User on Jun 28, 2019
Saxon Math 2 Home Study Kit
Saxon Math 2 Home Study Kit
Saxon Math Intermediate 3 Comp Homeschool Kit
Saxon Math Intermediate 3 Comp Homeschool Kit
BEST ANSWER: Saxon Math 3 Home Study Kit includes flashcards. I'm not sure about Saxon Math Intermediate 3.
My daughter just turned 7 and we are switching to Saxon math. She did Horizon's K last year because Horizon's 1 was overwhelming and frustrating her. We did the placement test and she was placed easily in Saxon 2. However, she has not memorized any math facts as of yet and she still struggles with time and money. I am wondering if Math 1 would be a better fit but a lot of the concepts listed she has already mastered. Will the things she has not learned/mastered be re-taught in Math 2 or would we be better off to go with Math 1? Thanks for your input!
A shopper on Aug 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Saxon 2 does review math facts, but a solid understanding of them would be helpful, in my opinion. Personally, I would do Saxon 1 and skip the lessons (or speed through) she is already strong at.
What is included in this kit?
A shopper on Oct 3, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You get the teacher's manual; fact cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; student worksheets and tests (in two booklets); and master pages for selected lessons. The master pages are needed to complete some of the lessons. There are also also pages for checklists and logs to keep track of the student's progress.
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