Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 1

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Item #: 037144
ISBN: 9780890519233
Grades: PreK-1

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Publisher: Master Book Publishers

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Wholesome content
Cute and wholesome. Covers the basics.
February 4, 2019
1 month ago
Whould not recomend for short attention spans.
It's a good curriculum but not the best choice for children with short attention spans.
September 10, 2018
6 months ago
The best curriculum!
We've used Life Pac, TG+TB, My Father's World and Saxon. This is our favorite curriculum yet!
September 5, 2018
6 months ago
Fantastic curriculum
If you want a Charlotte Mason approach to math, with guidance and not scripted - this is a great curriculum! Love the engaging stories and copy work included. Very easy for my 5.5 year old to accomplish each day. We are using this alongside Mathematical Reasoning for the logic approach. But this book is giving my son great number confidence!
August 30, 2018
6 months ago
Love, love, love it! Perfect for my son!
August 23, 2018
6 months ago
Great for review and reinforcement
I bought this book for my kindergartener when he got to a point in our regular math curriculum he wasn't ready for. This has been a wonderful book to help him reinforce concepts and understand why they are important. He is so enthusiastic about math now. He loves this book! I would not be comfortable with this as our entire math curriculum as it is not very rigorous, but it is exactly what we needed right now.
May 20, 2018
10 months ago
boring and weird placement of lessons
We were totally bored with this book. We bought it because it was story based and my oldest (grade 1) loves stories. I thought, "How perfect!". Except that the stories were boring and tried too hard to add a moral factor to the lessons. I also thought it was strange that the author taught time before subtraction. I gave it three stars because I did use her ones house/tens house/ hundreds house analogy. That was the only good thing that I got out of this book.
April 1, 2018
Too much copywork!
We were not impressed by this math program. I started it with my daughter in kindergarten (even though it says 1st grade, the scope is kindergarten level). We are Charlotte Mason style homeschoolers, so I thought this would be a good fit. My daughter loved the stories, but I found much of the lessons to be copywork of the numbers. Some days included copying 20 or more numbers! If your child loves writing, this might be a good fit for them, but it resulted in daily tears for us. We ditched it after a few weeks, but I’ve returned to it here & there to try to teach various things (tally marks & telling time), but each time it has resulted in confusion & meltdowns for my daughter. Overall, the stories are cute, include a lot of great spiritual lessons & the price can’t be beat. It just didn’t work for our family. When it comes to living math books, I’d recommend Life of a Fred over this any day!
March 19, 2018
Short and simple
My son and I are enjoying this math curriculum. I like how affordable it is and how you don’t need many extra supplies to go through the lessons. The lessons are short, simple, and to the point. We especially like following the story of Charlotte and Charlie as they learn from their grandparents about patterns in creation!
December 6, 2017
1 year ago
Best Beginners Math Book We've Ever Used!
My just-turned 7 yr. old - who is barely reading - LOVES this math book! The storyline is engaging and breaks up the monotony of a regular math book. I didn't even know math books such as this one even existed. We are very satisfied with this purchase.
October 5, 2017
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I love the incorporation of story telling and God into the math concepts
Donna V on Feb 4, 2019
A review from Homeschool On was awesome.
Amanda L on Oct 8, 2018
I love the incorporation of story telling and God into the math concepts
Donna V on Feb 4, 2019
Great stories bright colors to keep the child intrigued and easy to use
Amber P on Oct 10, 2018
A review from Homeschool On was awesome.
Amanda L on Oct 8, 2018
I heard about this on the Homeschool on podcast and she gave it great reviews.
Elaina M on Oct 1, 2018
We've used it before and are now using it with a second child.
Joshua S on Sep 14, 2018
Charlotte Mason Math
Jayson E on Aug 23, 2018
We like doing more than one math to "know math" oppose to
doing math.
Rebecca D on Aug 14, 2018
It seems like a fun math curriculum for my Kindergartner.
Andrea M on Aug 14, 2018
I have seen many great reviews on this product. After previewing the book I decided to give it a try. My kids love animals and can relate to the farm life so I feel this will be a great way to make learning math fun.
Elizabeth N on Aug 10, 2018
This will be our first year homeschooling and my "first" grade level child will be using this as her math curriculum. I like that there is only one book to purchase for the year and that it is affordable. It is a Christian based, Charlotte Mason style curriculum that is open and go with not a lot of preparation. Read one story per week and practice through one worksheet per day. I look forward to reading the stories with my daughter and seeing how she connects math to the world around her.
Mandy D on Aug 10, 2018
I love Charlotte Mason and was intrigued when I found these.
Renee T on Jul 31, 2018
Life of Fred with a christian perspective
Christy F on Jul 29, 2018
Traci H on Jul 27, 2018
It is written to my teaching style, very Charlotte Mason.
Tammy Y on Jul 25, 2018
Best Curriculum for math for Charlotte Mason approach, using for my 5 year old.
Kristy Jo H on Jul 23, 2018
I choose this because it was recommended as a great homeschool choice.
Misty M on Jul 20, 2018
was recommended
Kristen M on Jul 11, 2018
It is a Charlotte Mason type of curriculum
Heather R on Jul 2, 2018
A Charlotte Mason approach to Math that I'm excited to try!
Brenda S on Jun 16, 2018
We love this curriculum! After several attemps at Math with other curriculums, this was the first to work for us!
April S on Apr 26, 2018
My son is about to start MLFLE Level 2, but I chose to start with this to make sure we address any gaps in his learning from another curriculum.
Emily C on Apr 20, 2018
These looked like lessons I would have learned math from, making it applicable to everyday life.
Adrienne J on Mar 25, 2018
We are using it for my daughter in the fall.
Bridgette L on Feb 16, 2018
great for kids who aren't math minded, gentle
christa j on Feb 15, 2018
My 4th grader has been struggling with math and decided to change math curriculum. After researching much, I think this curriculum will be a great fit for her.
Patsy L on Feb 13, 2018
My other son is using Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 2, and it seems to be a really good fit for him, so I'm ordering the lower level for his little brother.
Amber B on Nov 6, 2017
I'm excited to try a hands on type math
Laura J on Oct 13, 2017
recommended to me
Anna P on Oct 2, 2017
We are looking forward to trying Math Lessons for a Living Education for our home schooled kids. The Charlotte Mason approach with biblical character traits and a positive story drew us in to this. We will see how this pans out for our kids.
Michelle E on Oct 2, 2017
I chose this math book for my son because I've have friends that use it and they tell me their kids beg to do more work than assigned for the day. My son is bored with his other math curriculum and the story telling format mixed with worksheets and simple manipulatives seems like a good fit for us.
Lynnae E on Sep 21, 2017
My six year old is struggling with math. She loves when I read to her. My hope is for her to love math!
Melissa G on Sep 13, 2017
We have tried several popular (and not so popular) math curriculums and haven't found a great fit yet. I love the concept and I have real high hopes after reading reviews on another bloggers site. Crossing my fingers!
Kandi L on Sep 2, 2017
friends told me it was good
Stephanie L on Aug 31, 2017
Charlotte Mason approach to math.
Casandra B on Aug 25, 2017
I approve of this math course as it teaches in the Charlotte Mason method of education. It connects mathematics to real life situations which in turn helps children to see math as a part of their everyday life not an isolated subject that they can't fathom why they need to learn this or how is this brain draining work going to help me. It makes math enjoyable not a subject to dread.
Cynthia W on Aug 25, 2017
friend's recommendation, and looked good for my son.
Julianne D on Aug 23, 2017
my son loves farming. the story looks cute.
kerry k on Aug 18, 2017
This seemed like it would appeal to my very creative thinking child
Sarah D on Aug 16, 2017
I am switching math curriculum for our homeschool and love the Charlotte Mason philosophy.
Christine M on Aug 14, 2017
I want to incorporate as many CM philosophy into my school as possible.
Brooke M on Aug 10, 2017
Used before and appreciate the simplicity
Elyse M on Jul 3, 2017
I heard a lot about this product and wanted to try it for my son.
Tanya E on Jun 27, 2017
Seems to have math lessons with story. Also includes more than most. A mix of Life of Fred, Math u see, Etc.
Jessica R on Jun 14, 2017
they look interesting
Kami R on Apr 26, 2017
I have read good reviews about this book and I like that it is presented in a story format which I'm hoping will show real world application of the math skills being taught.
Sarah G on Apr 13, 2017
Math U See hasn't been working well for my son and I wanted to try something else that was still affordable.
Yancy Y on Mar 26, 2017
Math Lessons for a Living Education seems to be a good, gentle start for my preschooler who is good with numbers. I believe she will like the stories.
Stephanie B on Mar 23, 2017
I want to read through the book before deciding 100% so I bought it to read and will sell it if I don't like it.
Laura K on Mar 23, 2017
It sounds interesting for my Kindergartener.
Nicholette T on Nov 6, 2016
trying this out
Jamie L on Sep 21, 2016
Great stories bright colors to keep the child intrigued and easy to use
Amber P on Oct 10, 2018
I heard about this on the Homeschool on podcast and she gave it great reviews.
Elaina M on Oct 1, 2018
What grades do these books correspond to?
A shopper on May 20, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The book says K-1. My daughter was in first grade and my son was in kindergarten. Both had no problems completing the work, although all the copy work was difficult for the kindergarten child. The remaining books seems to follow grade level more closely as in book 3 for 3rd grade. I now have a problem that my son has completed book 1 & 2 and he is only going into grade 2.
What currency is used for this curriculum?
A shopper on Dec 29, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The text is written from a US perspective using the American currency. However, I am sure you could adapt it to any region.
How long does a lesson take each day? Can i do a longer lesson once a week and just guide them through some practice the rest of the week?
A shopper on Aug 9, 2017
Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 1
Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 1
Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 4 with Answer Key
Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 4 with Answer Key
Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 2
Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 2
BEST ANSWER: It's been awhile so my memory might not be 100% accurate but from what I recall the book is divided into 36 "lessons". Each lesson is divided into 5 days - so 1 lesson per week. Day 1 has a story to go along with the lesson so it might be 2/3 minutes longer than the other days - but I'd say on average you could do each days work in 10-20 minutes depending on how in depth you want to go and on how easily the child picks up the material (also depending on what it is - some concepts might require more teaching than others). You could certainly do more than 1 days worth on one day a week and then do less on the other days if you wanted to.
Is this secular?
A shopper on May 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No it is not. The story line is children who are staying with their grandparents while their parents are serving a mission trip in South america. The book frequently references prayer, creation, and uses the bible story, Noah's Ark, to teach counting by 2's. For us it has been a good cirriculum.
Can this be used alone or will I need to supplement?
A shopper on Mar 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It really depends on the student. We love the series because it incorporates family values, Christianity, and social studies to show how math is used in everyone's daily life. The book covers math concepts well but if a child needs extra practice you may need to supplement. An example would be with time, money or addition, if they need extra review it would be easy to supplement. The books do a great job of reviewing mastered concepts in future lessons.
Are the worksheets reproducible?
Tabitha C on Jan 22, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The title page says no. "Please do not copy or store any part of this book without express, written permission from the author. All content is covered by copyright laws."
I just need to know if this book has religious content? I want this series regardless but I need the information.
A shopper on Mar 3, 2016
Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 1
Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 1
Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 5 with Answer Key
Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 5 with Answer Key
Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 2
Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 2
Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 3 with Answer Key
Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level 3 with Answer Key
BEST ANSWER: The beginning of each lesson is a continuing story of a Christian family and their missionary work in Peru. The family of five are all traveling to Peru to help at an orphanage. They talk about praying, bible studies, God, and Jesus. So to answer your question...Yes.
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