Sentence Sense: Diagramming and Parsing Handbook

Sentence Sense: Diagramming and Parsing Handbook

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Product Description:

This Diagramming and Parsing Handbook is a required resource for the Intermediate and Upper levels of the Cottage Press Language Arts courses. Each of its five sections (Etymology, Syntax, Sentence Diagramming, Parsing, and Exercises) serve interesting and useful purposes. Based on the English instruction found in the 19th century Harvey’s Grammar, you can expect terms to sound a bit old-fashioned to our ears. Harvey’s Practical Grammar of the English Language was revised in 1878 and is popularly known as Harvey’s Revised Grammar.

The first section titled Etymology involves the classification, derivation, and properties of words. Words are the building blocks of our language. Combined into sentences, they express thoughts. In order to rightly understand sentences and, hence, composition, we need to understand what each word means (its definition) and how it is used in the sentence (it’s part of speech). Section two titled Syntax looks at the construction of sentences or, in other words, the rules that govern how sentences are put together. Or, rather, how they should be put together. By mastering syntax skills, we understand the systematic structure of the language which is an essential step in effective communication. The third section deals with Sentence Diagramming, which is a traditional language arts skill. The diagramming conventions used throughout the Cottage Press courses differ from those used in Harvey’s, but cover the same grammar concepts. Section four introduces Parsing, which is an oral exercise that applies technical grammar concepts to real sentences. The last section provides Exercises taken directly from Harvey’s Revised Grammar; listing both those found in the various Cottage Press courses along with additional exercises of a similar nature. The extra exercises can be used for additional practice. While the Teaching Helps books supply answers for all exercises used in the courses, there is an online answer key for the extra exercises.

Packed with examples (diagramming and parsing), definitions, and rules, this would be an extremely useful resource for anyone embracing a classical approach to grammar. It’s a necessary resource for the Cottage Press Language Arts courses. The appendix includes Harvey’s 120 – a list of irregular verbs showing present and past tenses, along with perfect participles. 316 pgs, pb.

Publisher Description:

Complete grammar, parsing, and sentence diagramming instruction keyed to Harvey’s Practical Grammar (or Harvey’s Revised Grammar) Accompanies Bards & Poets and Poetics & Progym courses Designed to be used by both students and teachers 6th grade and up The text of Harvey’s Practical (Revised) English Grammar, including the exercises, is incorporated directly into Sentence Sense in response to customer requests! Since the Bards & Poets and Poetics & Progym Teaching Helps books contain answer keys for the assigned exercises, there is no need to purchase either the Harvey’s text or answer key

Cottage Press provides a classical approach to language arts that utilizes many favorite Charlotte Mason techniques such as retelling (narration), copywork, and dictation. The aim of the Cottage Press Language Arts courses is to develop excellent writers who are writing from a wealth of wisdom and strength of character. The teaching methodology traces back through Western Civilization to the traditional methods established by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The writing instruction for the intermediate and upper levels follows the progymnasmata (a comprehensive series of writing exercises that date back to ancient times), while the grammar instruction is based on Harvey’s Revised Grammar (sometimes called A Practical Grammar of the English Language, Revised Edition, 1898) and includes diagramming. In this intermediate series, the focus is on sentence and paragraph construction, poetry, grammar, word usage, and punctuation. It’s assumed the student completing this course is simultaneously reading a large quantity of quality literature. Lessons follow a pattern and include specific sections: student work in a Commonplace Book, Prose & Poetry (literary observation and analysis), Language Logic (word usage & grammar), Eloquent Expressions (developing writing style), Classical Composition (retell a fable or parable), and Dictation. Lessons are designed to meet the needs and abilities of an intermediate writer (6th grade and up). The Student Book provides instruction directly to the student. It is assumed, however, that the course is being taught by the parent rather than the student working independently. Weekly lessons are laid out in a step-by-step fashion. Lessons include literary, composition, and grammar instruction as well as detailed instructions for student assignments. Background information on poets and authors as well as their works is also provided. The student is expected to compile aCommonplace Book where prose and poetry selections are copied. It also becomes a collection place for any literary tidbits or thoughts that surface while completing the lessons. In contrast, the Writer’s Journal is the place where the student records vocabulary lessons, works on diagramming sentences, lists literary devices when studied, and completes writing assignments. Instructions for setting up the Writer’s Journal and Commonplace Book are included in the appendices of the Student Book. Other appendices include grammar terms and definitions, narrative elements, and a bibliography. The Teaching Helps book is just as the name implies; detailed helps and answers for each of the lesson steps.
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Is the Cottage Press series a Charlotte Mason language arts program? Well, yes it is! Is it a classical writing program based on the progymnasmata? Well, yes it is! If these two ideas seem mildly out of sync to you, then consider that some of the language arts methods attributed to Charlotte Mason are thoroughly classical in their origin (i.e. narration/retelling, copywork, dictation). Likewise, consider that the classical teaching methods based on the progymnasmata involve quality literature, teacher-student interaction, and composition mentoring. It’s easy to see that these two, seemingly different methodologies are actually quite compatible – at least in the area of language arts. It’s also easy to see that combining the two provides a strongly academic, teacher-student interactive approach to language arts. Lessons are detailed, well-organized, well-prepared and ready-to-go. All courses are based on the presupposition that the student is reading lots of quality, classic and classical literature. Courses in the early elementary grades incorporate more Charlotte Mason techniques and methodologies (including picture study) while the upper elementary, middle school, and high school courses are increasingly rigorous and follow the progymnasmata series of writing exercises. All levels include instructive student books and teacher materials with answers; both with gorgeous cover art. Both required and suggested resources are listed for every course.

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These materials offer complete coverage of both writing and grammar.

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It is a companion book for the set
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I love how it is going to cover everything and the sample showed it as clean and concise, easy to read/understand
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