Math-U-See Algebra 1 Level Up Base Set

Math-U-See Algebra 1 Level Up Base Set

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Product Description:

The Algebra 1 Level Up Base Set has been created for families that own the required Integer Block Kit and Algebra/Decimal Inserts. This set includes the Instruction manual with complete solutions, Instruction DVD, Student Workbook, Test book, and lifetime access to the Digital Package.

Publisher Description:

For customers who already have the required Integer Block Kit and Algebra/Decimal Inserts, this Set includes Algebra 1: Instruction Manual with complete solutions, Instruction DVD, Student Workbook, Tests booklet, and 12 months of access to the Algebra 1 Digital Pack. Topics covered in Algebra 1 include graphing, simultaneous equations, exponents, polynomials, unit multipliers, and more. (As we reprint our books in each level of Pre-Algebra through Calculus, we are changing the title of the "Honors" pages to "Application and Enrichment" to mirror our lower-level books. This change is intended to clarify that this content extends lesson concepts but does not include academic "Honors"-level coursework and the designation "Honors" cannot be added to student transcripts even if all pages are completed. The content and solutions are unchanged, but for a short transitional period, books within a level may be inconsistent in the name of these pages.)

Category Description for Math-U-See Algebra 1:

Mastery of basic properties, solving equations (including simultaneous equations), coin problems, exponents and square roots, scientific notation, unit multipliers, and metric conversions. Graphing lines is taught in detail, and graphing conic sections is introduced. Polynomial operations are also taught.

Category Description for Math-U-See:

We are excited to offer this "tried and true" homeschool favorite math program! It sets itself apart from other math curricula with its focus on creating effective problem solvers who understand the underlying concepts in math and can apply math to real life situations. Honestly, as an adult, how many of us wish we had learned math in this manner?

Utilizing a Four-Step Approach, Math U See provides a K-12 mastery-based math program.

  • Step 1 - Prepare for the Lesson
  • Step 2 - Present & Explore the New Concept Together (incorporating Build - Write - Say interactive teaching methodology)
  • Step 3 - Student Practices for Mastery
  • Step 4 - Student Progresses After Mastery
  • Truly multisensory, each level offers DVD instruction for the parent/teacher and student, manipulatives (through the Algebra level), and worksheets for practice. Mastery of math concepts is evidenced by the student's ability to teach the parent the concept by the end of the lesson. The authors have chosen to use letters of the Greek alphabet (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta) to identify the sequence of concepts taught at the elementary level rather than a grade level designation. The Primer level is designed to provide an introductory broad overview and to encourage the love of math. Upper levels are titled more traditionally (Pre-Algebra, Algebra, etc.) Because Math-U-See (MUS) is mastery-based, students may enter the program at any level depending on their concept proficiency. Accordingly, it is highly recommended that all students take a placement test (opens in new window) to ensure mastery of any previously taught concepts. Placement tests are now readily available at

    Courses provide 30-35 lessons and will usually take about one year to complete, although with mastery as the goal, this is flexible. Lessons follow a similar pattern. Watch the DVD, work through lesson examples in the instruction manual together with the parent, then the student completes worktext activities. These include practice (2-3 worksheets), review (3 worksheets), and an additional activity called the application and enrichment page. These contain topics not included in the lesson as well as familiar concepts in a new format. If your child masters the lessons quickly, skip the additional practice sheets and move to the review. Due to the mastery focus of the course, the amount of time to complete a lesson will vary. You may find it necessary to spend 2-3 weeks on one lesson, while others may be grasped quickly and completed in 2-3 days. For students needing more practice, additional worksheets are available on the MUS website.

    Each lesson concludes with a test. Cumulative unit tests are scheduled regularly to assure students retain previous teaching. Each level concludes with a final test covering all concepts taught. These tests begin in Alpha rather than in the Primer.

    Course components each play a role in the program's success.

    Instructional DVDs provide parent-teachers an introduction to the MUS vision and methodology before transitioning to the instructional lessons. Teaching lessons are designed to be viewed by the parent first, followed by the student and parent (or student only at the upper levels or as the student demonstrates the ability to view independently). Each teaching segment is 5-8 minutes in length (upper levels are longer; 10-15 minutes) and is taught in front of a group of students and parents, who occasionally you will hear responding. The camera is focused on Mr. Demme, who explains and demonstrates the lessons on a large white board with magnetic manipulatives (or drawings). Lessons are clearly explained and easy to follow. Providing much needed teaching support, these DVDs are a big part of the appeal of the program.

    The Instruction Manual. is also essential to the program. This hardcover book provides a curriculum sequence and introductory "how-to-use" information that outlines the MUS four-step teaching process. Teaching instruction with example problems for each lesson, solutions for the worksheets and tests, and a helpful glossary and index are included. The instruction is not scripted but is clearly presented and easy to implement.

    The consumable Student Worktexts contain a mix of practice problems and word problems. Space is provided to work out the problems, but some students may prefer having access to "scratch paper" to work problems, especially at the higher levels. The front of the Student Worktext includes space to record grades for worksheet pages and tests.

    The consumable Test Booklets are provided to evaluate student progress. Parents are encouraged to reteach previous lessons if the student does not do well. Mastery is the goal, and lessons build upon one another so that future success is dependent on students really knowing the previous concept.

    The Demme Learning Manipulatives are unique. The Integer Block Set is a 133-piece manipulative blocks set that is used from Primer through Algebra 1. This is a set of plastic interlocking blocks with blocks in different colors designed to represent each number from one through ten (there is a hundred block as well). A Fraction Overlay Kit is utilized in the Epsilon course to teach fractions. This set is color-coordinated with the Integer Block Set to aid students in learning fractions. Beginning with Zeta and utilized through Algebra 1 is the Algebra/Decimal Insert Kit which is used with the Integer Block Kit to teach advanced decimal and algebra concepts.

    The Digital Pack provides lifetime access and includes streaming Instruction Videos, an online Instruction Manual, lesson solutions, and other online resources from any browser. You’ll also have access to the MUS Digital Manipulatives, using Chrome or Safari browsers. Digital Packs do not include Student Workbook or Test content. Digital Packs cannot be purchased separately; these are only available as part of the Sets.

    The Skip Count CD and Songbook is optional but a suggested complement to the Primer through Gamma courses. With it your student will learn their skip counting and addition facts. There are two versions of the songs on the Skip Counting CD; one with Christian lyrics and the other with the lyrics taken from science and literature. Universal Kits for Primer through Gamma include online access to the Skip Count Songs MP3s and Songbook pdf. Please note, the online Skip Count MP3 includes the Science and Literature lyrics but not the Christian version.

    All products marked as Set include: Instruction Manual with complete solutions, Instruction DVD, Student Workbook, Test Book, and lifetime access to the Digital Pack. In addition, Universal Sets include all the manipulatives needed for the selected level. Level Up Sets are for families who already own an Integer Block Kit (or Fraction Overlap Kit for Epsilon). Level Up Base Sets were created for families that own both the Integer Block Kit and the Algebra/Decimal Inserts.

    As one who used this program in the early days of homeschooling, I appreciate many of the changes that have been made over the years. One of these is the systematic review as well as the additional level of challenge through the Application and Enrichment worksheets. Students who need additional review and practice will benefit from the focused practice that promotes mastery. Conversely, students who are math-gifted and require less practice to master the concept have the freedom to skip worksheets and move into the Application and Enrichment worksheet, unlike math programs with spiral review that become drudgery to exceptional math students. Additionally, the enhanced teacher explanations in the Instructor Manual and the DVD introduction will help parents feel prepared and more competent to teach math in this non-traditional, tactile way. It may be worth mentioning that if standardized testing is required by your state or organization, you may want to add a grade-specific workbook to ensure students are covering all that is required for the test. The final change I noted is that MUS has added additional topics to all levels to reflect current math standards.

    As I look back on my children and our MUS experience, these improvements would have made the course easier to implement with Child B who enjoyed the hands-on approach while learning various approaches to solve equations. The philosophy of MUS was not as well-suited to Child A, who was my “just show me the steps and let me do it,” “I can memorize it through drill” child.

    Keep in mind that using the mastery approach means that students spend more time on building solid foundational math skills, so it may appear that students are behind their peers in the early elementary years. They will catch up quickly and by upper middle school will be on target (if not ahead of) their peers. This is an excellent program for your hands-on student or one who wants to understand, really understand, the how and why of mathematics. There is much to appreciate in this unique program and it has tremendous potential for gifted, typical, or struggling learners. ~ Deanne

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    This curriculum has really helped my high school age children actually understand math and enjoy it.
    Tammy B on Sep 6, 2020
    I love Math-U-See and this is needed.
    Kathleen S on Aug 10, 2020
    This curriculum has really helped my high school age children actually understand math and enjoy it.
    Tammy B on Sep 6, 2020
    previous math u see success
    Ann M on Aug 20, 2020
    I love Math-U-See and this is needed.
    Kathleen S on Aug 10, 2020
    Have used the entire Math U See program and its easy to use and we like it.
    User on Jul 14, 2020
    it a good program!
    Genia E on Jun 20, 2020
    My son is almost done with Pre Algebra and I'm happy with the structure of the MATH U SEE program.
    Kristie M on Jan 25, 2020
    Simple and easy to use and understand
    Camille T on Sep 24, 2019
    Taking a class and using this curriculum.
    Cecilia A on Sep 5, 2019
    Still trying to find an algebra program that clicks.
    dana d on Aug 27, 2019
    Used Math-U-See Pre Algebra last year and it was a big success!
    Kathryn S on Aug 16, 2019
    I am hoping to math more enjoyable.
    Ellen L on Aug 5, 2019
    Love Math-U-See
    Lisa F on Aug 4, 2019
    We had completed Pre Algebra and needed this set to move forward.
    Angie D on Jul 29, 2019
    My child did well with the Pre-Algebra so we are moving on.
    Meredith H on Jul 28, 2019
    We love Math-U-See. Have been using it since the beginning.
    Jason P on Jul 19, 2019
    I used Math U See pre-algebra with my child who struggles with math. This curriculum is a good fit for her so we are going to do algebra this school year.
    Carrie S on Jul 17, 2019
    We love MathUSee and use it with all our kids
    Lanette F on Jun 13, 2019
    My daughter needs a summer course in algebra 1 to catch her up before entering algebra 2.
    Tammy I on Jun 1, 2019
    I love the way Math U See shows why math works instead of just how.
    Douglas E on Mar 6, 2019
    Math-U-See has been working well for our sons and so we plan to continue with the next level.
    Michael M on Feb 24, 2019
    Math U See has seen us through almost all the levels of math up through Algebra II. We are very thankful for Steve Demme!
    Deborah A on Sep 16, 2018
    We used math u see last year for the first time and my students loved the pace and felt confident in what they learned in math. My oldest said last year was "The golden year of Math." so that gives you some idea how they felt towards the curriculum.
    Rebecca B on Sep 14, 2018
    We have used Math-U-See for about 5 years now and have really enjoyed the theory behind it and ease of using it.
    Lisa B on Sep 11, 2018
    Best Math program ever. I've used this in homeschooling three kids - all the way from preschool to high school.
    Christina G on Aug 27, 2018
    Carrie M on Aug 21, 2018
    recommended by friend
    Kora F on Aug 8, 2018
    We ordered this because it provides what we need for the next level in the math program we are using. Also, we appreciated that it was in stock and available and that free shipping was an option. Rainbow Resource has been recommended to us as a reliable supplier and we will likely be ordering other curriculum items here in future.
    Sandra M on Aug 2, 2018
    Easy to teach from and learn from.
    Rebekah T on Aug 1, 2018
    Love Math u see first time using algebra
    Tiffany L on Jul 19, 2018
    all my kids love math u see
    Danielle G on Jun 1, 2018
    Math-U-See is a fantastic program that works well for all types of learners.
    Kambria G on Apr 25, 2018
    We love Math U See
    mary ellen s on Apr 24, 2018
    Love this program!
    Gloria O on Mar 30, 2018
    I have used rainbow resources before and loved it. They also offer free shipping
    Teresa G on Mar 8, 2018
    I used math u see when at the beginning of my children's math to help build the base. Math u see breaks down the information in a manner that makes it easy to understand and apply. My younger two children have struggled in junior high to high school courses so I decided to go back to Math U See.
    Shelly D on Feb 27, 2018
    My son was struggling with math until we switched to Math-U-See at the Epsilon level. Now he is almost caught up and is even enjoying math!
    Jude on Feb 22, 2018
    Free shipping
    Shirley O on Jan 26, 2018
    I picked this product because I would like my son to have a complete program to teach him Algebra 1, this product comes with the student workbook, DVD, and teacher book. Also, I have used Math U See in the past and it worked great for my kids,
    Melinda K on Jan 25, 2018
    I like the product.
    Kimberly G on Jan 6, 2018
    You Tube recommendation
    nancy r on Dec 30, 2017
    previous math u see success
    Ann M on Aug 20, 2020
    Have used the entire Math U See program and its easy to use and we like it.
    User on Jul 14, 2020
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    Math U see Algebra 1 is very easy to use. My son is autistic and this suits his need for structure without endless burnout tedium
    July 2, 2020
    3 months ago
    complete program
    I have been using MathUSee from Pre-Algebra up to Pre-Calculus. This program also offer an online course that follows the book. I like how there is a cd that goes over each lesson. I like how there are 2 pages practice everyday. I like the teachers guide. It gives the answers with how they came to the answer. I like how they present the concepts, easy and basic. The student can do the work by themselves and just go to the mom when they are stuck. Of course I have only used the course for older (7th grade and above) students.
    The only complaint is that I wish they had extra work. Sometimes if a student doesn't quite grasp the topic there aren't any more problems. I wish they had an extra practice booklet. (they do have some online extra work but not for everything)
    September 19, 2018
    over 2 years ago

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