DIVE Download & Stream Saxon Calculus 2nd Edition

DIVE Download & Stream Saxon Calculus 2nd Edition

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Dr. Shormann teaches every lesson and investigation in the Saxon textbook, including the essential instruction that is missing from the lesson in the textbook. Designed for schools, Saxon assumes the full lesson was presented in class. Therefore, the lesson in the Saxon text is only a summary for the student to review later. That's why John Saxon recommended an experienced instructor to teach his curriculum.

For example, when lesson 40 builds on a concept taught in lesson 20, the book doesn't mention it. However, in the DIVE lectures, Dr. Shormann reviews lesson 20, teaching how the new concept is simply adding one more step to what they already know. This creates &bite-sized lessons that are easy to understand and makes learning Saxon faster and easier.

Course Description

The DIVE/Saxon Calculus course teaches all the topics on the CLEP Calculus exam, the AP Calculus AB exam and about 70% of the AP Calculus BC exam. The remaining 30% can be learned by using an AP Calculus BC test prep book. The DIVE Calculus course includes a free copy of CLEP Professor for CLEP and AP Calculus.

DIVE Contents:

* 148 Lesson Video lectures that teach every lesson step-by-step

*Q & A Email Support with Dr. Shormann

*Teacher Guide with instructions, assignment chart, and grade recording form

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Content identical to the CD

Updated graphics

Unlimited downloads

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Save to USB, desktop, portable drive

If lost, easily download again

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Category Description for DIVE Download & Stream:

DIVE into the future with flexible courses to support your Saxon math journey. Same great instruction as the DIVE Cd-ROMs, this new format contains updated graphics, viewed through online streaming or download to your device. Not familiar with DIVE instruction? These well taught courses from an experienced Saxon math instructor teach through each lesson with a focus on understanding how the incremental concepts connect and build. Lessons average 10-15 minutes in length, followed by the student completing the assignments in the corresponding textbook. Wondering about the advantage of this format? Unlimited downloads with no time limit (for all your children!); use on multiple devices; save to a computer, 5GB flash drive or dropbox account and downloadable again if lost. NOTE: an email address is required for orders placed for these items. Once the order is received, you will receive an email with a web link and unique code within 1-3 business days.

Specific compatibility requirements: Mobile Devices iPhone iOS 7.0 +, iphone 4 + via App; iPad iOS 7.0 +, iPad 3 + via App; Android 4.2 + via Google Play App; Windows Tablets & Phones; Computers & Browsers: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook IE 10+, Safari 7+, Firefox 31 + , Chrome 37+ . Television: Apple TV 2nd Gen +, Roku 2nd Gen+ , Roku 4+ (4K), Chromecast or Smart TV Browser. Recommended speed for streaming or download is 10 mbps. ~ Deanne

Video clip lectures developed for use with Saxon's Home Study Kits (though designed FOR, they were not designed BY Saxon). Lecture sets, which contain one lecture per lesson, are available by level for Math 54 through Calculus and Physics. Each level is contained on one or two CD-ROMs. D.I.V.E. lectures are ideal for the student who needs a little more explanation than what's available in the text. I've found that even when you carefully read a math text, it's often easier to understand a new concept if you can hear someone else verbalize it. The lectures are approximately 10-20 minutes long (the higher the level, the longer lecture). Each lecture is stored in its own file. To use D.I.V.E., the student opens his text to the next lesson and opens the corresponding lecture file on the computer. Lectures take place on a chalkboard/whiteboard screen. You hear the teacher, but don't actually see him - rather you only see what he writes on the board. The student's job is to follow along in the text (please note: the D.I.V.E. CDs do not follow along with the text on a problem-by-problem basis) and to take notes. In a typical lecture, the teacher gives a short explanation and works several practice problems. Lectures are given by Dr. David Shormann, an experienced math and science teacher. Aside from an occasional quote from the Bible (used to preface a lecture), the content is always focused on the topic at hand. Lectures can easily be paused, rewound, or fast-forwarded so the student can work at his own pace. For the Physics level, a Physics Video Lab is available in addition to the regular D.I.V.E CD-ROM. This convenient video tutorial follows Saxon Physics 1st Edition and the regular CD lectures. It performs the experiments for you using several thousand dollars worth of science equipment, including radar guns, photogate timers, and stroboscopes. Each Physics Video Lab includes photos, video, and graphs and tables from the lab experiment. Students can print out a lab activity sheet, watch the lab and record experimental data, pause the CD-ROM to complete calculations, and then turn the CD back on to check work. 23 labs are included in all and most of them follow the scientific method (question, hypothesis, methods, results, discussion). All labs are taught from a Christian perspective. Four quarterly exams, with video solutions, are also provided (these are based on the exams found in the Saxon Physics test book, so students can study these to prepare for those exams). At each level, these tutorials provide valuable verbal instruction for students. System Requirements: Windows 95 or greater, Mac OS (all versions, including Lion), speakers, CD-ROM drive. ~ Anh

Download the Saxon Math Tutorials: Comparison Chart or the Visual Comparison.

Category Description for Saxon Math:

Students like Saxon because they feel successful in math instead of overwhelmed.

The most popular homeschooling math program hands down! Highly recommended by both Mary Pride and Cathy Duffy, Saxon Math also wins our award for the "Most Requested Text." Saxon math is a "user-friendly" math program - even for Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus and other usually difficult math topics. Learning is incremental and each new concept is continuously reviewed, so the learning has time to "sink in" instead of being forgotten when the next topic is presented. Higher scores on standardized tests and increased enrollments in upper-level math and science classes have resulted where Saxon has been used in public schools. Students like Saxon because they feel successful in math instead of overwhelmed. Because of the format, children are able to work more independently.


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This will help teach the lessons that are in the book.
Lakeisha K on Mar 22, 2021
Explanation of concepts very helpful.
Jessica Z on Jan 10, 2021
This will help teach the lessons that are in the book.
Lakeisha K on Mar 22, 2021
This was recommended to me by a friend as a helpful learning tool for Saxon Calculus 1!
Terra C on Mar 2, 2021
Explanation of concepts very helpful.
Jessica Z on Jan 10, 2021
so that my 11th grader can fully understand calculus!
Jennifer D on Jun 21, 2020
My student needs this for Calc 1 and it was 10.00 cheaper than DIVE. Always use you when I can!
Anne S on Feb 5, 2020
This was recommended to me by a friend as a helpful learning tool for Saxon Calculus 1!
Terra C on Mar 2, 2021
so that my 11th grader can fully understand calculus!
Jennifer D on Jun 21, 2020
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My daughter is using this and says it is very helpful.
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