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Physics 101 DVD

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Product Description:

If you like the idea of a dvd to teach your high school physics course, Wes Olson has the solution Physics 101. Like the other courses in the 101 Series, Wes Olson offers an engaging visual course rather than having the student read a text. Learn about the physics of our world, historical figures and their contributions and do hands-on labs to help you understand the concepts.

Physics 101 covers concepts in these areas: light and color, mirrors and lenses, invisibility and speed of light, sound, acoustics, fire, thermodynamics, heat and cold, electricity, outlets and circuits, batteries and electromagnetic spectrum, Isaac Newton, Universal Law of Gravity, 1st Law of Motion, 2nd and 3rd Laws of Motion, Albert Einstein, relativity, quantum mechanics and the future of physics. There are 20 segments and a video for each that range in length from 20 to 43 minutes - a total of 11 hours and 10 minutes of video. Options are offered for subtitles and closed captions a variety of languages are offered.

There are PDFs that you may want to print and are included on the fourth disc (there are four discs in this course). The first pdf is titled, "Course Accreditation Program and the second is the "Guidebook. Instructions for opening the pdfs are printed on the face of Disc 1. Print out the files, hole punch them and put them in a notebook for your convenience.

The Course Accreditation Program (CAP) is important information on how to use the course and get high school credit a syllabus. Physics 101 provides about 135 hours of content, which is enough for one credit in physics. Basically, a lesson includes 4 steps: watch the video lesson, discuss the questions (found in the guidebook), do the mini-labs, research, write a 200-word report and take the segment quiz. The CAP includes all of the information for doing mini-labs lists, instructions and where to fit them in. Mini-labs use common household items and a master list is found on page 4 of the CAP. You may run across a few unusual items, such as a canned air horn, microphone with jack to plug into your cell phone, magnesium fire starter, volt meter, etc. Items that are less common are marked, and you can skip labs if the items can't be found; you will find that some sections have no labs and others have multiple. Instructions are included for assembling a student notebook that will be used all year; here students will record, take notes.

The Guidebook is 106 pages and includes the table of contents (showing the segment and chapter divisions), an outline for each segment, discussion questions, quizzes, quiz answers and an alphabetic index.

Physics 101 is a great high school level physics for your visual student or an interesting and informational watch for your family. Presented from a Christian worldview, students will learn about the relationship between science and the Bible in the area of physics. ~ Donna

Publisher Description:

Explore the fascinating science of physics and study the principles and laws that drive the natural world.

With over eleven hours of information packed into four DVDs, this series presents everyone with a rich opportunity to study the clockwork of God's universe.

Included on Disc D is a printable (PDF) guidebook with quizzes covering the material presented in each segment and a one year high school course booklet. The guidebook allows the student to easily review all the information covered in the films.Each guidebook segment includes a multiple choice quiz and discussion questions.

Physics can be a complicated subject, but that doesn't mean that it has to be boring and impossible to understand. Veteran filmmaker Wes Olson will take you on a journey into the incredible universe created by God, from Newton's laws to the complex concepts behind quantum mechanics. Once you have finished this course, you will feel at ease discussing relativity, explaining the correlation between energy, mass and the speed of light, and perhaps.even Schrdinger's cat.

Physics 101 was developed and hosted by Wes Olson, Multnomah Bible College graduate, veteran filmmaker of 20 years, and producer of Biology and Chemistry 101. Wes guides you through the science of physics; untangling and decoding complex terms and ideas into an organized and easy to use format. This DVD course will give your children a thorough overview of the world of Physics.

Category Description for The 101 Series DVDs:
Offering engaging visual content, hands-on labs and activities, and printable files, these courses may be the perfect option for your learner. Each course includes four DVDs and PDF files. Videos are well done, with a little humor thrown in to keep the content interesting. Biblical Worldview is woven throughout the course. Along with the instructional DVDs, courses include a printable “Course Accreditation Program” (CAP) and Guidebook . The CAP provides the syllabus for high school credit, field trip suggestions, student notebook directions, and mini-lab instructions. Labs use easily found items. The Guidebook includes the table of contents, segment outlines, discussion questions, quizzes, quiz answers, and an alphabetic index. Guidebook pages follow the points of the video presentation along with black/white illustrations and interesting tidbits of information printed in the margins. Each section includes a multiple-choice quiz and discussion questions. An excellent alternative to the traditional textbook.

Items listed in this section tend to be complete science programs with a teacher and student component, requiring few supplements besides science supplies.

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To complete a high school science credit for a non-science minded student after great success with Chemistry 101.
Lori L on Aug 25, 2022
I chose Physics 101 DVD hoping to find an engaging and understandable resource for learning physics.
Christine M on Jun 25, 2022
To complete a high school science credit for a non-science minded student after great success with Chemistry 101.
Lori L on Aug 25, 2022
We have used Biology 101 & Chemistry 101 and have liked the Christian Worldview approach to teaching science.
Katy L on Aug 11, 2022
I chose Physics 101 DVD hoping to find an engaging and understandable resource for learning physics.
Christine M on Jun 25, 2022
We enjoyed the Biology 101 dvd, so, we thought we'd try this out too.
Alanna C on May 13, 2022
I got each of the Westfield science and math videos so that my children can regularly watch them in order to learnt he concepts well.
Shannon S on May 4, 2022
I chose this curriculum because our son is dyslexic and any visual instruction is of great benefit to him.
Karin M on Nov 16, 2021
Needed for a class.
Melisa W on Jul 17, 2021
Good, solid, practical, and engaging teaching
Fred W on Jul 8, 2021
Haven't seen it yet, so can't give a proper answer, but it looked like something my child would enjoy for science.
KIRSTIE on Jun 3, 2021
We've used Biology 101 and Chemistry 101. We've loved both of them! We can't wait to try this one as well!
User on Feb 10, 2021
my child has dyslexia so I need something in DVD form and I love their Biology.
Anna M F on Sep 2, 2020
Biology 101 and Chemistry 101 were perfect for our family- a solid introduction to science but not an overload like so many programs.
User on Aug 21, 2020
Our family thoroughly enjoyed the content of biology 101 and decided to try this as well. God was given glory though each lesson of the biology course!
Jana R on Aug 20, 2020
We liked Biology 101 and decided to get this one and Chemistry 101.
Lori O on Jul 29, 2020
We love Biology 101 and Chemistry 101.
Kelly N on Apr 3, 2020
We loved his Chemistry DVD
Carmen P on Feb 24, 2020
to help our daughter understand another Physics class that she is having trouble with
Brenda M on Feb 19, 2020
This science series is awesome for students who are not going into a scientific field, but want a great course to learn the basics.
Linda D on Sep 22, 2019
Frankly, this is a budget-friendly choice. Hope it's good!!!
Denise F on Sep 11, 2019
We own the Chemistry 101 DVDs, and thoroughly enjoyed them. We're excited to learn more about Physics as well.
Rhonda H on Aug 12, 2019
Loved the Chemistry DVD’s by them
Tammy F on Aug 12, 2019
My daughter has enjoyed Biology 101 and Chemistry 101. She says it is the science program she has learned the most in over all others.
SETH H on Aug 7, 2019
Excited to have a science that includes videos as a main part of the teaching/learning, but yet it has a lab and notebook component as well.
Glenda C on Aug 4, 2019
We have done and enjoyed the Biology and Chemistry from the 101 Series. We plan to do the videos along with the Applied Engineering to make a great Physical Science year.
Kimberlyn B on Jul 31, 2019
I was looking for a Physics curriculum that would work well for my son who has dyslexia, and I think this one will.
Heather M on Jul 26, 2019
I was able to watch the introduction and the series is very well done. The presenter is engaging, intelligent, clear, and organized. I'm excited for this series!
Kristy W on May 31, 2019
I can't wait to watch this with my son! My kids and I have loved the Biology and Chemistry 101 dvds.
Heather S on Mar 21, 2019
I teach Chemistry and Physics at a Christian school. I love the Chemistry edition and am looking forward to viewing the Physics edition and sharing it with my students.
Ronnie R on Jan 26, 2019
DVD format
Flo D on Dec 27, 2018
HOD msg board suggestion
Shilo R on Sep 7, 2018
We have used Biology 101 and Chemistry 101 also by Frank Sherwin and they worked well for our family. This was requested by my 15 year old daughter.
Tina F on Aug 28, 2018
We used Chemistry 101 last year and loved it. The videos are interesting, informative, and well done. And the reading, writing assignments, and experiments really help to reinforce the material covered in the videos. Would definitely recommend.
Tabitha K on Aug 26, 2018
We used Biology 101 last year for 10th grade. My daughter liked it and wanted to continue the 101 Series with DVD for 11th.
Kathleen A on Aug 13, 2018
My friend has the Biology 101 and it feels like we can understand this and use it with ease. The visual side is like you are there, he's talking to you.
Cathy S on Aug 7, 2018
Used Biology 101 last year and loved it!
Kimberly H on Aug 7, 2018
For my High Schooler.
Susan W on Feb 15, 2018
We have used the Biology and Chemistry from the same series and loved them.
Thad H on Jan 17, 2018
I am homeschooling but also working full time. The videos may help my child be more independent.
danita j on Jan 3, 2018
This DVD course will be used to cover Physics concepts for my student's course work.
Rachel F on Nov 3, 2017
Fun & easy course.
Shelly V on Oct 4, 2017
This came highly recommended by scientists whom we know.
Kaari B on Sep 15, 2017
I can hear my slightly cynical teen aged son LAUGHING during science when he's watching this series. Enough said.
Melanie B on Aug 31, 2017
Good reviews and will use with exploring the World of Physics book
Sharon P on Aug 27, 2017
I like the other science 101 DVDs
User on Aug 26, 2017
We had used Chemistry 101 and found it very informative and engaging. It is not obviously for a child who is a college bound science or engineering student. But it is wonderful for my literature and arts mind child who needs a well rounded education.
Tamara H on Aug 23, 2017
I have seen the Chemistry 101, and it was absolutely wonderful! He makes science come alive and be understandable.
Christy B on Aug 14, 2017
I have used Biology 101 and chemistry 101. My children have loved it and have learned a lot.
christy M on Jul 1, 2017
Tried chemistry 101 last year. Liked the curriculum.
Diana H on Jun 30, 2017
I chose this product because it is in an easy to use video format that requires little work.
Shasta S on Jun 12, 2017
Wanted to complete the set of Wes Olsen videos. Wonderful series-very approachable!
Kemi B on Jun 2, 2017
We have used Biology 101 & Chemistry 101 and have liked the Christian Worldview approach to teaching science.
Katy L on Aug 11, 2022
We enjoyed the Biology 101 dvd, so, we thought we'd try this out too.
Alanna C on May 13, 2022
Is there a lab kit that compliments this course?
Paula M on May 12, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Not that I know of, but there is a list of lab supplies needed in the accreditation booklet on the DVD. You can also find this list at the 101 Series website. Most of the items are easy to find.
Is this DVD enough to prepare for HS level testing?
User on May 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No, IMO. Its very easy. More like a junior high school level.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Physics 101
My daughter has fully enjoyed this series and has also watched the Chemistry 101 series. She has learned much and actually has watched them multiple times!
September 10, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Physics 101 DVD
My son is really enjoying these DVD's, as his 11th grade high school science curriculum this year.
July 3, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Looks like a good fit for us!
Disclaimer: I have only previewed my purchase by watching the first few segments and printing/reviewing the guidebook and course accreditation booklet from the DVD.

I bought Biology 101, Chemistry 101 and Physics 101 for my youngest home ed high schooler, even though I already had other well-known high school science curriculum from previous students.

This student loves science but hates drudgery and re-writing definitions or filling in the blanks, etc. Math is ... not a joy for her. She is also artistic and a staunch defender of the Creator of science. We favor Charlotte Mason methods but we also require fidelity to a literal Genesis. This student has no desire for college, but is smart enough to attend if she wanted to. So we are not wanting to just 'check the block' for a transcript or go all 'AP' for college admissions. We are simply looking for things worth thinking about in high school. Not lame or superficial, but also not killer academic 'rigor' with all facts/math.

Having reviewed this DVD and the others in the series, I am pleased with what I've seen so far. I think it will be a good match for my student. I like the tone of the video segments and the type of information presented. I like that the student keeps a notebook that they create / illustrate rather than filling in blanks in someone else's workbook design. This is where ideas form and take root for my artistic student and from where conversations are generated.

There are 40 hrs of labs, plus activities and reports to do as part of the accredited program. (135 hrs total) As I read them, they do not seem like rote repetition / cookbook labs. Nor do they seem contrived. There is good variety, and room for the personality of the student to be expressed in the documentation.

I like the fact that quizzes are very minimal. In fact, I may not use them. I feel that most of the learning is in keeping the notebook, including lab notes and in doing internet and library research (yes, some of that).

The Christian element of this curriculum is refreshing to me. From what I have seen so far, it's not didactic or preachy, but it does bring to light the impact of worldview on science narratives and asks good questions that it seems no one is asking anymore. The creationist message is confident but not 'defensive' or combative.

Hopefully I will remember to update this when we've gone all the way through it, but for now my student and I are both optimistic that this will be a good fit.
June 15, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Another home run
We LOVE this series of science dvds with Wes. I use them at the beginning of the year to introduce and excite my student. Sometimes I follow the other assignment suggestions in the course, but we usually just the videos and take the short, written quiz. Then we move on to other courses to supplement the math aspects of Chemistry and Physics. The dvds don't necessarily have a lot of practice for that.
June 5, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Our son loves these and we actually watch these as a family! Highly recommend this one and the Chemistry one!
January 26, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love it!
Physics 101 is exactly what I was looking for! I love that it comes with quizzes and assignments that I can print out. The videos are so interesting that my 12 yr old asked if he can watched them with his high school sisters. My husband and I like to watch them too. They seem to be non denominational Christian which is what I was looking for. We plan to stick with the 101 Series all through high school.
December 15, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great Explanations!
My daughter enjoyed the lesson on Light so much that she requested the family watch it for Friday night movie night!!
September 8, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Nice job!
It's a good jumping of point for a HS student if you don't need in depth physics credit. Great as a supplement or excellent for middle school classical instruction.
September 24, 2017
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Physics in Plain English
I bought this DVD for my High School Students as a supplement to Apologia's Physics. We're finding it so interesting the whole family wants to watch it. It is High school level but it is so well worded with interesting graphics used to explain the concepts that even those of us who haven't had Physics before can understand it!
December 5, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love this series
We have used the Biology 101 and my daughter is currently using Chemistry 101 (My husband and I have already watched the entire Chemistry course videos just for fun). When I saw they had a Physics 101 I purchased it based on what we saw in Chemistry 101. I never took Chemistry or Physics in high school so the thought of my kids taking these classes as homeschoolers seemed a bit daunting. But this series does a fabulous job of taking the concepts that seem intimidating or complicated and presenting them in a way that makes sense to the whole family. Couldn't be happier with this entire series!
October 19, 2016
over 6 years ago

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