English Grammar Skills: Chapter 2 Activities

English Grammar Skills: Chapter 2 Activities

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Grades: 8

Product Description:

Publisher Description:

This course is designed to equip students with a strong understanding of the eight parts of speech, grammar, and writing skills. The course consists of five, saddle-stitched chapters in an 81/2 X 11 inch size magazine format. The five chapters of text are supplemented with five corresponding activity books that guide students chronologically through the lessons. The combined set of texts and activity books are applicable in regular classrooms or guided, individualized learning programs.

Students are introduced to character-building life principles and vignettes of persons who role model positive life styles. Each lesson and the corresponding activity questions are based on the vignette in a clever approach that ties English grammar skills to real-life situations. Every grammar rule or part of speech is illustrated twice with sentences drawn from the vignette. This technique connects students to the study of English in a practical and engaging manner. Students experience the highly effective individualized learning approaches that enhances content mastery.

Each lesson is introduced with a theme art illustration that draws the student emotionally into the text. This course is designed for eighth grade but is an excellent "brush up or "recovery course for under-performing high school students or adults who are weak in English grammar skills.

A major feature of all Paradigm English courses is the vignette approach, carefully designed to engage students to aspire towards noble character and life purpose. During the learning process, students enhance vocabulary, build moral character, and gain insight on how to make wise life choices.

Category Description for English Grammar Skills (Grade 8):

The course provides thorough coverage of grammar, usage, and mechanics including:

    nouns—common, proper, singular, plural, concrete, abstract, collective, compound, possessive, nouns (special cases)—titles, direct address
    dependent and independent clauses, and clauses that act like nouns
    verbs—action, state-of-being, phrases, inking, auxiliary and main, transitive, intransitive, tenses (present, past, future), irregular, participles, perfect tenses, progressive tenses, perfect progressive tenses; using have and has; lie and lay, rise and raise, sit and set;
    noun/verb agreement,
    conjunctions, coordinating conjunctions
    adjectives—predicate, proper, articles, comparative and superlative,
    adverbs—affirmative and negative, groups, comparative and superlative;
    prepositions—tricky, phrases, phrases that act like adjectives and adverbs,
    analyzing phrases; verbal—infinitives, split infinitives, phrases, participles, gerunds
    capitalization—proper nouns and new sentences, dialogues and titles, proper adjectives and “I,” poetry, calendar, letters and outlines;
    special words—here and there, every and many
    simple, compound, compound subjects and agreement, and complex sentence structure.
    parts of sentences, subjects and predicates, complete subject, direct objects, predicate nominatives, indirect objects, objects of prepositions,
    punctuation—end, commas, appositives, commas that set apart certain words, quotation marks, apostrophes, colons, semicolons; word emphasis—italics, underlines
    word-building—roots, prefixes that show negation, time, quantity, direction, position; suffixes that form nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs; comparative and superlative suffixes

Available for this course: Full Course Kit (includes print Chapter Texts, Activity Books, and Teacher Resource Kit as well as a free digital download of the TRK). The Chapter Texts, Activity Books and Teacher Resource Kit can also be purchased separately.

"Designed to be self-teaching." These are magic words for many homeschoolers particularly at the high school level. And while this curriculum has many positive characteristics, its self-teaching aspect is sure to rank high. But don't overlook the other positives: broad coverage of grammar, usage, and mechanics, vocabulary, literary elements, and composition as well as encouraging and character-building anecdotes and principles. Although utilizing a black and white format, the graphics are well designed and interesting.

The Chapter Texts (pages vary from 50 to 70 pgs) follow a pattern: vocabulary, vignette illustrating a life principle, and teaching segments. All straight-forward and easy to complete. The Activities Books are consumable with reading comprehension questions from the vignette, a vocabulary exercise, and several exercises reinforcing the Text's teaching segments. Most course Chapters contain 15 lessons divided into three Sections. Quizzes follow each Section with Tests for each Chapter. Students are expected to check their own work in the Activities. As an incentive, if they score 85% or better on the Section Quizzes (graded by parent/proctor), they may not be required to take the Chapter Test.

The Teacher's Resource Kit provides answers to activity questions as well as copies of the Section Quizzes and Chapter Tests along with their answers. The TRK also includes helpful, professional forms such as a Transcript Planner, Academic Contract, and Academic Goal Chart - all with directions for use. Included with the TRK is a digital access code to a pdf version.

Full Course Kits include the Texts and Activities books for all five chapters as well as the Teacher Resource Kit (printed plus digital access). ~ Janice

Please note: There are some miscellaneous items from older editions that are still available and can be used with the newer edition [TRK on CD-ROM (content is identical to the printed version) or Texts on CD-ROM].

Category Description for COMPLETE ENGLISH PROGRAMS:

These materials offer complete coverage of both writing and grammar.

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