Mystery of History V3 Audio CD Set

Mystery of History V3 Audio CD Set

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Item #: 058576
ISBN: 9780692021729
Grades: 4-8

Product Description:

Please note: at some points in the narration, music has been added behind the author's voice, but non-musical versions are also available for download on the publisher's website.

Publisher Description:

Bring The Mystery of History to life! Through this 22-disc set, you can listen to The Mystery of History Volume III through the voice of the author, Linda Lacour Hobar. With the addition of soft thematic music, you’ll feel as if you’re traveling through time. In the car, over lunch, before bed, or as an integral part of your school day – there are endless ways for all ages to benefit from this listening library of world history.

Total listening time 21 hours and 12 minutes.

Volume III is a hardcover text with information divided into semesters, then weeks, and then into three lessons for each of 28 weeks. Scattered throughout the book are beautiful full-color illustrations and photos on semi-glossy bordered pages. The student pages, quizzes, and activities, etc. are not found in this text. These are found in the Companion Guide only. Instructions to download a digital copy of this Companion Guide (pdf files) is included with the purchase of the book.

Volume 3 picks up where Volume 2 leaves off. It begins at 1455 AD and goes through 1707 AD. Watch history unfold around the world during that time period, and see how events fit together. You'll meet rulers, painters, sculptors, scientists, and philosophers. History is presented in small, digestible pieces as you learn about the Renaissance and Reformation in Europe, dynasties in India, native Australians, and the Tokugawa family in Japan. You will understand events in light of the times in which they happened. Best of all, the author shows the role of God throughout history.

The Companion Guide is currently available in three different formats. The digital download version is included with the text but you can also purchase a CD-ROM which allows you to print tests, quizzes, exercises, worksheets, maps, and appendix pages from pdf files. The Companion Guide book (looseleaf format) has the same content as the CD-ROM or digital download and is reproducible. ~ Donna

Category Description for Mystery of History:

This four-volume world history series provides students with a biblically-based and engaging overview of leading events and personalities from creation to the early 21st century. The series is chronological in structure while employing a number of classical education methods. Volume 1 examines Ancient History, Volume 2 the Middle Ages, Volume 3 the Renaissance, Reformation & Growth of Nations, while Volume 4 studies Revolutions to Rising Times (1708 - 2010). Each volume has from 28 to 36 weekly lessons. The essential resources at each level are the Student Text (Reader) and separate Companion Guide that includes research and writing exercises, map and timeline work, quarterly worksheets, tests and quizzes, and a wide variety of hands-on activities. The Guides (pdf files) are available, depending on the volume, in print form, as a CD, and/or in digital download format. Optional resources include audio versions of each text, as well as "super supplemental" CD's in PDF format that feature coloring pages, notebooking sheets and extra challenge/enrichment plans that can be printed at will.

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Mystery of History
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Provides independent option for student to listen to lesson rather than waiting on me to read aloud. Great for reinforcement after reading the chapter, listening on car rides. Plus, saves my voice for other teaching/reading in school day.
Nicole R on Sep 1, 2021
My children like to listen to this history.
Itzel R on Aug 18, 2020
Provides independent option for student to listen to lesson rather than waiting on me to read aloud. Great for reinforcement after reading the chapter, listening on car rides. Plus, saves my voice for other teaching/reading in school day.
Nicole R on Sep 1, 2021
The audio book is read very well and makes the stories interesting for the listener. I highly recommend Mystery of History audios.
User on Aug 18, 2021
My children like to listen to this history.
Itzel R on Aug 18, 2020
Helps us make good use of our driving time.
Cari P on Aug 8, 2020
My daughters use this to listen while they read. Very helpful for boosting their retention.
Mary D on Aug 8, 2020
Love this program and that it comes with an audio CD!
Viktoriya K on Aug 7, 2020
Ease of listening to lesson
Kelly H on Jul 24, 2020
7th grader learns better by listening
Kimberly H on Sep 30, 2019
My kids love listening to audio presentations and have enjoyed learning history in this format.
Nathan C on Sep 16, 2019
My boys listened to 1/2 and hour and were hooked! I'm buying all 4 volumes.
Lolly H on Jul 30, 2019
This is a great option for auditory learners.
Kelli M on Jul 17, 2019
Encourage to buy the CD from the Co-op that I am part of because it is very good
Tanya L on Jul 1, 2019
My kids have really enjoyed sitting and listening to the lessons. They would work on notes pages or coloring pages while listening.
B on Jun 30, 2019
Not having to read out loud will save me time
Anna C on Dec 6, 2018
We use these audios to help us keep moving forward through the readings in case Mom is unable to make time for it, the kids can keep going. Or it even allows all of us to sit and listen together while we eat breakfast.
Karyn S. on Sep 15, 2018
Will hopefully be able to listen to these in the car!
Jackson F on Sep 6, 2018
We have gone thru all the books, now am buying the CD's - I love them, my kids love them!
Katie T on Aug 26, 2018
My son loves to listen to the recordings. He is an auditory learner, so this makes homeschooling more enjoyable for him.
Carol F on Aug 24, 2018
The audio CDs make history a breeze. It's so nice to be able to listen to history in the car as we travel to a field trip or use listening as a way to reinforce what we've read.
Melody E on Aug 2, 2018
We LOVE the first 2 volumes and are ready to move on to the 3rd.
Melinda S on Jul 15, 2018
We love the MOH but over the school year when Mom gets a cold and can't read aloud the CD's keep us on track (and we use them in the car too!)
Laura M on Jul 6, 2018
Love this curriculum, but especially appreciate that it is on audio cd's. Wish they had Volume 4 on cd.
Julie L on Dec 14, 2017
I have a child that is not a strong reader and I don't always have time to read out loud to her. I read the text prior to assigning it to prepare myself and to prepare the child for what she is going to read, and then she gets the textbook and listens to the audio book while following along with the text.
Lisa F on Dec 7, 2017
I have purchased one of these each year for my husband for Christmas. He listens to them on his commute to work. Then we use them for our home school when appropriate.
Bonnie G on Nov 14, 2017
Looking for a change from Story of the World. We love Jim Weiss, but we just want something a little different.
Genevie D on Oct 10, 2017
We use the MOH audio to supplement another history program that we are doing with our coop. We very much appreciate the Christian Worldview the MOH provides.
Jon P on Oct 2, 2017
classes co-op
Tania B on Sep 18, 2017
We have done volume 1 & 2 as an overview of history &, loved it. We simply listen to the very pleasant audio, do the pretests, quizzes and tests as a family and add the coloring pages as we listen....LOVE IT!!!
Lary D on Sep 9, 2017
She reads so I don't have to.
Yvonne T on Sep 7, 2017
The ease of being able to pop in the cd for my son to listen is very helpful!!!
Shannon F on Aug 27, 2017
We have volume 1 and enjoyed it.
Mercedes C on Jun 29, 2017
I have a son who struggles with reading comprehension. The ability to listen while reading improves his retention of the material. This is invaluable to me as I have six children. Reading aloud is not always something I am able to do as much as I would like. Moreover, seeing the words in the book as they are read helps boost his reading skills, so says our reading therapist. (This has a similar effect of using the closed captions while watching a movie or television program.)
Kristen D on Apr 24, 2017
Chose this because my son struggles with pronunciations. I plan for him to read along in the book. This will lower his anxiety level.
Leslie T on Mar 30, 2017
Awesome program!
User on Mar 6, 2017
We love The Mystery of History! And with the print out cds, I can use them with all my kids for years to come. I love listening to the cds while driving as well :-)
tiffany e on Jan 17, 2017
Kids love it!
Christi S on Aug 22, 2016
Bought to meet the needs of student with learning disabilities. Auditory learner.
Rick P on Aug 16, 2016
Love how the author always ties the lessons back to God and scripture that supports it. It gives the readers a big picture view of how we are all connected and can learn.
Kar H on Aug 4, 2016
Hands down the best History Curriculum... I like that I can use it with all levels with all my kids.
Mindy C on Aug 4, 2016
We love Mystery of History and my son is an auditory learner.
Lori T on Aug 1, 2016
My son is dyslexic.
Kimberly E on Jul 30, 2016
In the car a lot, thought it would be fun to listen to.
Lisa K on Jul 23, 2016
My boys really enjoy listening to the audio stories. We like that she includes Gods story in history.
Anastasia O on Jun 30, 2016
More convenient to listen to the stories on CD.
Lisa T on Jun 23, 2016
Linda's voice is sweet and easy to listen to. We use the CD's as review after I have read the lessons to the children.
User on Jun 17, 2016
I chose this item because some of my children are audio learners and some simply need to hear and see the information. I also like not having to try to pronoun some of the names of the people and places. She adds music too to the reading in which my children enjoy.
Pam B on Jun 1, 2016
The audio Cds are great for those of us who cannot pronounce foreign names and places correctly.
rebecca w on May 28, 2016
Allows us to use travel time or lunch time as school time. We have used the Story of the World Audios as well and have really enjoyed this
Clarice J on Mar 30, 2016
My dyslexic son absolutely LOVES the audio sets! He listens to the lessons and does the other work required. It's a great curr and I'm thrilled there is the audio component. Thank you!
Pamela B on Mar 14, 2016
Wanted a thorough, yet interesting history program for various aged children. Came well recommended.
Heather B on Feb 21, 2016
The audio book is read very well and makes the stories interesting for the listener. I highly recommend Mystery of History audios.
User on Aug 18, 2021
Helps us make good use of our driving time.
Cari P on Aug 8, 2020
4.8 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Going on our third year with this curriculum.
Our boys now age 11 and 14 say that their favorite subject in school is Ancient History. They LOVE Mystery to History. We use the Cd's so that if we are not at home we listen in the car. They take a pretest, they listen and then they do the exercises.
April 30, 2020
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We love how Christianity is woven so thoroughly through Mystery of History.! My 11 year old son and I are enjoying learning history together. Interesting for young and old alike.
September 19, 2016
over 5 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Perfect compliment to the text
We enjoy listening to the audio as we follow along with the text. The author has a nice voice that is easy to enjoy. While I don't think the cd's are a must, they definitely compliment the curriculum. We are able to listen to it in the car or at home over and over. My kids (15, 13, 9, and 5) always look forward to our history time.
March 23, 2016
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Works for us.
Works great for our family. I have 3 boys ages 10, 11, 13. They like to listen to the audio.
October 19, 2015
over 6 years ago

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