Story Bible (Hardcover)

Story Bible (Hardcover)

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Grades: PK-3

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Publisher Description:

Never before in our nearly 150 years of publishing have we produced a Bible for children as rich and feature filled as The Story Bible. This treasure will be a great help to pastors, teachers, parents and grandparents as they, like the faithful mother and grandmother of St. Timothy, lead the little ones to understand the Sacred Scriptures.

Throughout this Bible, high quality realistic art from our Growing in Christ series is used to fully engage the reader, rather than using cartoon artwork that might suggest to children that the Bible stories are pretend rather than real.

Our intent was to keep the focus on Christ by presenting stories with Old Testament prophecies about Christ so we could present one story for all of Scripture - God's gift of the Savior. Instead of paraphrasing each story, they were drawn directly from the Bible while adjusting them for student readability.

Many stories from the latter part of the Old Testament have been included so that children may begin to build an understanding of the sequence of biblical history. There is also a user's guide included to explain how to use this Bible with children at different stages of development and reading levels.

Other unique features included in this Bible are discussion questions, learning activities, and prayers. These bring each story to life, making a meaningful and lasting impression on children from ages 3 to 8.

Whether for at-home use, in preschools, or as part of a congregation-wide children's ministry, this Bible will make a lasting impact.


130 Bible stories drawn directly from the Bible

Focus on Christ with Old Testament prophecies included

Highlights challenging words

Beautiful life-like illustrations

Discussion questions

Learning activities


Presentation page

Large readable text (14 point type)

Large 9 x 10 format, lies flat


User's guide for different age levels

Category Description for Christian Studies (Gr. K-2):

Weekly studies in the Christian Studies Enrichment Guide are based on The Story Bible and provide a way to go systematically through the Bible at a young age. Kindergarten study is Creation to the death of Moses (with a break to observe the birth of Christ at Christmas and the Resurrection during Easter.) First Grade continues the study with Joshua through the end of the Old Testament. Second grade covers the New Testament. The Enrichment Guide provides a short list of vocabulary words (with definitions) plus discussion questions (with answers) for each story. Go over the vocabulary words before reading each story and follow up with talking through the questions. There is one study per week for grades K-2 in this guide. 127 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

Category Description for Arch Books Story Bible:

This book presents the timeless stories of the Bible in a way that will intrigue young children. With colorful illustrations, the parables come alive. Starting in the Old Testament with Creation and ending in the New Testament with John's vision of heaven in Revelation, this story Bible covers all the major stories of the Bible. Each message is short and moves in a succinct manner that will hold the attention of children. The information is accurately drawn from Scripture and makes use of the same wording. Each chapter includes the biblical reference, list of key words, and instructions for the readers to ask, do and pray about things pertaining to the story. For instance, in the story of Ester, the instructions tell readers to ask themselves what bad things Haman wanted to do, plan and prepare a unique meal for their families, and pray to thank God for making Esther brave. A glossary with definitions of key words is included, making it a great tool for younger children to learn to read and build their vocabularies. The Story Bible would be ideal for children to read on their own, help them to learn to read, or used to teach biblical lessons after dinner or during bedtime. 130 stories. 480 pgs, hardcover. - John

Category Description for Memoria Press Classical Curriculum:

Memoria Press now offers complete Curriculum Manuals and grade-level curriculum packages for PK-10 using the classical methodology. Recitation is used in every level for memorization of basic facts, systematic phonics and good books are used for reading education, copywork is used for teaching Bible truths, and music and art are included for enrichment in the early (K-3) levels. Each Curriculum Manual contains complete lesson plans for a one-year course of study.

The Curriculum Manuals are well-formatted and easy to use. In the front of each book you will find a checklist of the materials needed at that level, an explanation of this curriculum, instructions for lesson implementation, a recommended schedule and blank schedule for your own planning purposes, and 33 weeks of detailed lesson plans. Lessons include assignments from the books used at each grade level, as well as activity suggestions. The appendices include a variety of material for that grade level, and may include: prayers, letter activities, recitation, memory verses, read-aloud book list, poetry list and selections, and a paintings/music list for kindergarten and first grade. These pages are reproducible for family or classroom use.

Although most of the guides have been available for several years, the curriculum was restructured in 2015, with many of the programs originally included in 3rd grade now with a slower pacing to span 3rd and 4th grade. Guides for grades 3 and up have been modified to reflect this change, while the lower-level guides have only had minor changes. If you are already midway into the program with the original guides, you can still continue in that track with the older guides, now titled Acclerated Classical Core Curriculum Manual. You can find these along with the complete list of curriculum resources used with them on our website.

We have complete grade-level resource packages, consumable packages for “refill,” new user packages for levels that reuse resources from a previous level, read-aloud packages for each level and science and enrichment packages for the early levels. Curriculum resources are also listed individually (see website for specific contents of consumables and read-aloud packages). Please note that several of the programs include First Form Latin and Classical Composition, which should be completed in order, regardless of what is in the grade level package.If you have a student entering the program after fourth grade, you will need to start them in Classical Composition: Fable Stage and/or First Form Latin instead of what might be in the package.

This series is for the parent who wants a good classical curriculum which is outlined and ready to use. Simply open the book and follow the instructions. You will be well on your way to a quality education for your young ones. ~ Donna

There will be families who are very thankful for the appearance of this curriculum; for years it's seemed as though classical education and special needs might be incompatible. Then comes Cheryl Swope who just...does it. Not only did she start walking down the classical path with her special needs twins, but she quickly realized that it was the very best possible educational path for them. The combination of systematic repetition, language skills emphasis, gracious implementation and quality content has reaped amazing results, transforming their challenging lives into those with meaningful expressions of beauty and service.

Simply Classical Curriculum, written by Mrs. Swope, is essentially a set of lesson plans coupled with a choice reading list that moves gradually into some of the Memoria Press curriculum products (i.e. First Start Reading and Classical Phonics) as well as other early level curriculum products (i.e. Rod & Staff preschool workbooks). A quick look at these lesson plans might cause you to conclude that it is simply a typical classical program slooooowed way down. You're not exactly wrong, but you're not exactly right either. It's rather that the possibility of slowing way down is built into the lessons. The daily collection of lessons - rich in quality literature - progress slowly and surely through the process of laying a very solid foundation in classical learning. The plans/program offers 10 key features:

  • - The rich, beautiful content of a classical Christian education
  • - A slower pace with ample review
  • - An emphasis on books with elegant illustrations to cultivate a taste for excellence
  • - A multi-sensory presentation of material
  • - Oral language components
  • - Skills checklists
  • - Integration across subjects
  • - Themed levels
  • - A trivium approach
  • - Socratic questioning

Introductory information for each level includes a program overview, readiness assessment, FAQs concerning where to begin, list of read-aloud books, supply list, brief teacher notes, and a week-by-week chart for recitation and memory work. The detailed readiness assessment for each level covers language, cognitive ability, emotional development, fine-motor skills, and gross motor skills and is followed by a set of skills in each area to develop during this level of the program.

Other than making sure you have read-alouds and supplies for the day, prep is practically nil. The four-days-a-week, weekly lesson plans provide a daily checklist with specific tasks in each of several areas such as calendar, alphabet/numbers, and motor skills. In levels B and C, Simply Classical Crafts is incorporated into the arts/crafts tasks. Opening and closing the learning period with prayer is not only encouraged but prompted with suggestions for prayers to learn. There are 34 weeks of plans plus eight weeks of review. 110 - 180 pgs, pb.

The Core Curriculum Packages include the Curriculum Manual (Lesson Plans) plus books/workbooks used throughout the year. The Read Aloud Packages include all the books used as read alouds for the year. The Supply Packages are a collection of school supplies that are needed to complete the program. ~ Janice

Category Description for Simply Classical Curriculum Level 1:

Theme is Sentences, Sums, & Stories. Approximate mental age for this level is 5-6. This level focuses on reading words and sentences; mastery of basic arithmetic facts and skills; learning Bible stories and memorizing verses; improving handwriting and oral language skills; developing appreciation for literature, music, and art; observing nature; and exploring history, geography and our world using a variety of tactile/sensory, recitation, and movement/kinesthetic activities.

Category Description for Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum:

The Kindergarten level provides instruction in reading, correct pencil grip, letter and number formation, and basic arithmetic counting, adding, subtracting, telling time, and counting money. Children ages 4-6 can use the program if they are reading ready, have the ability to count to 10, print their name, recognize most letters, rhyme words, and segment sounds.

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because it goes with the Memoria press book. And also, the video presentation was a big help.
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because it goes with the Memoria press book. And also, the video presentation was a big help.
Amanda M on May 14, 2019
Story Bible is very close to what the scriptures actually say. I love the illustrations and the suggested questions to ask.
Melissa S on Jul 3, 2017
For Memoria Press Kindergarten
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matches memoria press recommendation
Cassey L on Aug 9, 2016
Story Bible is very close to what the scriptures actually say. I love the illustrations and the suggested questions to ask.
Melissa S on Jul 3, 2017
matches memoria press recommendation
Cassey L on Aug 9, 2016
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