Who Is My Neighbor? (And Why Does He Need Me?) Volume 3

Who Is My Neighbor? (And Why Does He Need Me?) Volume 3

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Grades: 1-9

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Eight lessons help kids understand what it means to be salt & light to the world and encourage them to develop a Christlike servant attitude. 262 pgs, hc.

I Peter 3:15 says "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have," and this book offers the information you need to prepare to give those answers. This hefty 400+ page book will prepare believers to defend their faith and offers solid research and scientific fact for those who are skeptics, from the perspective of two gentlemen who were atheists and came to Christ through evidence.

This text explores the meaning of truth and the truth of religion through evidence that supports Bible content in the areas of origins, miracles and signs of God, testimony to Jesus' life, inspiration of the Word of God, and more. The curriculum guide follows the text chapter by chapter and is designed to help students remember and understand the content presented in the text. This guide is published by Apologia and co-authored by Frank Turek & Chuck Winter. Frank is also one of the authors of the text, so the two books work together flawlessly for a complete one-year study of worldview and apologetics. The curriculum guide presents supplemental material, study questions, and activities for discussion, writing, and reflection. There is no answer key for the guide, but the author suggests that most answers can be found easily in the text, and sometimes page numbers are given to help you find them. Each lesson begins with pages to read from the text, important vocabulary with space to write their definitions, and four sections titled hook, book, look, and took. Hook is designed to get your attention and make you think; Book takes you deeper into the topic covered in the chapter; Look allows opportunities for the student to research assignments or other suggested activities; and Took summarizes the information and helps you apply it. A DVD series has been developed which features Frank Turek and enhances the content of the course, but it isn't required to complete the course.

This course is easy to read and presents arguments for Christianity in a truly logical fashion. Humorous anecdotes are presented to reinforce some topics, and biographical information of some very famous scientists dot the landscape of this text and curriculum. Even if you don't want to use this as a high school course/elective, the text is an interesting read for anyone who has questions or wants to know how to defend their faith.

The statistics are disturbing. Teens and young adults who have been raised in the church are leaving and not returning later. Lots of them! Europe is filled with empty church buildings. Is America following her example? Researchers trying to find the reasons have concluded that it isn't enough to "just" take your child to church with you. It isn't enough to "just" homeschool. Parents must be actively involved in living/demonstrating/teaching the biblical Christian worldview. Worldview isn't something mystical or unknowable - it's simply the way your child (and you) looks at the world every day. Diverse beliefs about reality fill the world around us and in our emerging "global village" are coming ever closer. Christians are faced with critical questions such as: "How do we know what is true?" and "How must we live our lives in relation to the truth we come to know?" This curriculum (ultimately a four-part series) is designed to address questions like these. It is based on the biblical Christian worldview, which affirms that truth is absolute and knowable through the revelation of God. It reiterates that knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom and the key to understanding the world around us.

Apologia is providing a wonderful tool for Christian parents: user-friendly, colorful texts written in an engaging, conversational style directly to the student. A tool that can be customized to any individual child or family, encouraging Bible reading and memory work, thoughtful examination and consideration of ideas, notebooking as a means of gathering and processing information, prayer and personal application. It is both a Bible study and a doctrinal study; but it is much more. It presents students with the opportunity and necessity of turning the light inward and then turning toward the One who is the Light. As such it does not hesitate to take on some difficult questions such as: Where am I building my life? What is God like? If God created the world, why isn't it perfect? Why did God create me?

Although this series is unique in many ways, there are also many points of overlap with the worldview materials that come from Summit Ministries - indeed, one of the writers is a Summit staff writer. That's good, in my opinion, as Summit Ministries has been actively pursuing the idea of worldview education for years and has developed an orderly approach to its many facets. It also means that you can expect to see a thorough and age/grade appropriate examination of all the major worldviews as well as the implications of each on different aspects of our culture.

To give you an idea how all of this works together within a lesson, let's look at lesson 6 of Who is God? (V1): "If God Created the World, Why Isn't It Perfect?" The authors obviously understand about how to "hook" an audience because the first thing you notice as you skim through the lesson is a story about a camping trip, a recipe for S'mores Clusters (yes, they sound wonderful), and a picture of a wide screen TV. Well, the camping story introduces a father-son discussion on creation while the rest of the chapter provides the biblical and theological background - The Four Relationships of Creation. And the TV? It serves as a reminder that TV shows, movies, music and internet sites are all produced by people with worldviews and that they are powerful tools that can shape what we believe.

Each Text is a beautifully done hardcover book that includes the lessons for each course. Each lesson can be covered in about two weeks, three days per week. That timetable would probably work well for a middle school student working more or less independently. However, there's a lot of flexibility here and if you wanted to do the study as a family with multi-age children it could be slowed down considerably. Lessons follow a pattern: an overview called The Big Idea, a list of the learning objectives - What You Will Do, a short story, then Think About It (thought-provoking questions). Next is a vocabulary study - Words You Need to Know - and suggested Bible memory verses - Hide It in Your Heart. (Bible verses are primarily taken from the NIV although the ICB and NLT are sometimes used. Students are encouraged to read passages in whatever version they prefer.) The heart (and bulk) of the lesson is called "Integrated Learning" and consists of a clear presentation of the lesson contents interspersed with interesting articles (e.g. Where was the Garden of Eden? in Lesson 6, V1), biographical sketches (e.g. Fanny Crosby), illustrative artwork (often reproductions of masterpieces by Rembrandt, Velazquez, Dore, Michelangelo, and others), and Make a Note of It sections (suggestions for notebooking topics). Personal application is introduced in the What Should I Do? section along with a prayer. Each lesson concludes with Worldview in Focus - which is an ongoing study using a visual model - The House of Truth - developed by Summit Ministries.

Apologia has given us a valuable course of study. I have to admit it's courses like these that make me wish I could start my homeschooling all over again. How blessed today's generation of homeschoolers are! Although the course could be completed with just the Text, a Bible and a notebook for each child, Apologia has prepared some additional user-friendly tools. Designed to be a keepsake record of the child's spiritual growth through each course, the Notebooking Journals provide subtly colored, graphically designed (i.e. attractive and appealing) space to keep notes from the course content, vocabulary, memory verse records, reinforcing activities and mini-books, practical applications, course reviews and thoughtful responses. These are probably most appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students as there is a fair amount of writing involved. The student is the author of this journal and a nice feature is the author's biographical page at the end - all ready for the student to supply his information. [May I just add a "Wow!" here - these journals are amazingly and lovingly prepared.] The Coloring Books may appeal more to the younger set but there's enough detail to bring out the artist in anyone. The to-be-colored pictures serve as review and reinforcement; sometimes depicting characters from Bible stories or biographical sketches and sometimes asking a question of personal application. You'll want a set of high quality colored pencils like Prismacolor Scholars. The MP3 Audio CDs provide course content that can be downloaded to computers or iDevices. ~ Janice

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The most wonderful Bible curriculum and can apply to multiple ages!
Erin M on Aug 22, 2022
Excellent Christian worldview curriculum
Erfe P on Sep 8, 2020
The most wonderful Bible curriculum and can apply to multiple ages!
Erin M on Aug 22, 2022
We are currently finishing up Volume 2 in our homeschool. Great content.
Christina K on Oct 13, 2021
Excellent Christian worldview curriculum
Erfe P on Sep 8, 2020
co op class
Heather L on Aug 6, 2020
We used the second book in this series last year and absolutely loved it. I'm hoping this book will be just as good. I like the fact that it is more than a Bible study, it is applying Bible truths to life, which is what my tween and teen need now. It's filled with scripture. It has 2 verses to memorize in every unit. We usually took 2 weeks to cover each unit, reading a few pages each day, doing a notebook activity when applicable, and writing their Bible verse each day.
Cami on Jul 21, 2020
We have enjoyed the first two books in this series and we are looking forward to book 3 for this fall and book 4 for the spring.
BRITTNEY L on Jun 24, 2020
We have read the other two volumes and really enjoyed them.
Amy H on May 6, 2020
I love this series! We have completed the first book and are working through the second now.
Jessica P on Oct 4, 2019
Next in series for grandkid's homeschool.
Michael N on Feb 26, 2019
Needed volume 3 of this series. This site had best price.
Sandra J on Jan 23, 2019
Love it!
Mark H on Sep 27, 2018
Bible/Worldview homeschool curriculum
Kelly G on Sep 3, 2018
Fabulous material. My kids have enjoyed the first two volumes in this series. We took a year's break in-between Volume 2 and Volume 3 to bring in another sibling. We do Bible class together, and she didn't have the attention span to do this in Kindergarten. Looking forward to this book.
David M on Jun 23, 2018
We did the book before it last year, and I'm excited to move on in the series.
User on May 23, 2018
My daughter has really enjoyed going through the first two of this series.
Lena S on May 7, 2018
Love the series.
Angel D on Mar 18, 2018
looks like a great Bible course for our family
MONIQUE R. on Mar 14, 2018
recommended by reliable friends
Emese T on Feb 27, 2018
great bible curriculum
User on Nov 30, 2017
Fantastic series. We have complete books 1 & 2. Easy to understand biblical worldview teaching.
Sharon D on Nov 17, 2017
"We have used the other books in this series and my boys have loved learning new things about God stories in other people their own age as well as scripture that goes along with what they are learning. It is make it to long term memory for them because they have a story to relate it to in their time not just in biblical time."
Annette K on May 21, 2017
I appreciate the way this series is written. It is engaging for my upper elementary age children and holds their attention.
Megan O on Nov 7, 2016
If you are looking for a curriculum to enhance your families concept of the world around them and how we are to relate to our Heavenly Father, look no further. This series is beautifully written with parable-like stories and a builds on Biblical Truth.
Melody H on Aug 19, 2016
We have been very impressed with this series (we're on our third year) for the excellent job it does in presenting the Christian worldview. It is very good foundation for the Christian faith and does a good job helping kids to understand what we believe and why as well as helping them see and grasp the world around them and what people with other worldviews believe.
Trudie D on Jan 19, 2016
We have enjoyed this series and are looking forward to this next perspective.
Heather W on Jan 18, 2016
We are currently finishing up Volume 2 in our homeschool. Great content.
Christina K on Oct 13, 2021
co op class
Heather L on Aug 6, 2020
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Great Book
This was a great book. We did Who Am I? last year and my kids loved it. They really wanted to do another book this year, even though they are a little older. Their favorite part was the stories, but I thought the lessons were pretty good too.
March 27, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love this for Bible!!!!
October 28, 2018
over 4 years ago

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