Language Lessons for Elementary Child V1

Language Lessons for Elementary Child V1

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Item #: 043892
Grades: 3-7

More comprehensive coverage of all basic grammar concepts, sentence construction skills, plural rules, parts of letter/envelope, alphabetization, homophones, synonyms, and antonyms. 89 pgs

Category Description for Language Lessons Series by Sandi Queen:

Pick-up-and-go language arts - Charlotte Mason style. Copywork, dictation, and narration from interesting, vintage works including poetry, speeches, and stories. Full-color art reproductions typically depicting a long ago, slower, more rural lifestyle. A full spectrum of language arts skills starting with phonics and handwriting and progressing through creative writing. A gentle but thorough introduction to grammar and mechanics with periodic review. An emphasis on creative expression and poetry appreciation. What's not to like? This is a far cry from repetitive, dry grammar books and their accompanying boredom.

There are 180 teacher-student interactive lessons in each book. Lesson times are very short (5-10 minutes) in the early books and progress to about 30-45 minutes in the upper level books. The beginning books are scripted while later books progress into a warm, instructive, conversational narrative. These perfect-bound books are designed to become a consumable student portfolio. Often - particularly in the early grades - students are asked to draw pictures on left-side facing pages all of which are left purposely blank. Except for the high school book, copywork/dictation space is provided. Grammar exercises requiring editing or some sort of marking (i.e. circle subject; underline predicate) always have adequate space for completion. There is no prep for the teacher although interaction and discussion with the student and oversight of their work is necessary. Answer keys provide time-saving answers for the objective portions but may not be needed for the younger levels.

Grammar coverage is comprehensive and thorough although practice is minimal. Continual review is provided for all grammar concepts once introduced and skills are carefully sequenced through the years to encourage concept understanding. Descriptive, narrative and creative writing are all covered in varying and increasing (through the levels) degrees. However, paragraph construction skills are minimal and essay construction is found only in High School Volume 2. ~ Janice


Language arts programs listed in this section cover most areas of language arts (reading/literature, writing, grammar, spelling and handwriting) in one curriculum, although some skill areas may be covered with less intensity than a focused, stand-alone course.

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Language Arts
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Queen Homeschool Supplies
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Love this line of language lessons for elementary age! Truly gentle Charlotte Mason.
Caroline B on Jun 27, 2022
Was recommended to me as a simple yet effective way of teaching language arts.
Marisela M on Aug 9, 2020
Love this line of language lessons for elementary age! Truly gentle Charlotte Mason.
Caroline B on Jun 27, 2022
I was looking for a Charlotte Mason style language arts program for my sons to complete.
Davene F on Oct 9, 2021
Was recommended to me as a simple yet effective way of teaching language arts.
Marisela M on Aug 9, 2020
LOVE Queen Homeschool and the simplicity and gentleness of learning!
Laura S on Apr 30, 2020
I purchased Language Lessons for Elementary Child because is is an extremely gentle curriculum. Queen curriculum has many wonderful books for homeschooled children, and we have used many of them.
DIANNE S on Apr 18, 2020
Enjoyable writing and grammar
Jonna K on Jul 5, 2019
This is my choice for grammar introduction with a 3rd grader.
Savannah P on Apr 22, 2019
It is a great program. Not to much of a work load for little minds!
jackie s on Dec 30, 2018
Quick, Painless Grammar lessons, with copywork and picture study mixed in!
User on Sep 17, 2018
We have used these language lessons for years and love them! Great gentle grammar instruction and poetry and picture study and narration exercises...all laid out and in one resource! The kids can pretty much work on them independently.
Beth P on Aug 10, 2018
We have loved the content in the other Language Lesson books and look forward to using this one.
Robin R on Jun 5, 2018
have used before. we love this book
Allison H on Jan 16, 2018
We've been using the Language Lessons for Little Ones for my youngest, and my oldest keeps wanting to take part... and she's not too fond of her current language arts book. Going to give it a try, and see if this improves her interest, while continuing to teach the necessities.
Vickie S on Dec 5, 2017
Recommended by Rainbow Resource staff in a previous conversation
Jodi C on Sep 19, 2017
I'm using this to improve my children's grammar skills in a gentle manner.
User on Aug 14, 2017
We need a no fuss, gentle LA program for our struggling 5th grader. Hoping this will take him back to basics in a gentle way.
Sarah C on Mar 30, 2017
It was recommended by other parents
User on Feb 20, 2017
Looking for Charlotte Mason style resources.
Amy R on Nov 10, 2016
Queen Homeschool really knows what they're doing. The Language books are fully Charlotte Mason and pertinent to life. AND Mom is spared hours and hours of labor. Worth every penny.
Sara C K on Sep 9, 2016
Charlotte Mason style product; friend recommended
Heather L on Aug 24, 2016
I have used this curriculum before and would like to give it another try.
Sharon J on Aug 17, 2016
We are excited to try it out for the first time!
User on Jul 24, 2016
Gentle learning and biblical principles along with the competitive price made it a no brainer!
Sarah P on Jul 14, 2016
My child is able to write decently for his age, but I want him to find writing less onerous. Sure, writing is hard, but I don't want every writing assignment to be a battle of hours. I'm hoping this will help him transfer his knowledge of mechanics into paragraphs and pages written.
Rebecca E on Jul 7, 2016
This is a gentle option for students with dyslexia or other learning issues. Gives incremental instruction in easy to manage assignments. The length of the assignments is appropriate for students that are easily frustrated with a lot of writing.
Melinda on Jun 22, 2016
we love Queen's Language Lessons & have used the past few years!
User on Jun 21, 2016
I love the gentle learning format of these books.
Miriam Susan W on May 14, 2016
I saw the curriculum in Molly Green magazine and was attracted to the Charlotte Mason approach.
Karl And Carie S on Mar 16, 2016
I was looking for a Charlotte Mason style language arts program for my sons to complete.
Davene F on Oct 9, 2021
LOVE Queen Homeschool and the simplicity and gentleness of learning!
Laura S on Apr 30, 2020
4.6 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
My 10 year old daughter loves this!
January 21, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Not pleased
I don't feel like my child is learning anything.
October 2, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love this!
Love this. I used this series successfully with my three older kids (in college now) all the way through high school!
September 2, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
My daughter loves it so far...
After much searching, I found something that my daughter actually enjoys!!! She will get out the book, and will complete 4-6 lessons on her own!! This a girl who until now hated book work. It has also spurred her on to learn from other workbooks that she would not touch before.
March 23, 2017
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love this language arts!
This is the second book we have used in this series and my son loves it! It teaches in small bite size pieces, perfect my busy boy.
November 9, 2015
over 7 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We used this book for the 2012-2013 school year There were things we liked and things we didn't Our 4th grader really enjoyed the picture studies We used a similar Language Arts program the year prior Lessons for both were short and to the point My 4th grader did not mind doing the lessons at all I found the lessons to be straight forward and simple to implement The books can be written in which for some of my children is a big deal These books are geared toward the Charlotte Mason method In the end I felt like we needed more I have many friends who LOVE this method If you like the CM Approach these are worthwhile If you are looking for a Language Arts program with a more classical or traditional program keep looking
July 31, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5
I like a lot of Sandi Queen's homeschool products and was thrilled when Rainbow Resource began offering many of her products I have four kids and therefore always have four different volumes in use each school year We've used 8 different volumes so far ~ beginning with the first Little Ones Volume on through the first Secondary Child Volume My kids don't write in our books ~ they either write their answers out on a separate piece of paper or we work together and they answer the questions orally ~ this way the curriculum is an affordable option even on our limited budget Another reviewer commented that she was disappointed in this program stating that "after using First Language Lessons 1-4 by Jessie Wise with their older child a placement in either volumes of Language Lessons for the Secondary Child would have been below his level" This reviewer felt there was very little in these workbooks especially noting that the artwork was pixilated and not worthy of picture study I have some friends who would most likely agree with that negative review and after flipping through any of the Language Lesson volumes would have no interest in implementing the program But I don't think that opinion is a reflection of the quality of the program; instead it is just an honest reflection of the personal style and homeschool method of the homeschooling mom This course is described by the author as "an informal course in the language arts with a Charlotte Mason flavor" I think the "informal" part is what is wholeheartedly embraced by the many positive reviewers of this curriculum (not to mention the positive reviews of the kids who are using it ~ mine included) but I think this "informal" part is also the cause of the negative review as well If you are considering purchasing this curriculum ask yourself if what you want is an informal approach or do you expect a more formal grade-level master-each-skill-before-moving-on kind of curriculum Charlotte Mason embraced what she called a "gentle" learning Your student will find a variety of skills that he/she will be introduced to sprinkled throughout each of these volumes with an occasional opportunity for review For example when the student is introduced to adjectives the use of adjectives are explained along with sample sentences Later in that lesson or sometimes not until the next lesson the student is given opportunities to locate the adjective in several brief sentences The next lesson might offer sentences for the student to fill in the blank with adjectives of their own and then the next day's lesson offers the same opportunity only in paragraph format Often times the curriculum then moves on to other topics and may later review adjectives much later in the course If you want sentences to diagram or definitions of the part of speech to memorize you won't find it If you like this approach but want those details supplement with your own resources or purchase a curriculum that provides those details My kids have been able to pick up enough grammar to suit me and I haven't seen any evidence that a more difficult or time-consuming method actually produces better writers so I'm happy But I have friends who wouldn't be happy because they want that more formal approach That's certainly allowed - just keep that in mind when deciding your curriculum You also need to keep in mind that the author says this curriculum has a "Charlotte Mason flavor" not that it is exactly what Charlotte Mason herself would have used Take picture study for example Charlotte Mason believes that a student should be exposed to one artist a semester with a different piece from that artist displayed for a week or two at a time and giving the child opportunity to see about six different pieces from that artist The children are to be exposed to the art and are then encouraged to make their own observations Now the "Picture Study" that Sandi Queen offers in each of these volumes wouldn't meet this ideal because you are not studying one artist and in fact each kid is not even being influenced by the same artwork since they are working in separate volumes Not to mention that the past reviewer is accurate in her observation of the quality of the printed art ~ some of our Language Lesson Volumes have higher quality print resolutions than others and I think that is due to the edition (she improved the resolution of the art prints in her more recent editions) But here is one example where I think the author intended to expose us to just a "flavor" of the Charlotte Mason approach I personally intend to have a family picture study going where we do study one artist and I attempt to have that artist's work on display in my home and encourage the kids to study the details of that art and let the influence of the painting impress upon each child in a personal way But what I intend and what actually happens are not always the same thing; therefore I am glad to have the picture study in the Language Lessons volumes so that my children are being exposed to some of this wonderful "flavor" even when I am not able to make the actual method happen as I had hoped Plus as another reviewer stated often times the pictures have a creative writing assignment and most often it is this "Story Starter" that is the true gem more than the actual picture study All of this brings me to what I really like best about the Language Lesson Volumes - I love the Charlotte Mason approach and because I really agree with her approach I try to implement her ideas in our school day but I honestly get overwhelmed with nature study picture study hymn study composer study poetry study hero study handi-work copywork dictation foreign language etc added onto the regular schedule of math spelling reading history science etc With Sandi Queen's Language Lessons I rest in the knowledge that even though I may not be able to get to all these great ideas I at least am successfully offering each of my children a "flavor" So some weeks this is just the flavor and I successfully quench their thirst with nature study picture study composer studies complete with the listening of classical music etc and sometimes life happens and the "flavor" that Sandi Queen has put together in her Language Lesson Volumes is the only taste they receive Is it perfect? No But our schedule isn't perfect either which is exactly why I intend to keep offering this "flavor" year after year!
January 31, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5
We started using this language arts curriculum this year We love it! We're using Charlotte Mason-based materials more and more but this was our first dive into the language arts materials I wasn't sure if it would be 'meaty' enough for my 4th grader but it has been He's actually 'getting it' when it comes to language mechanics which I must admit I'm pleasantly surprised by This book isn't boring and repetitious like the other language arts programs we've used Mrs Queen does such a great job at varying the lessons and mixing it up a bit One lesson might be picture study and the next may be asking the student to write a short story based on his interpretation of that picture Before I bought this book I was unsure how picture studies and copywork (not too much) could be a benefit in a language arts program but now that we've done more of this type of activity I can see how this truly makes students think outside the box My son had a picture study this week and then wrote a long and creative story about the picture I think he got so caught up in the moment of trying to make the story come alive that he didn't realize just how much he was writing Just so you know he hates to write! Poetry is introduced nicely And the grammar rules are really meaty but in a more enjoyable way Mrs Queen explains everything in a simple way that every language arts program should do but doesn't I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is dreading the thought of yet another boring language arts lesson
January 11, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5
Charlotte Mason's approach to teaching the language arts are extremely different from the more modern fill-in-the-blank drill young children in how to write methods Sandi Queen's Language Lessons books are an incredible tool in actually following Miss Mason's methods I used to use another big name language program and I saw some success in ability to writebut my child HATED writing This year I bit the bullet and completely switched her to Queen's Language and I WILL NEVER GO BACK! Miss Mason teaches to let the child narrate orally starting at 6 years of age By the time the child has a few years of oral composition they can start transitioning into written narration There is no need for tedious lessons on how to construct a paragraph The work they have been doing in their heads naturally turns into the writing I have seen it work! Thank you Sandi for stepping forward with this amazing language program :o)
May 13, 2010

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