Earlybird Kindergarten Math Activity Book B Standards Edition

Earlybird Kindergarten Math Activity Book B Standards Edition

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Earlybird Kindergarten Math Standards Edition is a comprehensive, activity-based program designed to provide kindergarten students with a strong foundation in mathematics. Aligned with the Framework for California Schools, the program aims to prepare young students for subsequent stages of mathematical thinking. In the Textbook (consumable) , mathematical concepts are developed in a systematic, engaging, fun, hands-on way with meaningful activities and attractive illustrations. Teaching notes can be found at the bottom of the student pages in both the text and activity books. New mathematical concepts are introduced and build on concepts already taught and mastered, review pages assess the students’ mastery of learning objectives, and structured activities help to consolidate the mathematical concepts taught. Activity Books follow the teaching sequence in the textbook and are designed to be used with the (now out of print) Math Readers which feature rhymes and stories. Both the activity books and readers are optional.
Category Description for Singapore Math Programs:

Countries around the world first became interested in Singapore’s math curriculum when results of the Third International Math and Science Study (TIMSS) were published in 1995. Conducted by the International Study Center at Boston College, achievement tests in both math and science were administered to students in over 40 countries. Students from Singapore ranked highly in mathematics achievement: 1st in the fourth, seventh, and eighth grade levels and 2nd at the third grade level. Results for the U.S. were disappointing: 10th in the third grade, 11th in the fourth grade, 23rd in the seventh grade, and 27th at the eighth grade level. In a follow-up study in 1999, Singapore again ranked 1st in eighth grade math achievement while U.S. eighth graders ranked 19th. Although a first place ranking does not necessarily imply the best program, something about Singapore’s math program was working.

“Singapore Approach Math” is a general term referring to a type of mathematical instruction (i.e. curriculum) developed from a syllabus designed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education in the 1980s. There were a number of revisions and the 3rd edition was the last edition used in Singapore. The good test scores were associated with this material and all of our Singapore Approach Math programs are based primarily on the 3rd edition although it is no longer available for sale. Components from different editions are not interchangeable but a student can move between the editions in-between levels.

Primary Math US (1-6) is an adaptation of the 3rd edition for use in the U.S. Although a small amount of content (division of fractions) from the 2nd edition was added back into the US edition, it is almost identical to the 3rd edition. The US edition adds sections for U.S. customary measurements and uses U.S. spelling and conventions. We expect this edition to be available indefinitely. ©2003

Primary Math S/E (Standards Edition) (K-6) was adapted to meet the pre-Common Core CA math standards. An additional amount of content (probability, data analysis, negative numbers, coordinate graphing) from the 2nd edition was added back in and topics were rearranged but it is similar to the US edition. Cumulative Reviews at the end of each Unit and practice sets within each unit were added. Textbooks are in color. ©2008 This edition includes Earlybird Kindergarten Math.

Primary Math CC (Common Core) (K-5) is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and is another adaptation of the 3rd edition. Only minor changes were made to the scope and sequence. Unit Reviews are no longer cumulative and Practices were removed although some of the content was incorporated into the lessons. ©2014 Includes Earlybird Kindergarten Math CC. This edition will be available for the foreseeable future.

Primary Math 2022 Edition (K-5) is a completely new revision retaining all the excellent teaching methods of the earlier Primary Math programs. Incorporating both cumulative assessments and challenging problem solving, mastery learning is emphasized. The scope and sequence is similar to previous editions and topics are aligned to state and national standards. ©2021-2022

New Elementary Math (7-8) is a no-frills program based on an older Singaporian program and covering integrated algebra and geometry. It’s considered a sequel to the Primary Math programs.

Math in Focus (K-8) was developed by Great Source (a division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) in conjunction with Marshall Cavendish (the original publisher in Singapore). Although the basic instructional sequences are similar and the content is very close to the SE, material added to the most recent editions brings it into alignment with CC. Math in Focus has a more American look and “feel.” ©2010, 2014

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I wanted to review addition up to 30, time, and money with my first grader.
Sheryl K on Sep 14, 2021
All my kids have used this curriculum. We really like it.
Emily F on Mar 8, 2021
I wanted to review addition up to 30, time, and money with my first grader.
Sheryl K on Sep 14, 2021
needed for school
Tuamami T on Jul 29, 2021
All my kids have used this curriculum. We really like it.
Emily F on Mar 8, 2021
I've used Singapore Math with all of my children. I feel it helps my children learn the logic behind math.
Julie D on Feb 25, 2021
We use this series at our rural school.
Jane A on Feb 23, 2021
Next step in learning to ready - this is for my 4th child. Easy for the teacher. No need for a teacher book.
Sheila B on Feb 23, 2021
Bookshark only had the textbook available and I needed the other resources which go with this math curriculum.
Jennifer M on Sep 7, 2020
used with my other children
Sarah P on Aug 3, 2020
For its conceptual, mastery and advanced aspects.
Fernanda P on Jul 23, 2020
We love Singapore math.
krystal p on Jul 15, 2020
My 4th child to use it. It worked for the first 3 kids
Jennifer C on Oct 4, 2019
Earlybird K and the following Singapore levels did an excellent job with my oldest son of building number sense and mental math skills. I'm ordering this for little brother who starts K in the summer/fall.
Rebecca S on Apr 11, 2019
Continuing this series with Activity Book B after using Activity Book A with my Kindergartner.
Kristen B on Oct 10, 2018
Kindergarten math. Heard about it from friends.
Marcy B on Aug 7, 2018
It seems like it will suit my kids learning style best.. But we'll see.
Lupita T on Jun 18, 2018
We used these with our older two children. It was easy to adapt to slightly different learning styles. Both have excelled and now are 2 years ahead of most of the peers. We were originally recommended Singapore math from the experience of an engineer working with peers that were taught the Singapore method vs. those taught with the tradition Amercan school methods.
Nathaniel M on Jun 26, 2017
School curriculum purchase
Elizabeth H on Jun 7, 2017
We have used Primary Mathematics 1 and 2 with our older child for homeschooling. We used level 1 for the kindergarten year but had to do some extra lessons and supplementing with online/printable resources for number bonds since we didn't do the Kindergarten curriculum. For our younger child I'm going to get Kindergarten B to make sure we cover the introduction to number bonds in preparation for Level 1.
AMANDA M on Jun 7, 2017
I felt the Earlybird Math Textbook was teaching excellent concepts, but not providing enough practice, especially once we got to the B book, so we added the Activity Book and it's perfect. It's fully coordinated with the little green pencil symbol at the bottom of most of the Textbook lesson pages. Roughly 4 out of 5 Textbook lessons have extra practice in the Activity Book. Some Activities are cut & paste, some require special supplies, but mostly it's just more practice problems.
Danielle H on Jun 1, 2017
I have been using the A book with my daughter and she loves the activities but I don't need all the instructions so I decided to go with the activity book.
Charise W on Feb 14, 2017
finished book A
Kristy O on Jan 6, 2017
We used this course with our son and liked it.
User on Nov 20, 2016
"I am homeschooling this year only and choose singapore math because my daughter may attend a school in the future that does singapore math.
Adrienne J on Nov 18, 2016
We use the Singapore series all the way through level 6. Have used with several children and this is a very solid curriculum.
Ruth L on Aug 3, 2016
I saw charter schools using your books and I used them when I homeschooled my oldest daughter who is now in college.
Jennie W on May 18, 2016
Singapore has worked well for all 4 of our children. My oldest is finishing the 2nd half of grade 6 this year, and is doing very well in Math.
Benjamin G on Mar 1, 2016
I hope this Activity Book will be just the right thing to help my almost-5-year-old feel like she is "doing school," like her older brother and sister.
Sarah S on Feb 17, 2016
I purchased the activity book to go along with the textbook. I am hoping it enables my son to put his learning into practice in written form.
Valerie H on Feb 10, 2016
my favorite series for kindergarten math
Sarah Y on Jan 26, 2016
We completed Kindergarten mathematics A :)
Meghan D on Jan 22, 2016
needed for school
Tuamami T on Jul 29, 2021
I've used Singapore Math with all of my children. I feel it helps my children learn the logic behind math.
Julie D on Feb 25, 2021
Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the manipulatives needed for Early Bird Kindergarten Mathematics? Is there a kit? How about for Primary Mathematics levels above Kindergarten?
A shopper on Apr 18, 2016
Earlybird Kindergarten Math Activity Book B Standards Edition
Earlybird Kindergarten Math Activity Book B Standards Edition
Earlybird Kindergarten Math Activity Book A Standards Edition
Earlybird Kindergarten Math Activity Book A Standards Edition
Earlybird Kindergarten Math Textbook A Standards Edition
Earlybird Kindergarten Math Textbook A Standards Edition
Earlybird Kindergarten Math Standards Edition Teacher's Guide B
Earlybird Kindergarten Math Standards Edition Teacher's Guide B
BEST ANSWER: Here is the list of manipulatives for the EarlyBird Kindergarten workbooks. There is not a kit.

018733 Counting Discs
018741 Mathlink Cubes
018729 Bucket Balance
036023 Hexahedron Dice Set
018731 Student Geared Clock
010884 Tangrams (optional)
007935 Attribute Blocks (optional)
How necessary is the accompanying textbook? How about the teacher's guide? Can I get by with just teaching my child from this book and manipulatives?
A shopper on Apr 5, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi. Frankly, when teaching a developmentally "normal" child, I would do it the other way around and just buy the textbook, but not the accompanying workbook. That's what we did with my eldest and she picked the material up, just fine. However, I also have a child with severe learning disabilities, and she has benefited from having the extra review material provided by having both books. I did not find the teacher's guide necessary with either child. I really can't say how things would go with just the workbook; doing a lesson by lesson comparison suggests that there is more material in the textbook than the workbook, so you may be missing some things with just the workbook. In your situation I'd probably just play it by ear, and see if my child struggled with any of the concepts presented. If he or she did, I might try to supplement with some of the free exercises you can find on the web. Hope this helps!
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