Word Roots Beginning

Word Roots Beginning

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Item #: 042181
ISBN: 9781601441348
Grades: 3-4

Publisher Description:

This 112-page book teaches students the meaning and spelling of roots, prefixes, and suffixes that are the elements used to form words in English. Learning these word elements dramatically improves spelling and the ability to decode unfamiliar words.

The activities focus on using these words in context to help students incorporate each word into their vocabulary and retain the correct spelling. There are periodic reviews to make sure students retain what is taught in the lessons. Word Roots will add hundreds of words to your students' vocabulary and greater depth to their thinking and writing.

Each lesson has the meanings of prefixes, roots, and suffixes used to form the vocabulary words. The activities following the lessons include:

  1. Spelling and Defining Words
  2. Match each given word to its correct definition.

  3. Completing the Sentence
  4. Complete the sentence by choosing the correct word.

  5. Defining the Word Parts
  6. Define the word parts.

  7. Writing Sentences
  8. Write sentences using the words in the lesson.

Teaching Support

This book includes lessons, reviews, and answers.

Beginning Level contains the following word parts and vocabulary:

  • 26 Prefixes
  • 59 Roots
  • 41 Suffixes
  • 137 Vocabulary Words

Category Description for Word Roots:

When one starts studying vocabulary they realize how words relate to one another and how learning a prefix or suffix can help them decode the meaning of a totally new word. Word Roots is based on this premise: to efficiently and effectively learn vocabulary (and aid spelling as well as reading comprehension) learn the different elements - roots, prefixes, suffixes. Word Roots covers both Greek and Latin roots; these being the foundation of much of our English language.

Each Word Roots lesson covers one or more root words plus several prefixes and suffixes; giving definitions of each. The student then works through a list of derivatives (words derived from the root word) matching definitions with the words. Then the new words are used in sentences; the student deciding what is the best word choice for each sentence. Previous editions of this program stopped at this point but the newest edition provides a number of extra reinforcement exercises: defining word parts, writing sentences and an optional creative writing suggestion. Reviews after every two lessons provide several different activities that match words from both lessons to their definitions as well as a sentence completion activity. A pre-test and a post-test help to evaluate how much the student knows going into the course and how much progress they made as they finish. Each book also includes a complete answer key plus a dictionary of Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes. The workbooks are reproducible for one classroom or homeschool.

Flashcards (3.25" x 5.25") have a prefix, root, or suffix on the front and definitions on the back. The set includes instructions for quick, fun activities. A helpful supplement to the Word Roots workbooks or other roots-based programs or they can also be used as an independent teaching tool. Card sets correspond to the word list for each level.

Compared to the previous edition, the roots, prefixes, and suffixes are largely the same in corresponding books; A1 to Book 1, A2 to Book 2. However, there are more derivatives (vocabulary words) and activities for each list in the new edition. There is no indication that Critical Thinking Co. will be updating the software, but the impression I got is that the increased activities in the books now correlates better with the software, which used to have more activities than the book. 225 - 250 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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more learning for my third grader
Rebecca P on Jan 23, 2023
For my grandchild
Pauline V on Aug 23, 2022
more learning for my third grader
Rebecca P on Jan 23, 2023
We are using this book as a sort of intro to latin in our homeschool class.
Jessica G on Sep 19, 2022
For my grandchild
Pauline V on Aug 23, 2022
required for class
Christy M on Aug 16, 2022
In the past, I taught from the Vocabulary Vine workbook. It is a "spiral study of Latin and Greek Roots." I was thrilled to use the Roots-Suffixes-Prefixes approach, in teaching vocabulary. However, my boys were not thrilled with doing the assignments. This series looks like it might be much more interest-inducing for our daughter.
Heather on Aug 16, 2022
We are studying vocabulary and using word roots, suffixes and prefixes with Torchlight curriculum and I thought that this would help my son really understand what we are working on.
Maggie P on Jul 19, 2022
Our children have taken what they have learned in Word Roots about the different parts of the words and their meanings, and are now using that information to dissect other words that they have not learned but can easily figure out their meanings. This is a very helpful series of books.
Heidi D on Jun 25, 2022
Trying out for my dyslexic son. Easier for him to learn patterns in words.
Jeannette B on Jun 17, 2022
I chose this book because I love root words, and wanted to start my son on learning to break down words.
Bernadette C on Sep 20, 2021
Beginning course for learning word structure
Sara M on Sep 6, 2021
to help older student improve in spelling//recommended by your agent.
Lisa T on Aug 12, 2021
condensed book of root words - difficult to find this topic!
Kate B on Aug 3, 2021
It looked like a great addition to our core Language Arts program.
Jessa B on Jul 21, 2021
to help my kids with word roots for latin and greek
Stacey C on Jul 14, 2021
I like that it doesn't state that it's for a specific grade level, and it seems to be appropriately challenging for my homeschooler.
Koral C on Jul 4, 2021
Hoping to equip my son with some strategies for spelling and vocabulary beyond just memorizing spelling/definitions.
Rachel T on May 29, 2021
I chose this book because I feel it can benefit me as an individual and as an adult educating two young children. Everyone knows that the more you know without reference is easier to teach than someone reading a script and losing everyone's attention because they're too busy noticing you're reading the script. I wish to know more about the English language to help my young children learn to read without frustration, but excitement. Any tool that I can find to help me do that is worth exploring.
Jacklyn H on Jan 4, 2021
To help children learn the basics.
Ayopeju F on Nov 21, 2020
This was recommended for vocabulary by Rainbow Resources.
Heydy T on Nov 5, 2020
Instead of starting with vocabulary lists I prefer to focus on learning roots to support my avid reader.
Michele K on Aug 21, 2020
This looked like a great book for my 4th grader.
Gail C on Aug 17, 2020
We like doing vocab work independent of writing, so this is a great guided book. It's a challenging book though, so if you are using at the lower grade levels listed, make sure your child is ready.
Derek B on Aug 13, 2020
Looks like a great foundation for spelling/reading comprehension
Sherry on Aug 4, 2020
Love the idea of learning the root meanings and then the prefix and suffix etc.
Thomas M on Jul 11, 2020
A better way to learn spelling and word meaning than just memorizing lists of unrelated words.
Susan W on May 2, 2020
I have been looking at it for awhile and decided to give it a try.
Angelique M on Sep 22, 2019
i like this curriculum. i used the old version years ago, and ready for it again.
seth b on Aug 27, 2019
Seemed like a good book for learning word parts
Kerilee B on Aug 15, 2019
I want to enhance my child's understanding of words and language.
Sarah S on Aug 7, 2019
Wanted to have a good foundation in vocabulary and this provides that basic word breakdown for vocabulary.
Shawntae T on Aug 2, 2019
Trying this as supplemental ...something new this year
Erin M on Jul 29, 2019
good foundations are important
Desiray C on Jul 21, 2019
I like this curriculum
Tracy B on Dec 5, 2018
part of our homeschool co-op curriculum
Lorie B on Aug 16, 2018
As a follow-up to Spell to Write and Read. We wanted to give more than just a spelling class, but wanted to teach with an understanding of the languages English comes from.
John D on Aug 1, 2018
User on Jun 21, 2018
Wanted an introductory vocab program.
Susan C on Dec 14, 2017
I am familiar with the Critical Thinking Co., and have liked their products. Although I have not seen this book in person, it appears to be a classical approach. The price point is very reasonable, and so I thought I would give it a try.
Beverly S on Nov 27, 2017
I like the Critical Thinking Books and I hope that I will like this one by them.
William J on Oct 20, 2017
friend recommendation
Maggie D on Sep 12, 2017
easy to teach less planning
Mytrang L on Sep 10, 2017
I bought this in order to improve my kids' spelliing and vocabulary
Alicia H on Aug 19, 2017
I think studying the latin/greek word pieces is helpful for spelling an vocabulary.
Sandra M on Aug 11, 2017
vocabulary building for my 6th grader
Lynae B on Jul 21, 2017
Hoping to help expand vocabulary
Krista B on Jun 25, 2017
Used with my oldest 2 daughters and they enjoyed it. Excited to use it with my son.
Dana S on Jan 10, 2017
I have a higher level of this for two of my older children and like it very much. I am using it instead of Vocabulary from Classical Roots. It is largely independent, whereas the Classical Roots required more hands on from me and that is not where I choose to spend my teaching time. Plus, they are learning more with Word Roots (in my opinion). I figured I would get my younger son started sooner rather than later.
Jennifer M on Jan 5, 2017
looked good
Bryan H on Dec 18, 2016
Emerging late 4th grade reader needs exposure to more prefix/root/suffix combinations to improve reading and vocabulary. I like this because it appears to be a reasonable amount of new material in each lesson, and it doesn't require an excessive amount of writing like other vocabulary resources I found.
Tamara A on Dec 5, 2016
Charlotte J on Nov 3, 2016
We are using this book as a sort of intro to latin in our homeschool class.
Jessica G on Sep 19, 2022
required for class
Christy M on Aug 16, 2022
Is this set up for kids to do independently?
User on Jun 4, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, each lesson is divided up into sections (A-D) and can be used as a way to separate their daily assignments. Each lesson has specific directions and they are very easy to comprehend. My children used it M-W (or M-Th if there were four sections). If you have an advanced child, Level 1 may be more challenging. Either way, I would recommend following this Beginning level with Level I. Both books are excellent!
4.4 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
My kids missed these types of lessons in public school. They enjoy these books so much!
April 3, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 2 out of 5
Didn't work for us. Using a different vocabulary series instead.
January 21, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
This is great for my daughter. It is helping her excel
March 29, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We love this book!
This is exactly what I wanted in terms of starting our DD out with a good vocabulary foundation, not just word memorization. During a chat with Janice, she helped me figure out what direction I wanted to go in with our 8 year old and she recommended Word Roots which was perfect. There are no vocabulary 'lists' per se, and we are able to take the basics from each lesson and easily expand out into everyday words and language. Thumbs up! We love it!
August 12, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
This is not my child's favorite subject, but it worked for him. We also bought the flash cards, we kept them in the car and made a game out of it as we drove during errands.
June 23, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great for older kids, too!
In spite of the fact that this is aimed at grade levels 3-4, I went ahead and purchased Word Roots Beginning for my sons, ages 12 and 13. Initially I was concerned that it might be too simple. However, both boys are very much enjoying the book and they both feel as though they are learning a great deal from it. In fact, they are likely benefitting more from the book now than they might have when they were younger. They are able to work independently and check their answers for themselves at the back of the book, which is very helpful for me! We look forward to moving quickly through this book and on to the next book in the Word Roots series.
September 13, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I love these workbooks! I have one for each of my children and we do it together The pages may be a bit "cartoonish" for older kids but the information is still pertinent even to my husband and me! We like having times when we can learn together They often ask "Are we doing Word Roots today?"
August 12, 2012

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