Mystery of History V3 Renais, Reform, Nations

Mystery of History V3 Renais, Reform, Nations

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Grades: 4-8

Product Description:

Subtitled, “The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations,” and written at an 8th-9th grade reading level, this volume’s study begins with The War of the Roses (1455) and ends at 1707. This Reader (text) contains 84 history lessons, using a 28-week, three-lesson-per-week format.

Watch history unfold while you meet rulers, painters, sculptors, scientists, and philosophers. History is presented in small, digestible pieces as you learn about the Renaissance and Reformation in Europe, dynasties in India, native Australians, and the Tokugawa family in Japan. In addition to the text material, plentiful illustrative information (maps, charts, art reproductions, and lots of photos) is also included. Key historical people and events (with dates to memorize) include Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, Martin Luther, Henry the VIII, Elizabeth I, William the Silent and the Dutch Revolt, William Shakespeare, Founding of Jamestown, Pilgrims at Plymouth, Louis the XIV, Sir Isaac Newton, and Peter the Great. This text includes the Protestant Reformation (the history, doctrinal and theological disagreements, and heroes from both the Catholic and Protestant groups) and the consequences of this movement. The author, while a Protestant, has made a concerted effort to portray both sides evenly, without attacking either side, but focusing on the historical value and for each family to consider. Included with the purchase of the Reader is an in-text, user-unique, online access code to download the course-required digital PDF Companion Guide. These files include teacher directions, study guides, pre-tests, quarterly worksheets, quizzes, exercises, worksheets, activity instructions (with photos), tests, outline maps, suggested resource lists, appendix pages and more. Utilizes NKJV references unless otherwise noted. 441 pgs, hc.

Publisher Description:

The Mystery of History Volume III Student Reader continues the spectacular and provocative study of world history from the viewpoint of a Christian author. Spanning the Renaissance, Reformation, Exploration, and some early American history, this volume explores the backdrop to and the significance surrounding the time-honored contributions found in art, music, literature, science, and philosophy of this rich era. Discover 84 stirring lessons written by Linda Lacour Hobar in a colorful, easy-to-hold hardback.

Volume III is a hardcover text with information divided into semesters, then weeks, and then into three lessons for each of 28 weeks. Scattered throughout the book are beautiful full-color illustrations and photos on semi-glossy bordered pages. The student pages, quizzes, and activities, etc. are not found in this text. These are found in the Companion Guide only.

Volume 3 picks up where Volume 2 leaves off. It begins at 1455 AD and goes through 1707 AD. Watch history unfold around the world during that time period, and see how events fit together. You'll meet rulers, painters, sculptors, scientists, and philosophers. History is presented in small, digestible pieces as you learn about the Renaissance and Reformation in Europe, dynasties in India, native Australians, and the Tokugawa family in Japan. You will understand events in light of the times in which they happened. Best of all, the author shows the role of God throughout history.

A printed Companion Guide is also available to purchase for those preferring a physical copy. Information to access the digital component is included on a separate card included in the textbook. Shrink wrapped.

Category Description for Mystery of History:

This conversationally written, chronological, 4-year-cycle program is specifically designed so that multiple ages can simultaneously study God’s sovereignty throughout history, from Creation to the 21st century. History is His story, after all. As a Christ-centered study written by a home school mom, each reader volume in the series chronicles key individuals and events that demonstrate the hand of divine providence through the highs and lows of human history. Tough elements are not ignored, and key church history is included. Trace the hand of God through historical events. Volume 1 focuses on Ancient History (ending with the life and resurrection of Jesus); Volume 2 Middle Ages; Volume 3 Renaissance, Reformation & Growth of Nations; and Volume 4 studies Revolutions to Rising Times (1708 - 2010). Each volume provides from 28 to 36 weekly lessons. Reading level will advance in difficulty as learners work through the 4-volume cycle (See individual descriptions for details). This program adapts easily to a classical, Charlotte Mason, or more traditional approach.

The essential hub of the course is the Reader Text, which includes a unique-user PDF download code of the volume-specific Companion Guide. This course achieves a nice balance of structure, routine, and consistent learning versus variety, choice, and independent customization. The 3 weekly required lessons found in the Reader are framed among pleasant layout and appealing full-color photographs. Read the narratives aloud or have older students read independently. The remaining necessary components come from the Companion Guide: teaching information and directions, the scope and sequence, the pretest, quarterly worksheets, tests and quizzes, mapwork, timeline (called the Wall of Fame), and memory cards (key details of each key historical element learned that week). For mapwork assistance, the publishers highly recommend the customizable, digital WonderMaps (item 082644) or these 2 book-based atlases: The Student Bible Atlas (item 00167 particularly for Volume 1) or Rand McNally’s Historical Atlas of the World (item 00733). Thus far, the amount of work I’ve described might suffice for students, particularly in grades 1-6. But then you’d miss out on all the included items which allow you to personalize to your specific goals, family situation, students—and you!

As a convenience, printed Companion Guides are available on our website as separate purchases for Volumes 1-4. Whether using the digital or printed, the additional suggestions and optional resources provide a wealth of options for different ages. The 500+ pages specifically tailored to each volume include the required course items, as well as hands-on activities for younger, middle, and older students (with any needed instructions or templates and photos); field trip suggestions; semester tests; research and writing exercises; a detailed supplementary Book and Resource list (general books, Bible, read-alouds, references, and creation science museums/zoos); and Lesson Resources (specific books, films, and Bible chapters that correlate to lessons in the Student Reader).

Optional resources are now available as digital downloads. These include Challenge Cards, Notebooking Pages, Folderbooks, Super Supplemental Set, and Cookbook. The Challenge Cards contain over 300 question-and-answer cards and a dozen game ideas. Coloring Pages include 36 collage-style coloring pages. Notebooking Pages include ruled & unruled pages for hand-written narration, information pages, and fillable PDF pages for computer use. Folderbooks (a.k.a. lapbook) can be downloaded as well. Providing your own manilla folder, and using the included items, students create folders representing content from the lessons. The Super Supplemental Set includes all 4 items as downloads in one purchase. The Volume 2 downloadable Cookbook includes historical recipes from the Early Church and the Middle Ages. Audio books of each Volume are available for purchase at the author's web site. Make the road to understanding His Story throughout time a delight with this history series! ~ Ruth

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I love the way this author weaves Church history into world history.
Shari E on Apr 14, 2023
We adored Mystery of History and needed this next volume for our studies.
Lindsay B on Nov 17, 2022
I love the way this author weaves Church history into world history.
Shari E on Apr 14, 2023
I have the first two volumes, which I love.
Erin C on Feb 9, 2023
We adored Mystery of History and needed this next volume for our studies.
Lindsay B on Nov 17, 2022
By far our favorite History curriculum to date!
Melissa H on Sep 17, 2022
great way to learn history! my student loved vol. 2
Natalie J on Aug 1, 2022
It's the selected text for our homeschool co-op's elementary history class.
Emily R on Jul 29, 2022
heard this was great and being used in our co op
Jessica H on Jul 25, 2022
like their format and christian perspective
Betsy R on Jun 13, 2022
I am so happy with this curriculum! Our family enjoys our time studying history now! We appreciate that we can do this together with multiple ages. This will be the third book we have studied.
Tonia M on Jun 4, 2022
required for school
Phillis D on May 27, 2022
My child has been using Mystery of History book 2 in her co-op class this year and I really love it! It looks like a thorough history book and it is beautifully laid out!
JUBILENA K. on Jan 17, 2022
Love this history
Venessa K on Jul 28, 2021
Required by teacher at our CO-OP
Pamela G on Jul 23, 2021
We've used Volumes 1 and 2 and have loved the layout. We're excited to continue.
Courtney C on Jul 22, 2021
This is a GREAT!!! history resource
Tiffany B on Jun 9, 2021
My son loves this curriculum (Volume 3 will be for 7th grade next year). He finds it interesting & I like that it's chronological and Biblically based.
Heather T on May 20, 2021
We have used Mystery of History Volumes I and II for the last two years in our homeschool and we absolutely LOVE IT!!! It is a wonderful history curriculum and very adaptable to all ages. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a Christian, chronological world history program.
Kelli E on Feb 10, 2021
We really enjoy MOH and I purchased volume 3 as we have completed the first two.
Melody S on Feb 1, 2021
Best History book ever. My son loves this series, so definitely buying it.
Amor R on Aug 31, 2020
Best history curriculum we've ever used. From a Christian standpoint.
Mary D on Aug 8, 2020
Denise C on Jul 25, 2020
I love that this history program is chronological and from a Christian perspective. We have done the first two volumes and look forward to number 3!
Abram T on Jul 25, 2020
not best price, but prevented paying shipping on another site
Alison R on Jun 20, 2020
I love this series!
jacki C on Jun 16, 2020
This is our history curriculum for 7th grade.
Sheila S on May 29, 2020
I am eager to use this because i used the first volume and thoroughly enjoyed it!
Heather M on May 12, 2020
Continuing thru this series of books
Phyllis E on May 4, 2020
We're working our way through Mystery of History. My child really likes the focus on the stories of history and how God is sovereign over it all.
Meredith B on Sep 6, 2019
We've loved Mystery of History, vol 1 & 2, so are looking forward to another great year of study in vol 3. We love the short, manageable lessons that are so packed full of fascinating stories. I appreciate all the additional resources, the timeline figure activities, and the ability to easily use this with a broad age range.
Sarah on Aug 26, 2019
This is the best series on History that I have read. My kids keep up with it well and usually end up begging me to read more!
User on Aug 9, 2019
Required for my daughter's class
Kim C on Jul 30, 2019
Judith M on Jul 22, 2019
My son that doesn't like school, found he likes this history. I his mom know by this that miracles still happen:)
Rochelle K on Sep 7, 2018
school chose this curriculum. We have used it before and its a fun way of learning history.
Mian D on Aug 24, 2018
choice of co-op teacher
Eleanor A on Aug 18, 2018
We love the Mystery of History series! History is presented in a clear, chronological order in bite size pieces easy to enjoy across all grades.
Suzi B on Aug 15, 2018
We have used The Mystery of History, Volumes 1 and 2. We really like this series and are eager to continue using it. It is very user friendly, with a great book list for additional reading. The map work is good, too. Because each lesson includes activities to choose for different age groups, it continues to be very useful.
Denise S on Aug 8, 2018
Home School Recommendation.
Barbara L B on Jul 29, 2018
My co-op group chose this book.
Jennifer E on Jul 28, 2018
I love the integration of Biblical and Historical data.
Kim on May 30, 2018
We have loved volume 1 and 2. We are excited to continue our journey with volume 3.
Jarrie S on May 29, 2018
We've loved the first 2 volumes!
Lori F on May 2, 2018
Homeschool Coop Curriculum for 8th Grade
Sharon H on Apr 24, 2018
like being able to print what I need as much as I need
Kristie R on Apr 3, 2018
next level
Nicola R on Jan 6, 2018
Previous positive experience with volumes I and II.
William D on Nov 13, 2017
We've used the first two volumes and are very pleased with this curriculum.
Marci F on Sep 26, 2017
Required for a co-op class
Melissa B on Aug 17, 2017
im homeschooling my son and this was the curriculum i needed
cristina n on Aug 9, 2017
Already use.
Nicky B on Aug 8, 2017
I have the first two volumes, which I love.
Erin C on Feb 9, 2023
By far our favorite History curriculum to date!
Melissa H on Sep 17, 2022
What edition is this "Mystery of History V3 Renais, Reform, Nations", item # 042048? Is this version the hardcover second edition?
A shopper on Apr 3, 2023
BEST ANSWER: My apologies, it looks like we show the previous isbn. This is the current 2nd edition hardcover version.
4.6 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Worth it
We love the whole Myster of History series. The moment it arrived, my son browsed through it and he's excited to start studying. The way MOH was presented makes my son wants to know more.
November 30, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love this series
We love this volume as much as the others. Beautiful color pictiresb too.
September 6, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Anti-Catholic Text
After reading through this book in an attempt to lesson plan for the school year, I was very displeased to be faced with a strong anti-Catholic textbook. The author used word choices and tone to suggest that the Catholic Church is dirty and sly in its dealings. Except for 4 instances, she consistently chooses negative examples of people from the Church instead of fairly presenting both issues. It is clear that she does not really understand Catholic teaching or the motivation of the saints in regards to their choices of suffering. She also includes too many references to the sexual lives of the people of history she chooses, especially the artists, which do not have any bearing on their impact on the history of the time. It seems that she is looking for stories with shock factor to interest her readers, but some of those "shocks" are not very historically accurate. There are a few very nice stories in the book that accurately reflect the history of the time, but even these are poorly intertwined with each other to show a true understanding of history as guided by Divine Providence.
May 7, 2020
Rated 5 out of 5
Another Great Volume!
This is another great volume from MOH - a great way to learn history as a family, and works well for a wide age range (currently using with my 7th, 5th, and 2nd grader). We are enjoying the hardcover text and the color photos. While I wish the supplemental material was still part of the book, it does keep this text from being as bulky as past volumes.
September 26, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
My highschooler read this for fun, that's how good it is!
March 8, 2019
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Linear and Christ-centered. Our entire family loves the Mystery of History series and would highly recommend it to both homeschooling families and general lovers of history lovers alike. It will be a great addition to your library!
November 29, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great all around books!
This is our 3rd year! We have enjoyed the first 2 years. Hoping this will be even better. I as a homeschool mom am learning so much right along with my kids! Well put together books. Projects, research, maps. It's all there.
October 22, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 3 out of 5
Still committed to this series, but MUST supplement from Catholic sources because ignorance of the side of the Church is very much present here. I wrote to author and expressed my concerns. I am still buying 4th volume because of the good treatment of other history. Most any informed Catholic would be outraged at some presentation here.
May 14, 2018
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
3rd year of Mystery of History
This is our 3rd. Year of using Mystery of History. We have completed V1 and V2. The reason we have stuck with this series is bc we love reading the stories. History is much more fun and memorable when it is a story instead of a bunch of facts to remember. Instead of doing the suggested activities we have discussions about what we read. The new format is great! I love having all the text in a book with beautifully colored pictures.
September 13, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Loving our MOH
We recently purchased the MOH V3 set mid year as I was unhappy with our current program. I have an older, middle and younger student using this curriculum. This meets everyone's needs and is more than adequate to satisfy requirements at all levels. We enjoy the full color text and how the information is laid out. It is easily everyone's favorite subject. I believe history as a subject can and should be enjoyable and engaging- this fits the bill for our family.
March 23, 2016
over 7 years ago

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