English 2600 with Writing Applications: A Programmed Course in Grammar and Usage

English 2600 with Writing Applications: A Programmed Course in Grammar and Usage

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Category Description for English 2200-3200 Texts, Tests and Keys:

Designed for high school and college students, this program is ideal for parents looking for a complete, upper-level grammar course that students can use independently. This series is a programmed course covering grammar, usage, and mechanics, and if you are unfamiliar with the term "programmed" course, read on to learn about how it works and why it is so beneficial.

In a programmed course, the material is carefully broken down and organized into small steps called "frames." Each frame presents a bit of information along with just one simple question to be answered through thinking and writing a short response. As students continue through the frames, they are able to learn the concepts based on the logical progression of the questions they are answering. They learn by working through the concept step-by-step in a concentrated way rather than simply reading a series of rules and trying to apply it to an exercise. Rather than separating the teaching from the exercises, a programmed course unites them together in the series of simple frames. The frames are divided into units (approximately 12 per book) and even further into chapters. The format of the book varies greatly from other grammar courses. Each page is a series of alternating gray and white bands. To work through the units and chapters in order, students simple follow the same band all the way through the book. For example, they begin with the frame that is the top gray band on the right hand page. Once they answer the question, they immediately flip the page to view the gray band at the top of the next right hand page. The correct answer to the previous frame is given along with the next question. In this way students immediately learn whether they answered the questions correctly instead of having to wait to check their comprehension. If they've answered wrongly they can instantly see their error and learn from their mistake before answering the next frame, and if they've answered correctly they will have immediate positive reinforcement. Then they can answer the question in this frame and continue through the pages, answering a short question, checking their answer, and moving forward. When they reach the end of the book, they simply turn back to the beginning, move down to the second band (now a white one), and continue on as before.

Since some of the material is likely to be review, students will move quickly through those frames without having to spend a lot of time answering endless questions. This will free up their school time for other more useful pursuits. When they reach an unfamiliar chapter, they can progress at a slower rate to absorb the new information. Each course should easily be completed in one semester, but the immense flexibility allows teachers to decide how much time and how many days each week students will spend working through the book (though the books recommend around a half hour per sitting and at least a couple of times a week). Because each student can set their own pace, this course can easily be used with one student or a whole group of students. The teacher simply needs to be available for questions and administer the tests when the students reach a new unit. There are two tests given for each unit, which gives the teacher a couple of options. You may choose to give one test before the unit and one after it's completed, or you could use one test as a warm-up or a second-try in case the student needs to review the material again. Please note that Level 3200 has two different test books - the original and an alternate. The alternate is formatted just like the original with the same number of each type of questions for each test, but the questions themselves are different. If you are using the book with multiple students, you may choose to give different tests between the students. Otherwise you would only need both books if you want to use the book a second time with the same student - say maybe in 10th grade and again at 12th - and want to give them different tests.

Each level is similar in format and approach, but they vary in content. The numbers with each level indicate the approximate number of frames per book. Level 2200 introduces students to the different parts of speech, constructing sentences, and punctuation and capitalization. Level 2600 expands on the earlier level by teaching more about modifiers, subject/verb agreement, punctuation, and how the different parts of speech function. Level 3200 continues by moving beyond the simple sentence to complex and compound sentences as well as more advanced work with various parts of speech and punctuation. All three levels feature a writing application section in the back that correlates to the specific units and helps students apply the information to their own writing by completing a variety of short writing exercises. All books are softcover. The texts are handbook sized and range between 400-500 pages. The test booklets are standard size and 60 pages, and the test answer keys are handbook sized. - Melissa

Category Description for Combined Grammar, Usage, Mechanics:

These materials offer a complete and comprehensive coverage of all three elements - grammar (i.e. parts of speech, complete sentences), usage (i.e. homophones, figures of speech, proper word choice to convey meaning), and mechanics (i.e. punctuation, capitalization).

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I used English 2200 during my college year, I loved it so much, so I wanted to continue using the same English grammar curriculum, so I wanted to purchase English 2600 as the grammar course for self-study..
Ann D on Sep 19, 2020
I used English 2200 during my college year, I loved it so much, so I wanted to continue using the same English grammar curriculum, so I wanted to purchase English 2600 as the grammar course for self-study..
Ann D on Sep 19, 2020
Is this a new book?
A shopper on Sep 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The book is new but it has an older copyright (1993).
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<p>The year I took English 2600 grammar finally began to make sense for me It was easy to assimilate and retain all the information as it was fed to me bit by bit During that year I grew confident in English grammar which became my favorite subject through my high school years Now I use it as my seventh grade grammar text and each of my kids has loved it</p> <p>English 2600 is almost a teacher-free curriculum With the exception of the tests and writing assignments students are able to work independently and the work is self correcting The pages are split into "zebra stripes" Each page has alternating bands of white and gray with each band containing a bit of information and a question Rather than reading the entire page the student will go through the book by following the pattern He'll begin with the top white stripe and follow it all the way through the book before he returns to the first page and follows the gray one A typical frame (band) will have a statement and then ask a question Since the page is then turned the student is given the answer to the question he just answered and knows instantly whether he understood correctly or not There's a response to each of theirs In this way students don't fall into the habit of memorizing the wrong answers At the end of each unit is a writing exercise to practice the usage taught These and the accompanying tests provide a good assessment of the student's skill</p><p> English 2600 is basically a grammar reinforcement book designed for college but I've found it to be a great approach to grammar for middle school students The explanations are clear and the thinking very logical It has 83 lessons divided between 12 units Each unit has a test and writing assignment The topics covered are verbs and subjects sentence patterns modifiers recognizing and correctly using clauses avoiding typical sentence errors irregular verbs parts of speech and proper punctuation and capitalization There are two additional books in the series The first one teaches the parts of speech and comes before this one The other one English 3200 is the third book in the series and covers clauses and more common errors in grammar and punctuation A typical lesson would take a student about ten to fifteen minutes to work through One thing that isn't covered in this series is diagramming The parts of speech and their functions are made very clear though without diagramming If you do feel it's important it can always be supplemented on the side</p><p> The thing that stood out the most to me when I did this course and later when I taught it to my kids is how easily it is retained When I think of grammatical rules I have a very clear understanding of why sentences are put together the way they are and what makes them correct or incorrect On its weak side this is not a full Language Arts course It doesn't go into many of the things that most of us want included in a Language Arts study You'll have to find separate studies for literature writing spelling and vocabulary Writing is there in the writing units at the end of each unit but its main purpose is for the student to show he understands grammar not to teach a student to express himself confidently The writing process is not really taught clearly Besides that aspect I'd say it's a winner You definitely know and understand English grammar if you take this course I find it worth every cent</p>
November 11, 2010

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