U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons Student

U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons Student

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Grades: 6-8

Secondary Description:

The new edition of USH-S does not come with the Student Resource Packet as a download because it is a resource that is not essential for completing the course. Here are the downloads included with the new edition of USH-S.

  • Advanced_Additions
  • Checklists.pdf
  • Exemplars.pdf
  • Simplified_Source_Texts.pdf

Publisher Description:

Travel back in time to early United States history! This theme-based writing curriculum allows students to delve into the excitement of explorers, battles, land expansion, famous ships, and founding fathers while learning to write with the Structure and Style® writing method. Offering a full year of instruction for students in grades 6–8, these lessons cover all nine IEW Units. Vocabulary cards, literature suggestions, and access to helpful PDF downloads are also included.

This Student Book contains assignments, instructions, engaging source texts, blank outlines, checklists, sample compositions, and clever vocabulary cards.

These lessons are designed to be used by an instructor who has been through the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style seminar, either live or on DVD.

Now a one-year course, this revised edition covers from the early explorers to the 20th century. Designed to be taught in weekly class sessions (about 1.5 hr. each) with students completing assignments over the remainder of the week. Topics include colonial life, Declaration of Independence, Louisiana Purchase, Civil War, the gold rush, WWI, Civil Rights and more. 30 lessons. Teacher guide features reduced student pages. Six related novels may be added for optional literature study.

Category Description for Theme-Based Writing Lessons (IEW):

Based on specific topics or on events in history, these sets of writing lessons (same grade-range levels as the SSS) offer comprehensive, almost scripted instruction. All necessary source texts have been developed for busy parents and teachers like you. An IEW veteran and aficionado myself, I couldn't conceive of anything more complete than what is provided here. Each lesson offers comprehensive (just short of totally scripted) instruction. All necessary source texts are provided and are reproducible for one parent/one homeschool. Clear assignments (sometimes differentiated between levels) along with a checklist to aid both the student in preparation and the parent in grading. These are also designed to be used by the student to work on throughout the week. Based on specific topics or events in various segments of history, the lessons include grammar exercises, vocabulary development, quizzes, and games for review and reinforcement - along with the writing instruction, of course.

In all lessons students are encouraged to polish their final draft perhaps even adding illustrations. At the end of each course the student will have a personal portfolio collection of poems, stories, reports, essays and research papers. Lessons are taught at the beginning of each week allowing the rest of the week for students to complete the assignment which they should be able to do on their own. Teacher preparation is minimal. (Do I hear an emphatic "Yes!"?)

The courses are targeting a progressively more competent student with the assumption that students are working through the courses according to suggested grade levels. Therefore, there is an increasing complexity to the instructions, expectations, and assignments. Accordingly, teachers are encouraged to be flexible with plans. The beginning writer may need to spend more than the suggested week on difficult lessons or omit some of the grammar. Mature students may move more quickly to allow time for additional research writing and/or more creative essay writing.

Many of these courses can be used equally well within a homeschool with several different aged students and all can be used in a co-op/support school setting with more grade-specific groupings of students. It's assumed that parents/teachers have completed Teaching Writing Structure & Style (TWSS), IEW's DVD seminar for parents and teachers.

Some courses have both a Teacher and a Student Book. In these courses, instruction for the teacher is more extensive and both books are necessary as the course is designed to be interactive between the teacher and student. Teachers should plan to read over the lessons with the students and help as necessary, especially with outlining and brainstorming. A roll of tickets (available at office supply stores) is optional but very useful for encouragement and motivation. ~ Janice

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school book list
Sarah S on Aug 15, 2022
School's book list
Jessica B on Jul 22, 2022
school book list
Sarah S on Aug 15, 2022
IEW is an excellent writing program
Jessica H on Jul 25, 2022
School's book list
Jessica B on Jul 22, 2022
Co-op course my son is taking.
Rachel R on Jun 30, 2022
required for school
Phillis D on May 27, 2022
This is just simply the best writing program on the market.
Gina B on Nov 4, 2021
The Theme-based Writing Lessons are the simplest way to integrate the IEW method and a current course of study. I have used these for years and love the content and flexibility. <br />Passages are interesting and relevant to what is being studied, and scholars receive the same practice in IEW writing techniques for beautifully finished compositions.
Mary S on Jul 23, 2021
for a coop class
Dana J on Jul 6, 2021
Our co-op will be using this for our school year.
Christina F on Jun 30, 2021
This was required by the co-op class for writing
Nicole T on Jun 18, 2021
We completed IEW 1A and wanted to keep working through summer.
Petra F on Mar 12, 2021
We use with CC
marina c on Dec 15, 2020
Using for Classical Conversations Essentials
Michelle on Aug 17, 2020
I love this program. I did it with my other children
Renee P on Aug 16, 2020
I have heard such good things about this program!
Amanda C on Aug 12, 2020
My 7th and 8th grader are using this book for our co-op's IEW class. I love that they learn history while working on their writing assignments.
Christie M on Aug 10, 2020
Cycle 3 Classical Conversations
Hilarie M on Aug 9, 2020
My children will be participating in Classical Conversations.
Jacqueline H on Aug 9, 2020
Required for a class.
Denise N on Aug 8, 2020
Love this writing curriculum because it creates a very strong foundation, building each week on the skills from the prior week. We use it in CC and repeat it for 3 years.
Jennifer P on Aug 8, 2020
IEW resources provide sound, systematic instruction for classical education.
ALISSA on Aug 3, 2020
We chose this for a co-op class.
Leanne H on Jul 30, 2020
Love this program and the ease it creates when teaching boys. They love the fact they can cross of a list and know they completed an assignment.
Megan B on Jul 11, 2020
Coop class material
Kortney P on Jul 8, 2020
Excellent curriculum! Been using for 3 years and starting my 2nd child on it now!
Nicole S on Jul 7, 2020
Required for CC Essentials Cycle 3.
Guest G on Jul 6, 2020
Have wanted to try IEW with my daughter who has dyslexia. We are studying US History in 5th grade this year. I will use this as a supplement to the BJU English 5 Program which works on 1 chapter of writing every two weeks (followed by a 2 wk chapter on grammar). On those "off weeks," we will insert IEW and correlate it to the history lessons we are learning.
Kristine J on Jun 4, 2020
Instead of printing all three hundred some pages, I decided it was in my best interest to just purchase this. I have three students and this was easier.
Elizabeth D on May 31, 2020
This curriculum will be used for our homeschool
Kimberly F on May 14, 2020
These writing lessons make writing so much more simple.
Sarah D on May 9, 2020
My children use this in their Classical Conversations Essentials class. This will be my third "tour" in the program and I am so impressed with the common sense approach to writing in a methodical way to lay the foundation for future writing. I am delighted that my children have reinforced so much history knowledge in using this writing curriculum. Overlap of the finest sort.
Bonnie H on Apr 27, 2020
This is for our writing curriculum.
Jennifer O on Apr 15, 2020
IEW is a fantastic writing program. My son has made tremendous progress with this program, so it was easy to make the decision to continue. We're studying Modern/US History next year and this will be a great accompaniment.
Jessica B on Apr 3, 2020
We have been happy with IEW's writing program
Becca S on Mar 12, 2020
recommended by a friend
Suzie L on Oct 19, 2019
Required text for school.
Sonja H on Sep 1, 2019
great curriculum
Elizabeth N on Aug 30, 2019
IEW is an excellent writing curriculum.
Kimberly W on Aug 29, 2019
We love IEW! We have done the writing intensives and wanted to try a theme based book this time. We are in a co-op that meets once a week.
ddholloway on Aug 26, 2019
We are studying U.S. History this year and IEW is always<br />and excellent way to teach writing.
Christy S on Aug 26, 2019
Homeschool Group choice. We do love IEW in general, have taught it for years. My only complaint about this one is that you're learning US History from a British or Canadian point of view: online Primary sources provide a much more accurate account of events. &You would think the Church was evil as it ignores over 2000 years of selfless acts, fights for the downtrodden: abolition, women's rights, etc., and only points out the absolute worst parts of Puritans, leads to bigotry against Christians.
Stephanie B on Aug 8, 2019
Recommended by a friend
Laura M on Jun 10, 2019
We are using this in our co op. Great book
maritess a on May 17, 2019
I wanted to writing curriculum tied to our history lessons. We have used and enjoyed IEW courses.
Lindsay H on Jan 28, 2019
Required for my child's writing class
Jennifer M on Sep 11, 2018
It is for a homeschool class that my daughter is taking and I like their curriculum.
Lori U on Aug 29, 2018
Coop uses
Stephanie S on Aug 29, 2018
Well organized way of writing that goes along with our other courses of study
Lori H on Aug 28, 2018
Jessica B on Aug 15, 2018
for a class
mia b on Aug 6, 2018
IEW is an excellent writing program
Jessica H on Jul 25, 2022
Co-op course my son is taking.
Rachel R on Jun 30, 2022
Is this the 2020 version?
A shopper on Jul 28, 2022
BEST ANSWER: This is the newest version. But note, if you are purchasing to follow the Classical Conversations program for 2022, you’ll need the Medieval book for cycle 2. This book is for cycle 3 and was used for 2020 and will be for next year 2023. Hope that helps.
Is this a faith based or non sectarian text book?
A shopper on Oct 21, 2021
BEST ANSWER: This book is not faith based.
Which edition/year of US History-based writing lessons is this?
Andrea on May 6, 2020
BEST ANSWER: We are currently carrying the 2019 edition, which is the current edition.
How does this curriculum work? Does the student use a previously established prompt based on the topic?
Jessica on Nov 21, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The Theme Based Writing books build upon the concepts taught in the Structure and Style for Students from IEW. https://www.rainbowresource.com/category/9926/Structure-and-Style-for-Students-Level-B.html which is the revised edition of the Student Writing Intensive from IEW. The course is not meant to stand alone, rather assumes the student is comfortable with the Excellence in Writing (IEW) methodology.
has anyone used this book without having gone through the teaching writing with structure and style seminar?
User on Jul 15, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I did. I was fortunate to have been a part of a homeschool coop where they used it and introduced me to the style of teaching. After a few weeks of being immersed in the curriculum, I was able to figure it out quickly. There should be a downloadable student handbook that goes with it and expands on the different mechanical and grammar rules. I followed the lesson plan fairly close, including the spelling tests (I had the kids fill them out without using spell check) and the little worksheets. I also found the tri-fold wall (a quick reference guide) a handy addition. Being a journalism/English major in college, I found this curriculum to be the best way for the kids to learn notetaking/writing essays/etc. I also had the kids turn their essays into short speeches, thereby not wasting their research.
What are the six optional novels that can be added ?
User on Mar 4, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Lessons 1-4: Witch of the Blackbird Pond
Lessons 5-10: Johnny Tremain
Lessons 11-12: Sign of the Beaver
Lessons 13-15: By the Great Horn Spoon
Lessons 16-20: Rifles for Watie
Lessons 21-23: Hattie Big Sky
Lessons 24-25: Who Was Thomas Edison Bell OR Who Was the Wright Brothers
Lessons 26-28: Journey to Topaz
is this the 3rd edition version of volume 1 ?
A shopper on Aug 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this is the 3rd edition.
It says 3rd edition, March 2014
Does this writing program include the history info, or do the students research each topic/person before writing? Wondering if I should be purchasing an entirely separate history curriculum as well, or if it'd be overwhelming/overkill. Was planning on using Notgrass, but my kids need more writing & critical thinking. More concerned that they consider ideas & motives v. memorizing dates & facts.
A shopper on Aug 3, 2016
BEST ANSWER: This text does include the research for the students to use for their writing assignments. I would purchase a separate history curriculum as it is not all include a complete history. The research portions are usually one to two pages in length and are written like an essay. I think that Mystery of History is a great history curriculum. There are four volumes but by no means do you have to start at the beginning.
Mystery of History Vol. 2 Early Church-Middle Age 2nd Edition
Mystery of History Vol. 2 Early Church-Middle Age 2nd Edition
Mystery of History Volume I Creation to Resurrection Third Edition
Mystery of History Volume I Creation to Resurrection Third Edition
Mystery of History V3 Renais, Reform, Nations
Mystery of History V3 Renais, Reform, Nations
Mystery of History V3 Audio CD Set
Mystery of History V3 Audio CD Set
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Rated 5 out of 5
wonderful writing tool
This book is easy to teach and learn. We used it for a co-op class last year and are doing it again this year with the next group of kids. IEW has helped my kids overcome not only the fear of writing, but also the fear of public speaking. We had each student stand up in front of the class to read his paper or outline.
August 6, 2019
over 4 years ago
Rated 3 out of 5
Not fond of this mechanized way of writing. It seems unnatural. Way too many -ly words.
September 7, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Daughter is enjoying this book!
Not only is she learning about writing but the topic are encouraging her to do further research! Pretty cool!
September 24, 2017
over 5 years ago

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