Practical Arithmetics Book 1 (Gr. 3-4)

Practical Arithmetics Book 1 (Gr. 3-4)

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Item #: 022834
Grades: 3-4

Customer requests always get our attention because some of our favorite products have surfaced that way. It's easy to see why Practical Arithmetics would appeal to those wanting to keep their schooling experience basic, practical, and inexpensive, yet challenging. Originally published in 1934 and reprinted in 2007, these palm-sized (5"x7"x1.5") hardback books demand your respect from the beginning - they're a glimpse of life in the past lane. First of all, explanations are kept as simple as possible requiring the student to take only one step at a time. Then, mastery is achieved through practice exercises (lots of them). Finally, application problems relate to real life - or at least real life in the 1930s. One of the unique aspects of the series is the role of tests - and there are several different types of tests. Improvement Tests provide review; the test topics are previously studied material not included in the most recent instruction. In other words, if instruction has been on multiplication, the Improvement Test will cover addition and subtraction. Problem Tests are word problems. These tests are arranged in groups known as Groups A, B, and C, each consisting of three tests (i.e. A1, A2, A3, etc.). The problems on Test A1 cover the same range of difficulty as those found on Tests A2 and A3. By test A3 the student should have all problems right on the test. Perhaps the most valuable type of test in the series is the Diagnostic Tests. These tests provide several rows of problems, each of a similar sort, with the instructions that if a student misses an exercise in any row, they need more practice and should return to the listed Help Pages. These tests are an ingenious method for keeping track of a student's proficiencies and for providing extra help if needed. All instruction, exercises, problems, and tests are provided sequentially as a student works their way through a book. All answers are in the back of the book.

Each 500 page book includes two years of instruction. Book 1 covers addition, subtraction multiplication, division, and introduces geometry, fractions, and measurement. Book 2 reviews basic operations and covers fractions, decimals and basic operations with each; measurement; consumer and personal applications; percentage; and graphs. Book 3 covers banking interest, geometry, installment buying, stocks, bonds, investments, ratio and proportion, square roots, writing and solving equations.

Originally designed to be very practical in terms of application, now from the vantage point of 75+ years, the word problems reflect both timeless content (i.e. proportions of the U.S. flag) and amusingly quaint historical perspective - "wonderful machine is more than human" (i.e. an electric calculating machine). Of course, any problems involving monetary costs are poignantly archaic.

Since we're on the subject of money I should mention that for the amazing sum of significantly less than $10 per year, this series represents a very economical math education. You'll have to be prepared to do without the amenities of workbooks, worksheets, color, manipulatives, scripted lessons, etc., but the books are surprisingly user-friendly and engaging. You certainly won't be sacrificing strength of instruction or content. I would probably start the series earlier than 3rd grade. A student completing the series should be ready for algebra, but since it means changing into another scope and sequence, it might be more comfortable to go into a pre-algebra and cover it quickly. ~ Janice


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These are the books recommended by A Delectable Education to be used in a Charlotte Mason education
Lauren F on Sep 1, 2021
CARRIE R on Aug 18, 2021
These are the books recommended by A Delectable Education to be used in a Charlotte Mason education
Lauren F on Sep 1, 2021
Wanted a book that was traditional as opposed to catering to the common core.
Kimberly H on Aug 23, 2021
CARRIE R on Aug 18, 2021
This was recommended to me from a fellow Charlotte Mason homeschooler that was a great resource for math!
Stacey S on Jul 27, 2021
Hoping to use this to supplement our Charlotte Mason maths curriculum
Patricia O on Jul 7, 2021
Classical math curriculum
Amanda L on Jun 30, 2021
Purchased this to just to see what it is like inside.
VaLois on Mar 29, 2021
My son loves these lessons that we started in an ebook version. Can't wait to have the real book in our hands!
Megan R on Mar 22, 2021
DOUGLAS S on Aug 31, 2020
to go back and cement concepts for a 6th grade struggling student and then work through all 3 books by high school.
Kathleen M on Aug 26, 2020
My children enjoy the straightforward approach of Strayer-Upton. No bells and whistles (i.e: distractions). Just math made fun, addressed to the student in clear, engaging text. My daughter (age 7) who used to cringe at the mention of math when we were using another curriculum, is now asking if we can do math before our other subjects. In her own words, "Math is fun now!"
Ben O on Aug 20, 2020
I bought this first book to compare with Ray's Arithmetic. Then I can decide which I like best.
User on Aug 14, 2020
Interested in trying this book for my homeschool math curriculum.
Rachel D on Jul 31, 2020
Will be using it to reinforce math skills along side her recommended math curriculum
Blessing O on Jul 28, 2020
I have a math lover and thought he would really enjoy this as an addition to our curriculum this year.
Stephanie G on Jul 16, 2020
We would like to hearken back to a no-frills, economical, effective curriculum that produced some of this country's greatest minds.
Heather L on May 30, 2020
I struggled in math, and had uninterested math teachers throughout school, but did very well in college math. That leads me to believe that maybe I did have an aptitude for it in spite of the way I was treated. I want to give my children all the tools I can for them to succeed to the level they desire.
Rachel R on Mar 11, 2020
Plain and practical curriculum use
Kelli L on Feb 27, 2020
Using for extra math practice.
Tara S on Sep 30, 2019
I read great posts about these books elsewhere and I have been having a hard time finding the right math curriculum. It also helps that it's cheap!
Warren on Sep 9, 2019
simple, charlotte mason style math
Catherine L on Aug 20, 2019
I loved the simplicity and practicality of this curriculum.
melinda c on Jun 22, 2019
Looking forward to using this as part of my Charlotte Mason curriculum.
Anna R on May 8, 2019
I have had the kindle edition of these, but I am actually confused by them. Excited to see the book IRL!
Lindsay on Mar 22, 2019
Extra math practice for my child that loves math
Jessica B on Mar 11, 2019
We have been using Ray's but needed something similar with review built in that has slightly more modern language. Many, many quality recommendations that this should meet our needs.
Tara M on Feb 23, 2019
Recommended by trusted, experienced teacher.
sandberga9 on Dec 26, 2018
Going to use this for homeschool math, grade 3.
Daniel R on Nov 28, 2018
Recommendation from A Delectable Education
Leah L on Sep 11, 2018
I'm using this as my Charlotte Mason (ADE approved!) math.
Kara A on Aug 27, 2018
Excited to use this in a supplemental way for my Charlotte Mason math lessons
Mary S on May 31, 2018
my neighbor had one of these books and I thought it was well written and easy to understand
Dawn B on Mar 20, 2018
Saw on a homeschool review site and thinking it might be a good fit for my son.
Jen A on Feb 19, 2018
Recommended for Charlotte Mason curriculum.
Leigh Ann N on Jan 29, 2018
recommended by a Charlotte Mason Consult. I purchased Book 2, But realized, I need to start this child with Book 1. :)
Tracy N on Sep 18, 2017
a tutor recommended
Becky H on Aug 18, 2017
Recommended by A Delectable Education podcast for use in a Charlotte Mason education
Susan B on Jul 26, 2017
Recommended Math Resource for Homeschooling..
John M on Jul 13, 2017
This series is excellent. My children use it along with Rod and Staff 3rd and 4th grade math. Very practical applications of arithmetic! I ordered a second copy in order to use it as an answer key (the answers are in the back of the book, but I prefer to see the answers on the actual page so that I can easily keep track of what problems are being missed).
Mary Ann on Mar 10, 2017
To supplement our Charlotte Mason math
Thomas P on Feb 26, 2017
good CM math curriculum
Parke S on Feb 8, 2017
Recommended to me from a fellow homeschooling mom as a resource for learning "just the facts" and a good start for mental math work for my mathy kindergartener - easy to read together without a lot of writing.
Ashley C on Nov 6, 2016
I am looking for a more simple math curriculum.
Erin D on Sep 19, 2016
Recommended on FB group.
Angela A on Aug 1, 2016
No frills or nonsense. Economical
Tracey E on Jan 7, 2016
Wanted a book that was traditional as opposed to catering to the common core.
Kimberly H on Aug 23, 2021
This was recommended to me from a fellow Charlotte Mason homeschooler that was a great resource for math!
Stacey S on Jul 27, 2021
Is there any tips for instruction within these books?
Stefanie S on Apr 7, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The preface gives some helpful information regarding how the book is structured and how to use it. The instruction itself is written to the student. There are a few "notes" at the bottom of just a few pages here and there throughout the book, that seem to written to the teacher.
What year did strayer-upton arithmetics / lower grades, three-book series printed?
A shopper on Apr 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It has a copyright date of 1934 which is based off the 1928,1929 versions. It was then reprinted in 1989 and again in 2016
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Rated 4 out of 5
Just what I needed
I was looking for a simple math book for my son who is on the spectrum. This is just what I was looking for. I would recommend it.
August 7, 2020
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
A wonderful and practical math book.
April 7, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Great for oral math
We love the games interspersed throughout the book, along with the mix of word problems and drill. No frills needed, it's just the math. We enjoy the vintage nature of the text as well. A little a day is helping my formerly math phobic 9 year old recover. We supplement with Life of Fred and replace most flash card review with manipulatives. Hubby loves the price!
December 15, 2019
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Very happy, will order the next books soon.
A very nice way to bring math concepts to light.
March 24, 2019
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Back to the good old days
I was completely fed up with "new math" and the spiral technique of teaching little bits of everything and mastering nothing. This book is fantastic. It is truly practical arithmetic, with skills exercised in logical order, building mastery with word problems and pages of practice equations. No common core, just straight math.
February 10, 2019
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Practical, real-to-life math book starting at a traditional 3rd grade level
Love, love, LOVE this book--and this is coming from a math-aphobe in grade school/high school. What I so appreciate about this series is its amazing ability to be practical. Even at this level, the story problems are "real" life and don't seem contrived. I despised math as a youngster, and I remember thinking "what's the point" when I had to do the required story problems. Not so with this series. As an adult, however, I have the maturity to see how valuable and even enjoyable math can be, and I want my children to have a better perspective than I had. I pair this with Rod & Staff math which is definitely mastery based. While the Rod & Staff is the backbone of my math program, I am using the Stayer-Upton to supplement. I certainly don't use all of the material but go page by page, determining what will help my child the most (especially good for summer break to keep their math skills honed and strengthened). So many good exercises for doing rapid calculations (not just the standard 1-18 addition/subtraction and 1-12 for multiplication/division) as well as for the wonderful story problems. I purchased a second copy to use as an answer key, since I will be using this for several children. I wouldn't try using this until the student has learned all of the addition/subtraction facts through 18. It lines up pretty well with the Rod & Staff 3rd grade math.
June 25, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Fantastic Math Book
Fantastic math book with lots of problems (more than you need). The book is well made with great binding.
May 1, 2017
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great for side by side learning
I got this book because I was looking to add a text to our math basket. We use a lot of other materials (games, literature, various manipulatives, and cheapie workbooks he picks out), and I needed a text that I could go page-by-page to make sure I had all my bases covered.

This book fit the bill. My son and I (roughly on a first grade level) sit side-by-side to read and answer questions together. Perfect for oral practice, lots of story problems, short lessons, and I really like the size. I'm surprised how much is packed into this little book.

We have also enjoyed the simple layout and black and white imagery. I feel like a lot of textbooks/workbooks look like a circus which can be really distracting. Easy to hold when we are next to each other on the couch or laying on the floor. That's where most school takes place, right?
September 17, 2016
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
You will not find a more thorough arithmetic curriculum than this one This series covers everything from single digit addition to how to keep accounts for an entrepreneurial business using a tried and true well-researched method that presents material directly to the student No teacher book required Tests ensure progress review diagnosis/remediation of any problem areas and evaluation depending on the type of test Tests are presented within the text at the point when they need to be taken There are lots of practice problems and the front matter instructs the teacher to be sure to assign them all; however most students will not find it necessary to complete them all to fully understand how to do the math what the math means in reality and how to apply the math to everyday problems -- far beyond the scope of most math curricula Depending on the number of problems assigned for each lesson and the amount of practice required by the student it will often be sufficient to do every second third or even fourth problem given in the material to establish a well-founded and complete comprehension of arithmetic The material is presented directly to the student and is easy to comprehend leaving virtually no room for mystery or confusion I especially appreciated the common-sense method taught for taking the guesswork out of long division Shortcuts for making math easier are taught only after a full understanding of the workings of the math is achieved rather than as an alternative to real understanding After reading the instructions to the teacher and looking through the book it is simple and easy to use for both student and teacher Except for the occasional math game in the earlier years no teacher preparation is really necessary although from time to time teacher involvement will make a better learning experience I would absolutely use this series to teach any student math but I would also keep in mind that for an extremely kinetic or auditory learner modifications and more teacher involvement would be necessary As is it is primarily a desk-work curriculum as are most math courses Manipulative work is rarely suggested but easily included when necessary for demonstration of a concept by any adult who understands arithmetic We very occasionally used base ten blocks and rarely used anything else except for the measurement units As this curriculum was written quite a while ago no fancy equipment is needed or expected It is primarily a self-led study Answers are in the back of the hard-bound book so if you have a sneak-peeker you might consider cutting those pages out and re-binding them for teacher use Each book has lessons and tests for two years including end-of-year promotion tests for each year for under $15 per book That's an unbeatable value and the selling factor for me My thought was even if it turned out not to be what I needed it wouldn't cost much to find out; but if it was everything I hoped I'd save hundreds of dollars on something else (and nothing else looked as good as this anyway) This curriculum exceeded my expectations which were high ones to start with Its weaknesses are: the teacher is left to make any modifications without advice including how many problems to require of the student for each lesson because it was not really meant to be modified; it may be difficult to complete each year of lessons in an ordinary school year (180 days) because there is just so much here; and there is no workbook so the student must copy each problem (which might be a weakness for some families) It is by its nature nonconsumable so that price tag is a one-time cost for the whole family The quaint small money amounts given in the book are perfect for the young mathematician who is just learning to work with money and the quantities do increase as the series progresses All in all there is really no reason not to try this curriculum of you are in search of 3rd-8th grade arithmetic It does not include pre-algebra concepts but after completion of this series any student will be well prepared for high school math and life in general (where arithmetic is concerned) It makes the perfect follow-up to Math for Your First and Second Grader by Steve Slavin for a full 8-year math course for about $60 total
July 6, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5
There are so many choices out there for Math Having already graduated one I have used many This book has impressed me so much it is very thorough including games mental math word problems and tests If your child can read he can work though the program independently all instructions are easy to understand The price for this book is amazing for what you getTopics are taught in a very sequential order with review tests intertwined to make sure previous topics are not forgotten I also like how they teach multiplication with division in fact families It makes sense and kids don't get the idea "I like multiplication but division is hard"I highly recommend this program and wish more people knew about it
July 21, 2012

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