Grammar & Writing 8th Grade Complete Homeschool Kit 2nd Ed.

Grammar & Writing 8th Grade Complete Homeschool Kit 2nd Ed.

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Item #: 022041
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Grades: 8

The Homeschool 2nd Edition of the Grammar and Writing program from meets Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts but was largely unchanged from the Homeschool 1st edition published by Saxon. Student Books in this 2nd Edition are softcover. More Practice worksheets are found in the Student Workbook (they're in the Teacher Guide in the School Edition).

Only the 6th grade course has any content differences from the School Edition. Nine writing lessons were added.

These include:

  • 4 lessons on writing a research paper
  • 3 lessons on writing an imaginative story
  • 1 lesson on writing in response to literature
  • 1 lesson on writing in response to informational text

Category Description for Grammar and Writing:

This longtime favorite - Grammar & Writing - is now available in two formats. The School Edition is also known as Hake Grammar & Writing while the 2nd Edition is the Homeschool edition published by Saxon. The good news is that the difference between the two is minimal. The School Edition has a hardcover text or paperback option, while the text in the Homeschool 2nd Edition is only available as a paperback. The other, rather minor, format difference is the “More Practice” exercises. These are in the student workbook in the Homeschool 2nd Edition but are in the back of the Teacher Guide for the School Edition. Grade 6 is the only grade level with content differences between the editions and those are covered in description for the Grade 6 books.

Both of these series will remind you of Saxon math. If it looks like Saxon and teaches like Saxon, does that mean it is Saxon? As a matter of fact, it does. But it is also Hake Grammar and Writing. Stephen Hake, long associated with Saxon math (since 1984), realized that the effective Saxon teaching methodology of incremental development and continual review would also produce strong language arts instruction and found authors to develop the series. The fact that the overseeing author of the series was his wife, Mary (a former teacher and homeschool parent), suggests that there is a "rest of the story" lurking under the surface.

Taking a good look at the program, it's not hard to see the Saxon influence. The textbooks have the look Saxon texts - even the covers are similar. Turning to the table of contents, there are lists of lessons rather than units or chapters. The uncluttered black and white appearance of text pages is also familiar. Don't stop there! The organizational structure of the program and its components is very Saxon-esque - carefully sequenced and incremental lessons coupled with continual review. The text is written directly to the student. Lessons include a teaching sequence with examples, related practice, and review. Tests are periodic and cumulative. Another similarity is the obvious commitment to a rigorous and thorough scope and sequence. In short, what we have here is a grammar and writing program which embodies all the strengths of the Saxon methodology; one that is user-friendly, academically rigorous, and doable - all at the same time.

In general, the scope and sequence of both series starts with the basics - parts of speech, types of sentences, basic capitalization and punctuation, sentence and paragraph construction - and progresses systematically and structurally through the intricacies of the American language with the goal of elegant and effective writing. Skills are carefully sequenced, building one upon another, then thoroughly (some might be tempted to say exhaustively) reviewed. As we've seen with Saxon math, this type of content structuring produces competence and retention. I think there is an added advantage applying this approach to language arts. Often the big picture of language arts is totally missed by using a workbook for vocabulary, one for spelling, another for grammar, and a totally different writing program.

In Grammar & Writing, it's possible to see how each component works together to produce an accomplished and skilled scholar. An 8th grade "graduate" of this series will have all the skills needed to tackle high school (or even college) writing assignments - which undoubtedly brings up questions about jumping in midstream or using the program with younger or older students. The 5th grade book could be used with a strong 4th grader. Likewise, the 8th grade course could be used effectively by any high school (or adult) student whose coverage of grammar and writing topics has been scattered or light or irregular and who needs a thorough review. The "jumping in" question is a little harder to address. If a student has had a fair amount of grammar/writing instruction then they could probably start at grade level in this series. There is plenty of review providing an opportunity to "re-teach" some concepts. However, if a student has had very little grammar or writing instruction, he will probably be much more comfortable starting with the 4th or 5th grade book.

The Student Textbook includes 100-115 grammar lessons (number varies per grade). Dictation or journal writing is a daily assignment. Students start each week by copying a dictation passage (found in the text's appendix). The expectation is that they will study the passage during the week and be prepared to write it from dictation with correct spelling and punctuation at the end of week. Students write on a journal topic for the three remaining days each week (list of topics are also found in the text appendix). This sequence is designed to take about five minutes each day.

Following this process, each of the grammar lessons starts with a vocabulary segment. Lesson 41 of the 6th grade book looks at the prefix mal- along with some example usages. Lesson 84 of the 8th grade book looks at the history of the adjectives procrustean and protean. [Interesting stuff since both words trace their meaning to Greek legends or literature.]

After vocabulary, the lesson's teaching sequence is next. For instance, Lesson 60 of the 8th grade book covers the use of the comma in compound sentences and direct quotations. Reviewing the definition of a compound sentence, comma placement is discussed along with mentioning that a list of seven coordinating conjunctions should have been memorized. Next comes two sets of examples. The student is to identify the coordinating conjunction in three sentences and then properly insert a comma in the next two. Answers for each are provided immediately following. The teaching sequence for commas in direct quotations includes illustrating samples before the student is asked to rewrite two example sentences inserting commas as needed. Proper solutions are clearly explained.

The Practice Set for this lesson contains 12 sentences. Sometimes the student is only required to identify a word, sometimes to rewrite the sentences. In this set there are four questions concerning the vocabulary words. Some lessons (but not all) contain a More Practice worksheet. Some of the More Practice worksheets (called Silly Stories in some levels and Hysterical Fiction in others) are a Mad-Libs-type of activity.

The last portion of Lesson 60 is the Review Set - 30 questions. These include vocabulary, usage, spelling, sentence combining and rephrasing, rewriting for correct punctuation and usage, sentence type and parts of speech identification, and others. The last two sentences are typically diagramming practice. (Diagramming is a significant portion of the instruction with several lessons in each level providing the necessary instruction.) One of the nice features of this Review Set is the micro-size subtexts attached to each review question. These refer back to the lesson where the concept being reviewed was introduced.

This text is non-consumable, as there are no spaces purposely left for rewriting or diagramming. However, white space in general is generous and some might choose to allow students to write in the book.

The softcover Student Workbook contains the writing lessons. Lessons follow a familiar pattern - a teaching sequence coupled with analysis questions (various sample passages are analyzed), some examples to work with solutions, and practice and review exercises. These exercises include writing assignments, analysis exercises, and sentence rewriting. Although starting with sentence and paragraph construction, the lessons sequence into essays, the various forms of writing, and the writing process. Both creative and academic writing are covered in all levels with an increasing emphasis on research writing as the grades progress. Self-evaluation forms are included for each writing assignment. The student is encouraged to prepare and keep a binder with journal entries and writing assignments.

The Teacher Packet includes a short message to the teacher (how-tos), a complete set of answer keys (for the textbook practice and review sets, writing lessons, tests, and more practice worksheets), and test masters. The suggested class schedule for each course is a test after five grammar lessons (starting with the tenth lesson). Students also complete a writing lesson on test days. Sometimes writing lessons are grouped to allow a specific skill set to be brought to completion (i.e. writing a persuasive essay). When this happens the schedule flexes to accommodate several days of writing lessons before continuing on with the grammar portion. There is a detailed schedule for setting up these lessons as well as a very helpful topical listing of the textbook contents which would serve as a type of scope and sequence.

If you love Saxon math and regretted there was nothing quite like it for language arts (I've talked to moms with this lament), then you will be a happy camper. If you've never heard of Saxon but just want a carefully sequenced, thorough, and comprehensive approach to language arts, you'll also be a happy camper. Camping anyone? ~ Janice

Category Description for COMPLETE ENGLISH PROGRAMS:

These materials offer complete coverage of both writing and grammar.

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These products do all the thinking for the parents. This company is so completely thorough that it makes homeschooling much more manageable because most of the time even the kids can understand the directions.
Jen G on Feb 25, 2022
We've used this grammar / writing set for the last 3 yrs and love it!
Missy on Aug 28, 2021
These products do all the thinking for the parents. This company is so completely thorough that it makes homeschooling much more manageable because most of the time even the kids can understand the directions.
Jen G on Feb 25, 2022
current curriculum is relevant to my daughters grade level and learning
Tina S on Sep 28, 2021
We've used this grammar / writing set for the last 3 yrs and love it!
Missy on Aug 28, 2021
I love Saxon math, so we're giving grammar and writing a try too.
Allison R on Aug 25, 2021
It uses the Saxon method, it is secular, and I appreciate seeing how it incorporates vocabulary into the instruction.
Allison C on Aug 15, 2021
I really love Curtis Hake grammar and writing complete handbook and think this series builds on grammar and writing supper easy, and easy it understand. As long as the child does a lesson everyday their grammar advances really fast. To include that this series constantly reenforces material already learned
stady m on Aug 5, 2021
Excellent for children with autism. Previous lesson concepts are repeated and reiterated with each new lesson along with the new lesson material. It is essentially like a continued review throughout the text.
Cindy T on Jul 30, 2021
I've used this program for all of my kids and we love it. First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, which we used when the kids were younger, leads smoothly into this program.
Renee G on May 4, 2021
I have used Saxon Grammar 5 and 6 and I love how thorough and organized it is. I never learned to diagram a sentence in school so I have learned a lot as I have helped my children with this program. My high schooler needs a review and so we are going to try Saxon Grammar 8.
Ashley C on Sep 20, 2020
We have appreciated this curriculum for years and are now using it for our daughter in high school.
Sharon J on Sep 15, 2020
I spoke with a curriculum specialist who said this was very thorough and excellent high school and college prep.
Lisa v on Aug 21, 2020
Love this curriculum!
Jennifer J on Aug 4, 2020
This seemed to meet our needs for a comprehensive grammar program.
Heather H on Aug 4, 2020
Have loved Saxon Math. We have been using another grammar curriculum, but it isn't having the kids write. I am looking forward to the grammar training being used in writing!
Shawna S on Jun 10, 2020
Easy, repetitive. Used a different version for a different child.
Claire H on Mar 31, 2020
In my opinion is a very complete curriculum with a lot of exercises to learn well
Jim G on Feb 21, 2020
we like saxon math so giving this a try
Sue R on Jan 1, 2020
My son is entering 8th grade and I trust Saxon curriculum.
Tracey Y on Aug 23, 2019
I liked that it followed the structure of Saxon Math. We are new to homeschooling so any help to teach our girls with good resources is great.
Aaron V on Aug 15, 2019
This is very detailed and very user friendly. I felt it is perfect for homeschooling.
Adrienne S on Aug 3, 2019
I teach and like the Hake texts.
David F on Aug 1, 2019
My older daughter (college age) reminded me that this was helpful for her so now I'm going to use it for her younger sister!
Sarai L on Jul 23, 2019
Thorough English instruction that student can complete on his own.
Ruth M on Jul 18, 2019
I choose this because it addressed both the grammar and writing skills I want my child to learn, and it's an inclusive kit with student and teacher editions.
Michelle W on Jul 8, 2019
Our high-school aged daughter speaks English as a second language, so grammar is one of her most challenging subjects. She does very well with Saxon math, and she liked the sample lessons that we were able to print out (at the publisher's website), so we are hoping this will help her strengthen her grammar skills.
Theresa A on Jul 3, 2019
We have enjoyed their math and decided to try this with the hopes that it's just as good.
Christine C on May 8, 2019
I chose this curriculum because I saw good reviews for it. I also viewed a sample and it contains daily practice exercises which are a benefit for my son's learning process. We have used Saxon for Math in the past and I do like how they build reviews into their lesson plans. You learn a skill, use the skill, continue to use the skill and then build upon the skill.
David H on May 2, 2019
I read Cathy Duffy's review and it sounds like just what we need
Jennifer A on Sep 6, 2018
Great format. Easy to follow.
User on Sep 3, 2018
I have used this curriculum for 4th and 5th grade. Took a break and used a free grammar program. We came back to Saxon because it's the most comprehensive LA curriculum I have found.
Kimberly K on Aug 14, 2018
Loved how thorough the Hake 7th grade curriculum was last year.
Tressa A on Aug 8, 2018
Great reviews
Teresa M on Aug 7, 2018
Program is incremental. That means there are fewer chances for holes in the information taught and the student will receive ample experience over time for retention. It works.
Susan W on Aug 3, 2018
We need a grammar and mechanics review this year after taking a year off to focus on essay writing. We love Saxon's math programs that are thorough and provide constant review, and I'm hoping for the same with Saxon Grammar.
Ramona J on Jul 26, 2018
complete set
Terry B on Jul 11, 2018
its incremental development
Laura S on Mar 24, 2018
I am homeschooling my daughter and am very happy with the Saxon Maths program and hope for the same success with English.
LUKE D on Feb 28, 2018
I have used Saxon Math with great success over the years. The Grammar and Writing series looks thorough; I'm going to give it a try.
Brenda R on Jan 27, 2018
I wanted a program to help bring my son up to grade level. I read Cathy Duffy's review and decided to make the purchase.
Jessica N on Jan 13, 2018
We are struggling with our home school language arts. I am hoping this will help my son focus.
Sharon A on Dec 6, 2017
Recommended by our homeschool advisor.
scott f on Sep 7, 2017
I liked the fact that this was a comprehensive LA program; no buying spelling, grammar and then writing workbooks.
Emily H on Aug 24, 2017
ease of order and free shipping
Jennifer K on Aug 16, 2017
The Saxon curriculum is very thorough.
Christina F on Aug 15, 2017
To give my students an alternative to ABEKA
Sallie N on Aug 9, 2017
Although I have not used these books before, I have had experience with the Saxon Math books. They are excellent; I hope the grammar books are equally good.
Deidra S on Jun 14, 2017
has helped tremendously with our advanced student who needed something more
Dawn V on Jun 4, 2017
Saxon Grammar is highly recommended on Homeschool sites for adolescents learning how to properly write.
Leslie S on Apr 28, 2017
Our daughter's middle school does not have a strong writing program (grades 6-8) and she scored poorly on parts of standardized test writing samples despite getting A's in all her classes. The school has recognized it's shortcoming (the scores for all students in this area are similar low) and is making changes...but our daughter graduates in June. This book looks like a great resource to expose her to what she may have missed before heading into high school.
Traci P on Feb 1, 2017
love Saxon material!
LATOYA F on Jan 9, 2017
current curriculum is relevant to my daughters grade level and learning
Tina S on Sep 28, 2021
I love Saxon math, so we're giving grammar and writing a try too.
Allison R on Aug 25, 2021
Levels 7 and 8 are quite similar in scope/sequence. Could a strong student skip to level 8 after completing level 6?
Nadeen C on Aug 20, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I wouldn't suggest skipping a level. I would say to get a different author. I bought 6 and 8 in this series because I had 2 in 8th and one in 6th. Still similar so I moved on to Shurley. Hope this helps.
4.5 / 5.0
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Rated 3 out of 5
Very thorough and traditional grammar, but outdated and too much religious references
The good: These books are VERY thorough with traditional grammar. I also like the 2-4 vocabulary woods in each new section (based on Latin roots). I like the repetitive Saxon style.

The bad: After using these books for a couple of weeks, I decided to switch to another more current grammar book. It does not go into as much depth as these books, BUT, I just couldn't get with the very out-dated references and religious references. The grammar book seems to assume that your kid is reading certain novels at the same time, so it uses certain names over and over in the lessons. Kids today do not want examples talking about muskets and religious references or "Federalist" under-pinnings to grammar examples. Later in the book there are statements about "Satan" (I assume from a book that the writer assumes your kid is reading).

In addition, some of the depth of grammar is good. Some of it is just too much for a 14 yr old to care about and it is a big turn OFF. The author needs to strike a balance between substance and minutiae. At times it veered into grammatical minutiae such that it was hard for me (the parent/teacher with a law degree) to keep teaching certain lessons... there just wasn't any way that the minutiae was necessary.

I would have liked to keep using this book, but we had to move on to something that was more current in style even if it was less intense in substance. And also, we wanted SECULAR. I never considered that a grammar book would not be secular. Live and learn.
December 31, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I love that it is systematically written and easy to use for any student!
March 12, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great Homeschool Kit, lessons are easy to follow, comprehensive with extra practice. Journal writing is very helpful, and dictations are given to practice grammar and spelling. It took me a few days to figure out how everything works, but after the first week, everything was clear. We do lot of schooling on-line, so this is a nice change, using the text book. :)
October 19, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
This is a great set, My kids have learned a lot by using this, I just wish, this was not the last set in the series.
December 11, 2017
over 5 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Excellent Curriculum
I started using Grammar and Writing when my son was in the 6th grade. He's in the 8th now and doing quite well. I also have a 5th grader who is using Grammar and Writing for the first time. He too is grasping all of the material. Before we used Grammar and Writing, we used a very expensive curriculum that many classical programs use. My now 8th grader just never caught on. But when we started Grammar and Writing it's like the switch turned on and it's been on ever since. Grammar and Writing is a very thorough cure that covers all bases. I highly recommend it. The only thing I would like to see improvement on is the binding of the big grammar workbook. A couple of my pages at the beginning of the book were not bound they came right out of the book as I was turning the pages. Other than that, excellent curriculum.
September 12, 2017
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Autonomous grammar
No pictures, no razzle-dazzle, but the grammar lessons are thorough, and presented in small, self-contained bits, and the authors don't talk down to the student. A college student could pick up even the fourth-grade version and not feel that it was too childish. This is the most autonomous subject we have. My boys can sit themselves down at 8:00 a.m. and know what lesson they're on, read the instructions, and complete the exercise without my assistance. The teacher's guide makes correcting the work super simple too.
November 3, 2016
over 6 years ago

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