Excellence in Spelling Phonetic Zoo Level A Complete Set

Excellence in Spelling Phonetic Zoo Level A Complete Set

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Grades: 4-8

Publisher Description:

Looking for a new approach to spelling? This phonics-based program uses auditory input to ensure that the correct spelling of each word is absorbed by the brain. The audio allows students to work independently much of the time, while allowing for the repetition needed for mastery. The audio portion of the program can be purchased as CDs or as an MP3 download. If you choose the MP3 download, the study cards will be shipped and a regular shipping fee will be applied.

The Starter Set package includes:

  • 5 audio CDs (includes MP3 downloads)
  • Lesson Cards with all three levels of spelling words and jingles
  • Personal Spelling Cards to keep track of your student’s typical misspellings
  • Zoo Cards that serve as a way to practice jingles or as rewards
  • Phonetic Zoo Teacher’s Notes spiral-bound book (PDF e-book also included)
  • Spelling and the Brain video seminar (link to streaming video)

Category Description for Excellence in Spelling: Phonetic Zoo:

A unique spelling program based on Anna Ingham's Blended Sound-Sight Program of Learning. According to this approach, "children learn best when what they see is reinforced by hearing, and when what they hear is reinforced by being seen." The visual components of the Phonetic Zoo consist of 47 Lesson Cards and a corresponding set of smaller Zoo Cards. The auditory component consists of five audio CDs (six in Level C) or corresponding MP3 files (access provided with purchase of CDs).

Each lesson begins with a new Lesson Card and Zoo Card. On the front side of each card are pictures of animals whose names illustrate the spelling rule being taught. For example, Lesson 2 covers the "ie" rule and is illustrated with a cockatiel. The corresponding Zoo Card is labeled "The 'ie' Rule" and has a cockatiel printed on it. By the end of the program, the student will earn an entire zoo of animals. The spelling rule, or some jingle or hint to remind us of the rule, is printed on the back of the Lesson Card and should be memorized. This card also lists fifteen spelling words for each level that conform to or are exceptions to the rule. These words can be studied before moving to the audio part of the lesson.

Using headphones, the student takes and corrects a practice test dictated from either the CDs or MP3 files. Because the student studies, self-tests, and corrects his or her own work, the Phonetic Zoo is considered a "self-teaching spelling program." Practice test and test corrections for each lesson are recorded on separate tracks so the student can easily find each one. It may take a while for the student to adjust to the speed of the dictation, but this is typical. The pause button can always be used for short breaks or to catch up to the speaker. Two distinct voices are used on the audio component. Both speakers clearly enunciate, but to my ear, one speaker's voice was much easier to understand. Daily tests and corrections take approximately ten minutes to complete. Achieving two consecutive perfect test scores is recommended before moving on to the next lesson.

Every fifth lesson in this program is called a "personal" lesson. The words for this lesson are collected by the student as he progresses through the other lessons and should be written on the blank spaces provided on the Personal Spelling Card. Possible personal spelling words can be commonly misspelled words or interesting words that the student has come across in other subjects. Personal lessons help tailor this spelling program to the student.

The Phonetic Zoo has three difficulty levels: A-primary, B-intermediate, and C-highest. Each level has its own unique audio file but identical Lesson Cards. These cards actually have three complete spelling lists printed on the back. Correct level placement can be determined by taking the placement test available online at http://www.writing-edu.com/spelling/placement_test.php. A comprehensive final exam marks the completion of the level and progression to the next level. Since the goal of this program is mastery, the time required to complete a level will depend on the individual student.

This program was designed for children ages nine and above. Younger children may have difficulty memorizing some of the longer rules and writing quickly enough to keep up with practice test dictations. Focus is placed on the number of correctly spelled words rather than the number of words missed; the creators of this program are confident that lesson repetition will take care of the latter. As explained in the Teacher's Notes, it may take time for students to adjust to this type of program.

Program components are available in several different sets. The Premier Package provides MP3 download links for Levels A, B, & C as well as Lesson Cards for these three levels, a set of Personal Spelling Cards, Zoo Cards, Teacher Notes cook, and a link for "Spelling & the Brain" video seminar. Starter Sets for each level contain Lesson CDs, access to MP3 files for those lessons, Lesson Cards, Zoo Cards, Personal Spelling (PS) Cards, a small printed Teacher Notes Book and access to the seminar "Spelling and the Brain" via video streaming. Please note that the cards are applicable to all levels so if you already have a Starter Set, and want to purchase a different level, you'll need to purchase the CDs Only for that level which do not include any cards but do include access to the MP3 files. Additional lesson and personal spelling cards are available separately for multiple children using the program. These cards are not necessary but students enjoy having their own set if they are working through lessons at the same time and are in different levels. Additional Zoo Cards are also available separately. ~ Anh

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A friend recommended it.
Rachel M on Oct 24, 2022
I love Pudewa! We use Fix It Grammar and IEW, so when I was looking for a more independent spelling program after using AAS, this was a no brainer to try. I am looking forward to loving it!
April S on Jun 16, 2021
A friend recommended it.
Rachel M on Oct 24, 2022
good reference from friends
Christa G on Jul 20, 2022
I love Pudewa! We use Fix It Grammar and IEW, so when I was looking for a more independent spelling program after using AAS, this was a no brainer to try. I am looking forward to loving it!
April S on Jun 16, 2021
I plan on using this with three of my children who are all at different grade levels but all need a "restart" on their spelling skills.
User on Jan 6, 2021
Assistance through chat from one of your amazing staff. So appreciate your knowledge and help! Thank you!
Emily on Dec 28, 2020
Recommended by a friend
Hannah H on Nov 9, 2020
Suggested by Mr. Andrew Pudewa, creator of IEW Writing Program
Anne C on Apr 22, 2020
Recommended by a friend
Jake R on Mar 16, 2020
I have a 10 year old who is struggling to get interested in reading. I believe this spelling program will help him progress.
Roger L on Aug 14, 2019
Read many good reviews about this program by IEW
Dawn H on Aug 7, 2019
Shannon L on Jul 9, 2019
This curriculum came highly recommended by a friend.
Kara C on Jun 26, 2019
Free shipping as opposed to $9.00 shipping on IEW website.
Rebekah K on Oct 1, 2018
I have several friends who have switched to this so we are giving it a try!
Julia M on Aug 11, 2018
Have heard good things about it and wanted to try it. I like that it is not teacher intensive.
User on Jul 6, 2018
I have a speller who has been having troubles with recall. After reading up on Phonetic zoo this looked like the best option for her.
Paige P on Dec 29, 2017
looking forward to working on this with my 4th and 5th grader
Melinda M on Dec 14, 2017
If you have already completed several levels of All About Spelling with your student and/or you have a student who is naturally a pretty good speller, this program works just fine. It is nice as it requires very little teacher involvement.
Jennifer P on Oct 18, 2017
I chose this book to help my daughter with a learning disability in reading. She has difficulty spelling words.
Maria A on Aug 29, 2017
Same as above.
Nicky B on Aug 8, 2017
I work with St. Thomas Aquinas Academy and they recommended it.
Barbara V on Jun 16, 2017
It is an independent curriculum. It has the rules and word lists, plus they have to take the test until all words are correct.
Sonia M on Jun 16, 2017
Even though I loved my current program, it wasn't getting done. I realized I needed one that allowed my son to work more independently, as I gotten busier with work. I use Fix It Grammar, and really love it. My son loves it, too. So, I figured if this was an IEW's product, it had to be good, too. I also researched reviews, and most agree this one is an excellent choice for independent work.
Patricia on Apr 15, 2017
It was recommended to me by another home school mom.
Amanda H on Mar 30, 2017
son needs to become a better speller
Donna T on Mar 16, 2017
This was recommended by a friend. I am in need of a more student-driven spelling curriculum as we just don't consistently get to the teacher driven curriculum I had chosen. Also, I'm hoping the audio aspect will help my spelling-challenged learner.
Carolyn B on Jan 20, 2017
We been using Spelling Plus/Dictation. While it's nice, it just wasn't enough review for my son. I need something more independent based.
Danny M on Jan 8, 2017
I bought this program because it is super easy for me to administer to multiple children. About once a week I need to present new info to them, and after that the audio leads them through the daily drills. Yay!
Amy K on Sep 9, 2016
I've heard it's a good program for the auditory learner.
Jennifer S on Sep 1, 2016
Interested in having an independent spelling program.
Melissa G on Aug 30, 2016
Daughter is a strong auditory learner and has difficulty with phonics & spelling.
Sarah P on Aug 9, 2016
The site Institute for Excellence in Writing had the item on back order and other sites that had the item charged shipping.
Tiffany S on Feb 4, 2016
Veritas Press recommends.....nuff said :-)
Marsha G on Dec 17, 2015
good reference from friends
Christa G on Jul 20, 2022
I plan on using this with three of my children who are all at different grade levels but all need a "restart" on their spelling skills.
User on Jan 6, 2021
How many weeks does it take to complete level A?
A shopper on Jul 18, 2019
BEST ANSWER: How long it takes to complete each level is dependent on the student. The student stays on one lesson until they can score 100% two days in a row. So the student could be on one lesson for 2 days or 5 days (for example). So it’s hard to say overall how long it would take to complete each level.....
can multiple children use the same program?
A shopper on Aug 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, multiple children can use the same program. You can use a notebook for each child to write their personal spelling list (words that children have spelled incorrectly on papers they have written or missed on a test) instead of using the card provided for personal spelling list. This is the only piece in the kit that would would need altering in order to share.
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Rated 5 out of 5
First Rate Spelling Program!
We really like this program! I like that mastery is achieved before advancement. The kids like it because they are spelling harder words with ease. Highly recommend.
October 7, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Wonderful for later elementary age students!
We are enjoying Phonetic Zoo from IEW. It is a great resource for a student ready for a small amount of independent work & responsibility. It is a very sound program and teaches/reinforces the rules of phonics. The word lists are very challenging, but the student is well equipped to handle the lists by the teaching method of the program. The placement test was very helpful and if the results of the placement test are followed, you will choose the correct level of the program. We love curriculum from IEW, so this was a natural addition for our homeschool.
December 9, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Extremely well laid out
We are not the best of spellers in this house. My kids have not learned very well how to study to master a subject well, until now! This program is excellent, makes a lot of sense, and best of all my children are learning to spell!!!!! I do have to say there have been some tears because they don't like the repetition, they are learning that repetition is the key to knowing how to spell each word correctly without even having to think about all the rules. Defiantly recommend this product.
October 9, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We have tried numerous spelling programs never having any success My ds has a difficulty hearing letter sounds and is a terrible speller He is also very dependent on me--wants me to be at his side constantly during school He's 12 years old My daughter is more independent but hates spelling Phonetic Zoo is the first program that works for all of us I think hearing the words through the headphones has really helped my son He's also becoming much more independent which make us both proud My 9 yo dd enjoys the challenge of making 100's 2 days in a row She's so caught up with that she's forgotten that she hates spelling! This program has been an asset to our family and I expect will be work through level C I'm glad we've finally found a program we can stick with
March 23, 2009
Rated 5 out of 5
I�ll be honest here: I hate spelling I didn�t like it as a child and I don�t enjoy it any more as an adult Because of that spelling instruction is always the last item of the day � if I force myself to make time for it However another quality product from the Institute for Excellence in Writing has made this homeschool mom�s job a bit easierThe only input from me is to give out pats on the back and offer up words for the personal spelling list (These occur every five lessons and include words that either were troublesome when doing the previous lessons or from a student�s compositions) My auditory son received the most bang for the buck as he is constantly wired up to headphones anyway but all have improved their spelling skills It is expensive but can be reused for every child in the family With four children sharing the cost of the CD�s it figures to about $2500 per child Compared to purchasing a new workbook test book teacher�s edition etc every year for each child I�m saving a bundle The best part is that since mom and her dislike of spelling doesn�t slow them down they are completely independent
February 28, 2008

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