Reason for Handwriting A Student Workbook

Reason for Handwriting A Student Workbook

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A Reason for Handwriting Level A Student Worktext begins with 30 lessons reviewing manuscript letter formation. After completing the review, the work text proceeds to 28 weekly lessons, which each provide 10-15 minutes of daily practice. On days 1 - 3, your child will write letters and words from the week's Scripture verse. On day 4, he will trace over the entire verse as it appears in the work text. On the final day, he can select a Border Sheet from the back of the book, and write the week's Scripture verse in his best handwriting, then use his creativity to color the design on the Border Sheet.

Note: The weekly verse in A Reason For Handwriting Level A corresponds with the same week's theme verse in A Reason For Spelling Level A, thus reinforcing the Scripture content of each lesson.

Category Description for A Reason for Handwriting:

An appealing, full-color Christian handwriting program that provides instruction and practice in handwriting (traditional style) with about 30 lessons per level (except for K which has 49). Each level has a letter designation, with a whole book for transition from manuscript to cursive in between B and C. The Transition book contains content from both Book B (print) and Book C (cursive) and you can use in place of either Book B or Book C, depending on your student's needs (see PDF sample for more information on using the Transition Book). Starting in Book C, all handwriting is cursive. In the more advanced levels, discussion questions accompany the weekly Bible verse. One more change to note is the height of the lines; they are smaller in the cursive section of the Transition Book or Book C (3/8") than in the previous books (manuscript books have 5/8" lines). The manuscript and cursive border sheets are also revised, and are now included with the workbooks. These nicely bordered lined papers challenge students to write their scripture verses on them "in their best handwriting." (Scripture verses are taken from the Living Bible.) The student desk card shows manuscript and cursive letters on a personal-sized card, or you can put the big letters up on the wall using the alphabet wall sheets. One comprehensive teacher's guide covers the whole series. Please note that sets are also available, which include the student book and teacher guide at a discount. ~ Melissa

These materials are graded specifically and include both instruction and practice.

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Ashleigh P on Nov 21, 2021
I like this handwriting series very much. I have used it for 8 years. I think it is so precious when they give away the word of God to others at the end of each week!
Cassy C on Sep 2, 2021
Ashleigh P on Nov 21, 2021
Simple, meaningful handwriting program that's enjoyable for the kids too.
Kristen P on Oct 4, 2021
I like this handwriting series very much. I have used it for 8 years. I think it is so precious when they give away the word of God to others at the end of each week!
Cassy C on Sep 2, 2021
I have used A Reason for Handwriting for 3 of my kids so far with good results. I like that they learn bible verses, and the lessons are short and sweet. I just bought this book for my fourth child who will soon be 6 years old.
Laura O on Aug 25, 2021
great reviews from other homeschool parents
Amy M on Aug 17, 2021
This handwriting curriculum is easy to use and helps all of my children learn to print and do cursive independently.
Michelle V on Aug 5, 2021
My 1st grader needs to continue with handwriting practice. I liked that this was scripture-based.
Laura P on Jul 15, 2021
To help improve my sons handwriting
User on Jul 13, 2021
My youngest child will love mailing out the border pages to family.
Mendy C on May 24, 2021
I love to have my children practice their handwriting skills while hiding God's word in their hearts.
Stacy R on Apr 21, 2021
We used the level K and throughly enjoyed it. This handwriting is an easy pace for starting a formal academic journey. I love how it incorporates Biblical truth in each lesson alongside teaching fun animal facts.
Alexandria M on Apr 2, 2021
I like the structure and content of this handwriting curriculum.
Sherri S on Mar 31, 2021
This is my favorite handwriting curriculum!
Danita T on Mar 29, 2021
These books are wonderful for handwriting practice and also helping introduce scripture memorization.
Stephanie P on Mar 21, 2021
I was happy with my daughter's progress with the level K book so we are continuing on to Level A.
Nina K on Mar 17, 2021
I like the progression of writing letters to words to whole sentences of Scripture. Kids can complete this on their own, and they are becoming more familiar with Scripture at the same time. My kids also love the freedom to pick out the picture to write the Bible verse on at the end of each lesson.
Beth G on Mar 12, 2021
Have used for years and like that it results in producing neat handwriters.
Cynthia D on Mar 2, 2021
It's very similar to how I was taught to write. It's not common core aligned which is a must for me. Also I love the writing of bible verses.
Heather H on Mar 1, 2021
I've been using these books for almost 20 years for my children's penmanship. They are an easy way to have them practice handwriting neatly.
Cheryl Z on Oct 11, 2020
It comes highly recommended!
Christina H on Oct 3, 2020
I have used A Reason for Handwriting in the past with my other children. I will be using this for my 12-year-old with Down Syndrome.
Kristi on Aug 12, 2020
Suggestion from a friend
Ingrid K on Aug 12, 2020
familiar to our family... used with older three
Valerie g on Aug 5, 2020
Great way to start practicing handwriting.
Peter B on Jul 29, 2020
I've read great reviews about this handwriting series and I liked how it was laid out! We use A Gentle Feast for our homeschool and this will be in the place of language arts, so the gentle introduction to copywork seems perfect!
Emily I on Jul 21, 2020
My daughter needs to practice handwriting.
Jonnalyn C on Jul 17, 2020
I remember doing these books in school and loving them! I am excited to share these wonderful books with my kids now.
Shannon C on Jul 9, 2020
My children love these handwriting books. They are divided into small, daily sections which make the workload very manageable, even for young boys who aren't thrilled to be working on their handwriting. The coloring pages in the back make it fun and easy to motivate kids to do their best.
Elizabeth S on May 21, 2020
part of our homeschool co-op curriculum
Barbara S on May 20, 2020
For my 7 year old to practice her handwriting. We love the border Bible verse sheets they can decorate at the end of each week.
Dyan C on May 11, 2020
its clear in teaching child the proper way to write.
victoria r on Apr 14, 2020
I love that my girls are practicing writing scripture when using this series. Both of my older girls started with Book A. My oldest is now on Book C & loves it. My middle child is on Book T and is excited to start learning cursive soon. I never have to ask them twice to work on their handwriting. The lessons are quick. The regular (but easy) practice really builds their skills. We get compliments all the time about their beautiful penmanship. I'll start my youngest out with Book A next year.
Mary S on Apr 4, 2020
Bible verses as part of handwriting practice
Amy S on Mar 16, 2020
We love Reason for Handwriting!
User on Feb 19, 2020
We love the integration between handwriting and spelling in a reason for curriculum. The kids like the handwriting as it isn't overwhelming and is split into 5 days of work.
Catherine B on Jan 18, 2020
Love this series!
Deborah P on Aug 29, 2019
Used by and Requested by our teaching staff
pnaylor on Aug 21, 2019
FPA required 1st Grade book list
Swan D on Aug 12, 2019
I like the way the letters are formed in this series
Molly M on Aug 11, 2019
Stefanie S on Aug 7, 2019
We have used this series with our older kids and they have really liked it - so we are excited to continue it with the next up and coming student in our home. My kids like the fun pictures and I love the simplicity of using a workbook that has everything laid out and I also love that they are learning scripture as they practice their handwriting. :)
Bessie K on Aug 5, 2019
I love that this curriculum has scripture as the handwriting practice!
Amber H on Jun 30, 2019
Bible themed handwriting - have used them for years.
Virle G on Jun 12, 2019
A fun busy book for my 4 year old
Melanie D on May 22, 2019
Great, easy curriculum.
Ashley V on Apr 8, 2019
Love that the lessons are based on Scripture. The border sheets are a great end-of-week reward for kids who love to color!
Jordan B on Apr 4, 2019
We used level K and loved it!
Shannon B on Apr 2, 2019
The A Reason For program is very simple and easy to use. I have been homeschooling for years, and have tried other programs in the past that were not nearly as effective (and it shows in my kids' handwriting!). I would never use anything other than A Reason For for handwriting practice and instruction.
Sarah C on Jan 8, 2019
Recommended to me from a couple fellow homeschool moms with older children. Looking forward to seeing how it works for my son. He started reading very early and knows all the letters, but we are needing some real shaping practice before we can move on so I can read the letters he is writing.
Stephanie P on Nov 2, 2018
This is to supplement handwriting without tears, for more practice and more biblical exposure.
Paula N on Oct 17, 2018
Simple, meaningful handwriting program that's enjoyable for the kids too.
Kristen P on Oct 4, 2021
I have used A Reason for Handwriting for 3 of my kids so far with good results. I like that they learn bible verses, and the lessons are short and sweet. I just bought this book for my fourth child who will soon be 6 years old.
Laura O on Aug 25, 2021
Is there a difference in line size between book K and book A? Thanks!
A shopper on Apr 6, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, there is. Book K has wider lines than Book A. Lines in Book A are 9/16" with dotted middles.
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Rated 5 out of 5
I love this book...
... my son not so much, only because he doesn't like handwriting. Using this as a supplement to his main handwriting program.
March 11, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Good instruction
Nicely broken up into do-able portions, with lots of good instruction on how to form the letters and practice in both lower case and upper case letters.
January 5, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
No direction for actual stroke
Maybe it is in the teacher book, but there is no actual explanation or even arrows to show how to form the letters. That aside I really like the set up of the book and the boarder sheets are fun for the kids to color. Now if you will actually will be able to use them to witness to others is to be seen. I have had 3 kids at a time using the workbooks at different levels that is 54 worksheets to save up and give away some where. For a while my church was feeding the homeless in our area and we put them in the bags we passed out, but then the church stopped doing that so I needed to find somewhere else to give these "masterpieces" to. Guess I could have saved them up and dropped them at a nursing home or something, but who wants all that clutter around the house? So if you are buying it on the decision you are going to have your child use them to witness have an outlet ready and a place to keep them safe until you pass them on. I use them because I like my kids reading scripture and the boarder pages are fun to color at the end of the week. If that doesn't excite you go with any old handwriting book, because this one is not very extraordinary.
November 20, 2017
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love this curriculum
I definitely recommend this curriculum! I've used it now with 2 children and it's simple and effective.
September 16, 2017
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love this Handwritting program!
November 5, 2016
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
My girls loved this book!
No fuss handwriting practice. The lessons each day are minimal, but enough for children to practice and build on what they already know. For my girls, their favorite part was getting to learn a new verse each week, and then picking who to give their nicely decorated and printed verse to on Fridays. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good Kindergarten writing program.
October 17, 2016
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Very easy to use
Good quality paper, printing and content. Perforated pages. East to use. Doesn't need TM at this level. Simple manuscript. My DS5 loves it.

Downside. Nothing remotely similar to this in Australia (severe lack of good quality resources here across the board) and postage is a bomb.
September 15, 2016
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
strong program
We used this AFTER my daughter completed HWOT 1 . Since my daughter is a younger writer (5) we decided to give her more practice before moving to the next level. This offers plenty of practice. Love the scripture copy work.
August 27, 2016
over 5 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
So Far We Love It
Provides just enough structure and lessons are not too long, but give her a chance to thoroughly practice her writing for the day.
March 16, 2016
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Having my kids write and become familiar with a new verse per week is a wonderful thing BUT I went with this over some other popular handwriting programs because of they easy format. My boys know what they need to do each day and are able to do it independently (normally while I am getting the first cup of coffee down). We have used it for several levels and have been happy!
March 6, 2016
over 5 years ago

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